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alt dot bigfoot (strong and free) FAQ Part 2/2

( Part1 - Part2 )
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Q25. What do Bigfooter's drink?

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
Well we seem to be a bit divided on that issue....

>Nevertheless, this whole Pepsi thing has us
>aghast and agog! Repent! Repent! ... Rehab!
>--King Flame )|:{>
>>Drink Pepsi!
>Then purge yourself and switch to Coke!

All I can say with regards to cola products, Diet Pepsi is better than
Diet Coke, but Classic Coke is better than Pepsi. Personally, A&W Cream
Soda is what I drink by the 2 liter bottle. The stuff is great. But a
soda arguement is no reason for alt.bigfoot to suffer...we all admit we
are a group of bright people with somewhat different tastes when it comes
to beverages (although we all like Kokanee Beer) and we all love the
Moose and alt.bigfoot.

But we are in agreement that caffiene in large quantities must be had!
Get your fix anyway you need to but don't drag us down into your personal

Q26. Any previews of upcoming events? 

Well. It appears that once was not enough, so this weekend or sometime
soon, for your listening and viewing dis-pleasure, we at alt dot bigfoot
are pleased to announce the return of NEWS GROUP NUKE !!


========= NEWS GROUP NUKE II, THE SEQUEL^(tm) ======

Now don't all you nice people clap at the same time.

Whereas NGN 1 was a North American creation, teams from the Nederlands,
Norweeeeja, Canerda, and Ameraka, have joined forces to create the most
devestating nuclear weapon to hit alt dot flame *EVER*.

Just listen to what people polled have said about the previews:

   "I'm telling. Mom !!! He hit me !!"
   -- Dave Williams

   "Hey, catchup, 'c', what a novel feature !!"
   -- Marek

   "I'm gonna mail bomb you again !!!"
   -- Mark Weaselmeyer

   -- Supreme Commander of A.B

   "Hye, co)l, asdhas ewiue shjas bnsak askjd aksn assi e fuck, fshashi
   hooch !!! Ya better ush my name !!!!!"
   -- Barbara Abernathy

   "Two thumbs down !!"
   -- Siskel and Egbert 

Now all you weenies out there just better run and hide. It'll only last
two days, and the articles will probably all expire really fast.

And no, it ain't coming from my site, so don't whine to me. Someone in
the continental US has been nice enough to run it on their machine !!
(Don't worry, the NGN advanced tactical software is Copylefted, so it is
freely distributable. I wouldn't want to break any laws or anything).

Oh, by the way, you can all thank Dave Williams, Roy Vallillee, Mike
Colburn, Steve Pordon, and **especially** Paal D. Ekran for refusing to
find their way to the door.

Thank you, and have fun in HELL.

News Group Nuke

   All complaints via email are happily auto-forwarded to 

Q27. What about alt.bigfoot's contribution to fine moose poetry ? 

Thank you for asking. Alt.bigfoot has made many contributions to fine
poetry -- especially in the exciting and fast growing field of moose
poetry. A representative selection follows, although an alt.bigfoot moose
anthology also exists and is posted on special occasions like Christmas
and Canadian Moose Day. (Of course every day is a special occasion here
in the Foot!).


Giant Mooses.
Mooses with great big heads that swing over to stare at you.
Great, huge antlers that reach into the sky.
Mooses with compassion.
Doopy mooses... very, very doopy. 

(Supreme Commander) 


Moose Haiku II

Graceful, golden moose
Walking with peace through the trees
I too feel serene



Winter Haven

Ancient trees cast their shadows
On the moose standing hallow
Broken sunbeams through winter trees
Reflect off willow swamps as they freeze

Northern clouds engorged with snow
Sweep closer to the moose below
Silent figure walks alone
In the barren winter home

December pines spring from crags
Shielding the moose as he lags
Crystal whiteness dusts the land
Sculpting a desert of white sand

Sacred moose stands in the flurries
As his image becomes blurry
Calmly surveying his frigid domain
In the forest where the moose reigns 



The Moose I

       Doubt thou the Moose is a fire;
               Doubt that the Moose doth move;
       Doubt truth to be a moose;
               But never doubt the Moose with a circumcision.



O brave new world, with such MOOSE in't.
Is this a MOOSE I see before me, the antlers toward my hand?
Come, let me stuff thee!  I have thee not, yet I smell thee still.
Art thou not, fatal nostrils, sensible to moose as to sight?
Or art thou but a MOOSE of the mind, a false quadriped,
proceeding from the Bigfoot oppressed brain?

(Wild Bill) 


But soft!  What light through yonder window breaks?
It is a moose!  A moose!  A moose!

I need a drink.



Oh great Moose
Untouched by man's treachery
You rule your Northern kingdom

Great Great Moose
Only you know your true nature
The good way
Where you dwell

Moose Moose Moose
Living life after life
Trudging through the wilderness

May you live long
Life ever lasting and true
May I one day share your abode...



I knew the Moose some time past
He was always first and never last
The Moose he often said to me,
"Watch your antlers on that tree."

But I have no antlers, said I to he,
"Why you don't," he did decree.
"I agreed with a sorrowful whim
For I could never be like him.

Oh to be a mighty Moose
Running free and fast and loose
It is a curse, it is a shame
I'm not not a moose, my legs are lame.

But I can still be Moose's friend
Right up to the very end.
And I know that God above
Has filled my heart with Moose's love.

UQA (Ultra Quad Autochair) 



>From all other countries 
They come to see one
The god of the forest
Moose is what he is called

He runs through the forest
never touching the ground
moving silently
In leaps and in bounds

No one stands against him
If they do they will fall
For he is the moose 
The King of us all

When bullets are flying
He will never be hit
Cause shots go right through
A ghost, some say he is



Observations from the Antlers

Man looks at his creations,
  swelling with pride and arrogance.
How advanced!
The best by far!
Yet, to the north stands the sublime,
  the antithesis of humankind.
No high technology.
No lofty ambition.
This lonesome prophet of simple pleasures
  drinks his fill of unpolluted waters
    and looks into our crowded cities,
      to marvel at our grand achievements.
Shrewdly he observes our life,
  of wars and stress,
  of hate and strife;
Contrasting with his arboreal home
  of nature's plenty,
  where bigfoots roam.
We hold ourselves preeminent, aloof;
  but the antlered mind perceives the truth.
Now he returns, this being, refined;
  to his more advanced race of moose-kind.

(St. Bob) 


MOOSE IS NICE (sung to the tune of Edelweiss)

        Moose is nice,
        Moose is nice,
        God bless all bigfoots and mooses,
        Dressed in white, straightjacket on tight,
        Push all moosehaters from cliff-ses

        Moose is nice,
        Moose is nice,
        Stomping on oodles of tur-nips,
        Slicked-back hair, bigfoots applying Nair
        To attract the attention of moo-ses



        Kickin' the higways on my Harley
        on my way to Palm Springs to party,
        I saw a sight unlike any other,
        A moose on a fat-bob!
        (and he was an ugly mother)

        He pulled up next to me, his eyes ablaze
        I couldn't tear myself away from his gaze.
        Words were exchanged without a sound,
        of moose and men, and surfboard wax,
        and when the spell was broken I did relax,
        and realised the moose was gone...

        Was this a dream I asked myself?
        Or those unlabeled pills upon my medicine shelf?

        I'll never know the answer friends,
        yet when I sleep, I dream of him...
        And just before I sleep I pray,
        'Oh please lord take that noise away',
        But the roar of Harley the Moose Persists
        and in the wind a maniac does laugh.
        And just before I fall asleep,
        I think of men and moose and surfboard wax....




It was a blust'ry autumn day,
Leaves a-blowing in the mist.
I turned around an' I was kissed
By Bigfoot, grand and fey.

"Ho there!" said I, "What's this about?"
Grinned a broad one, he.
Said,"Follow me you silly lout",
And beckoned unto me.

I scrathed me head,
Thought I was dead,
So follow 'im I did.
We traced the trail
O'er hill, though vale,
Till of pluck I was rid.

"No more!" I cried, "My fortitude
hast left me now, Great Hairy Dude."
Said he,"Good thing you areo't much older,
Else you'd not fit on my shoulder."

So off we went, 
With me on top
and Him below.
We didn't stop

Until we met 
A crystal lake.
A large snowflake 
Made my nose wet.

I looked at Him, and He at me.
Just then, the Moose walked up to see
us. Jumped I did, and scared was I.
So frightened I began to cry.

"Fear not", said Bigfoot. "He's a friend,
And one who'll love you to the end."
The Moose, he spoke, and said,"'Tis true,
I sent the Bigfoot after you."

I reached out for to touch his fur.
I shook my head in disbelief.
His coat was smooth, without a burr.
The Moose said,"Our world needs relief."

"Relief from what?" I asked not knowing
The threats that ever are a-growing.
Moose, he said,"The dread net.freak
Is that vile thing of which I speak."

My skin crept as I heard it said.
"I thought," said I,"they were all dead?"
"There are some left", said sober Moose.
"They fill the net with filth profuse."

I asked,"Was Merlin's work for naught?"
"Nay, man," said Moose. "We shall yet see
The day shine forth when all are caught
And boil in waste from industry."

"And what," I asked,"what shall I do?
I long to see this net.filth slain!"
The Moose, he gave me Keyboard true,
And heavy shirt, in mail of chain.

"Be brave!" He said,"You must not fail!
Use postings, poems, and strong E-mail.
You, and your allies on the .Foot
Will blast the net.scum into soot!"

I see my mission now, my goal,
Which I will reach, God help my soul.
Termination of net.freaks 
Will occupy my days and weeks.

Until, at last, they all are slain,
When happiness anew abounds
And all across the fruited plain,
Folk will sing great lays in rounds.

To glory go we ever on!
We at alt-dot-bigfoot, the best.
Where even mighty Kubla Khan
Would have his greatest single fest!

So beware, all you net.pimples,
That's Hooten ][, Doc and Two-lip.
For if you dare to make ripples,
>From your fresh corpse your bowels I'll rip!




When he leaves on business trips,
She dreams he is deceased.
It's sure no fun working for,
A man called "Jack the Beast".

She knows not why he runs her down,
To that, she's at a loss.
But sure enough he's back for more,
That mean old man, "Jackboss". 

Hurry up, work harder girl,
Productivity is now laggin'.
He's breathing down your back again,
Pressure from "Jack the Dragon".

You try your best, you're working hard,
But Jack's not too realistic.
Cause when he doesn't see results,
He's sure to go "ballistic".


Bigfoot has big feet.
Bigfoot thinks this makes him neat.
Who dares confront him?


"The Goats" 

       OHHHH, the goats are rising
       rising over the horizon
       like a hammer ejaculating phlegm
       from an unopened armpit wound.

       OHHHH, see the goats
       as they rise higher and higher
       into the pale azure recycling bin 
       found at the house where i live.

       The Goats! The Goats! I scream
       From whence do they come? 
       To shed their coats on the large
       canopeners hanging from the ceiling.

       OOOhhhhhh, the goats.

(following is a critical examination of "The Goats") 

The Goats is both repugnant and ecstatic, much like the song
"You Sex Me Up" would be if played by the dueling denizens of
Appalacia in "Deliverance".  The metaphor of a "hammer ejaculating
phlegm from an unopened armpit wound," reminds this critic of a
patient-report from an underfunded ward for the criminally insane.
The oft-repeated imagery of ascending goats strikes resonance
with Mankind achieving grace at the hand of God and of Mr. Alex
rising ever higher in an ill-conceived and ill-fated hydrogen filled
breast zeppelin to battle the metaphysical forces of evil, darkness,
ASH, and himself.  The final descent into a solipsistic and
stylistically holographic obscurantism undoubtedly portrays the
Zeitgeist of modern/post-modern conflict in both architecture and
literature as well as the removal of religion from our everyday lives,
leaving the collective soul of Humanity stranded before fate on the
meathook of life, just as Rocky (dazzlingly portrayed by Sylvester 
Stalone) beat with his fists the rotting carcasses of dangling and 
freshly slaughtered cattle, unwillingly and unknowingly sacrificed on 
the alter of "technology" or "techne", thus symbolizing the ubiquitous
Angst of Heidegger's "Ek-sistenz".  My emotional and intellectual being 
(or should I say "self"?) is left bifurcated with intense yet opposing
chords of insouciant atomism and unanticipated redundancy.  It would
also be better if you threw in some moose.  

Q28. When exactly was alt.bigfoot created?

alt.bigfoot was officially created on April 15 1993 by the one and only
true Supreme Commander, Robert Trent.

He instructed a subordinate to issue these prophetic control messages: 

>From Thu Apr 15 14:19:16 1993
>Control: newgroup alt.bigfoot
>Newsgroups: alt.bigfoot
>Path: uunet!!cornell!uw-beaver!!!news
>From: (Net News Admin)
>Subject: newgroup alt.bigfoot
>Message-ID: <>
>Organization: Walla Walla College
>Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1993 17:01:50 GMT
>Lines: 1
>Xref: uunet control:607869

The subordinate, being unwise and spitefull, rebelled and attempted to
undo the mighty deed:

>From Mon Apr 26 01:55:28 1993
>Control: rmgroup alt.bigfoot
>Newsgroups: alt.bigfoot
>Path: uunet!decwrl!decwrl!!!!!news
>From: (Net News Admin)
>Subject: rmgroup alt.bigfoot
>Message-ID: <>
>Organization: Walla Walla College
>Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1993 15:47:02 GMT
>Lines: 1
>Xref: uunet control:615550
>With great chagrin.

He was then terminated on April 27th, 1993. 

Unfortunately, he choked to death on a Rice Crispie and ended up face
down in a bowl of milk. He wasn't there for long.. how can we tell?
Because blood tests revealed the time of death? NO, because the rice
crispies were still snapping, crackling and popping. 

When we found him, a CAT was lapping up the milk on his face. Maybe that
explains the connection between bigfoot and CATS! As for the connection
between bigfoot and MOOSE.. well, as I have mentioned in a.b, Bigfoot
actually uses a lot of moose to style his hair. Therefore, the equation
is thus:


Q29. What's this we hear about the Kids in the Hall?

I was watching The Kids in the Hall (a Canadian comedy team) Monday. They
have a running gag with this "It's a fact" girl who runs up to the camera
and gives you some little known fact. Monday's gag was...

"It's a fact, the Bigfoot has a wonderful singing voice." Cut away to
Bigfoot who beautifully sings a line of opera. The "It's a fact" girl
returns with tears in her eyes... "Wasn't that beautiful!"

I'm wondering what Bigfootdamus would say about this. Was this comedy
group ridiculing the peaceful yet secretive life of Bigfoot, or were they
paying homage to the noble one and seeking his favor? I have no idea how
to contact the Kids in the Hall to request that they clarify their skit
or write some moose poems.

Q30. Where is the great Farleymeister?

[Next] [Previous] [Index] 

Every once in a while you have to move on in life. I am unfortunately at
that point in my life now. I am forced by circumstances beyond my control
to give up netting for a time. Surely, you will all see me again in the
future, but this account, "", will always have a
special place in my heart. Now, for the flamers who are doubtlessly
lurking in their fetid corners, I have this to say, "HA!" Until you
return, we lift our Kokanee is a hearty salute! All together now,


Q31. What is the official alt.Bigfoot disclaimer?

We the official members of alt.bigfoot (check the FAQ I) do not in anyway
represent our places of business or universities of study. Our opinions
expressed in alt.bigfoot are our own and not represenative of all the
readers in the Internet.

I personally encourage each and everyone of you to remember what "fun"
means and to pinch yourself back to reality if you have forgotten that a
whole world functions without ever seeing the nets. 

Q32. Any other wise words wrt whiners ?

Yes, I'm reminded of some fine words from the Internet Yellow Pages:

---------- excerpt from internet yellow pages ----------

Censorship: Or what should I do when I am offended?

I promise you that, sooner or later, something on the Internet will
offend you. Indeed, something in this catalog may offend you. Please
don't let this bother you.

The Internet is the largest gathering of human beings ever assembled and
one of the ground rules is that there is No-One-In-Charge, which means
that there is no censorship. This freedom is the prime reason that the
Internet has become so important and why there are so many diverse

Still, some people have a little trouble getting used to such license.
Eventually, we all come to realize that if we don't like something we can
ignore it. For example, if you are reading the articles of a Usenet
newsgroup and you encounter one that you find particularly offensive, you
can skip it. However, for some new users the temptation to complain is
too strong.

So someone complains... "Yes I do believe in freedom of expression, but
comparing the President of the U.S. to a retarded Nazi feminist minority
member with AIDS is just too much and should not be allowed. After all we
must remember that using the Internet is a privilege and not a right, and
that if people like you continue to pollute the network with igorant
racist, dangerous opinions, the Internet will be taken away and...blah,
blah ,blah....."

Well now. All that diatribe means is that, as an Internet user, the
writer is still immature. I assure you that no one, anywhere, will pay
the least bit of attention to a self-righteous pronouncement of what is
right or wrong. So, should you ever run into such a person, remind them
gently that the best part of the Internet is its diversity, and that
tolerance of other people's opinions and ways of thinking is a virtue.

Indeed if there is one Internet Golden rule it is:


Realistically, we all come to learn that we can't do anything about how
other people use Internet, so there is no point even trying. The idea is
to share and enjoy. And if you don't like something, forget about it!

---------- excerpt from internet yellow pages ----------

Wise words ... and good words to live by. 

Q33. What about work ??

What about it ??

Well, here is the alt.bigfoot guide to work:

The (alt.bigfoot) guide to work

   1. ... slack for 6 months ... get a bad reputation. Everyone hates
      you. Keep your eyes *open*. 
   2. See a problem you know the solution to, but everyone else is
      dumbfounded by it. This is the key. 
   3. Declare: "The problem is solvable but it might take six to nine
      months, or cost you $34638746348636 for the resources required.
      I'll see what I can do, but no promises". 
   4. Solve problem in two days, *BUT DON'T TELL ANYONE*. 
   5. Slack for 3 months. Read and posts lots to a.b (and elsewhere). 
   6. Announce you have solved the problem by working really hard, and
      you need a one month holiday to recuperate. 
   7. Go on holiday (but take an extra 2 weeks, you deserve it) and then
      go to 1. 

Q34. What is the Bigfoot Shuffle^(tm) ??

The Bigfoot Shuffle^(tm) is simply described (in answer and question
format) as follows:

Q. What do I do when I continually get harrassed by some loser over email ??
A. That's easy ! Get out the old mail filter software and try this one
   out for size: 

if (from = "") then
if (from = "" or from = "") then

Q. I thought sending hate email to sys-admins was a direct violation of
   one of the Bigfoot Ten Commandments ??
A. Yes !!! But you are not mailing your evil enemies sysadmin, (s)he is !
   If they want to mailbomb their own sys-admin, it is hardly something that
   alt dot bigfoot will interfere with.  (Remember, *you* set up your
   mail filter but technically your machine is just doing a public service
   for you).

Q35. What's the deal with Norway ??

Well, Norway being "over there" isn't worth nothin', and they wouldn't
ever be mentioned, except they like mooses.

OK, so now Norway is now part of alt dot bigfoot (strong and free). I was
thinking that maybe Paal would conquer it for us (as a means of gaining
entrance into our holy group, but it seems he is dilly-dallying. Again).
Plus, it's much easier to just claim we own Norway, and put it in the
FAQ. Netnews is much more serious and much more powerful than trivial
things like elected governments (blah blah blah), and since alt dot
bigfoot (strong and free) is the rightful owner of net-land, that makes
us owners of Norway. Besides, who can argue with that kind of stunning

However, as a member of alt dot bigfoot (strong and free), Norway must
promise to:

  -continue protecting mooses; 
  -boot Paal out OUT O-U-T if he starts becoming all cutesy with alt dot
   flame (pathetic and weak) or anyone on alt dot flame (pathetic and
   weak); and 
  -quit killing all them whales (if they really wanna kill something,
   kill cats ! (but alt dot bigfoot doesn't condone cat killing, of

Norway will be protected by alt dot bigfoot (strong and free) against any
hostile forces. The Norwegian (puppet) government has been sent the
secret plans to NGN and may use NGN in the defence of her borders.

Congratulations Norway (but beware, you can be booted out really soon) !!! 

Q36. What's the deal with rec.pets.cats ??

OK, so we go over there and kick butt and conquer r.p.c *fair and
square*. Right ?? The invasion is over, so we post the standard "we won,
no hard feelings, we own r.p.c, see ya all later" post as follows: 


OK, alt dot bigfoot won again, does any group stand a chance at matching
wits against the mighty foot ? I think not. You have been annexed by alt
dot bigfoot.

Anyway, we are off now, we won't bother your fine group anymore. If you
have any problems in the future, I promise to come and help you clean the
trash off of your fine group.

By the way, if it is any consolation, everything *I* said was true. I
have a cat, named Kashmir, and all those problems were real and I thank
you for the help. I'll probably hang around here and make sure all the
other trash that showed up leaves (half the nonsense posted wasn't even
from our talented forces).

If that wasn't consolation enough, then maybe this is: I must say that I
agree that invasions are a little bit childish, and I think talking about
'cat-killing' may have gone a bit far. We are supposed to deal in dis-
information, and it is *supposed* to be mostly humorous (for both sides).

If that wasn't consolation enough, drop by alt dot bigfoot, we are having
a Parade very shortly, and maybe we'll buy all you nice folks tea and

If that still wasn't consolation enough, how about a mono-syllabic moose

Mono-Syllabic Moose Haiku
So, the cat did lose
I, the moose of war, said so
We kick with big feet

If that *still* isn't consolation enough, you'll be happy to know that
the dregs of net-society, alt dot flame decided to invade our fine little
group and wreak havoc. Whereas we speak of noble things such as fine
poetry and bigfoots, those trashy types talk with the mouths of
construction workers.

== end of excerpt ==

So, you think that would end it and they would come over an congratulate
us on our fine combat skills right ?? No. They decide that bigfoots and
mooses are evil.

So then Sharon H phones the cops, and posts this (on 31 Jan 94 08:30):


Update on the Robert Trent "Moose the Cat" murderer:

Yesterday, Jan. 30, Staff Srgt. J Westman of the RCMP called to give me
an update regarding Robert Trent (Robbie) and his actions regarding the
killing of his girlfriend's cat. He is a synopsis of what he said.

Srgt. Westman said he had discussed the posting made by Mr. Trent to
rec.pets.cats in regard to the supposed killing of this cat. Srgt.
Westman said, in his own words, "the guy was all shook up" over having
been called in on this matter. Srgt. Westman said he had determined there
was no cat, no girlfriend. He further said, "I am convinced this guy has
a really weird sense of humor. He is a real sick weird-o". Srgt. Westman
asked that I tell those concerned people on the Net he would not tolerate
this sort of behavior from people in his jurisdiction and any other such
"sick" postings from this man should be reported ASAP. Srgt.Westman is a
very concerned person over this sort of thing, takes it very seriously,
and is determined to not have this sort of psychological terrorism
continue in areas under his command. I had printed out all the postings
by Mr. Trent and all the comments from cat-people over this matter and
Next Day UPS'd it to Srgt. Westman. He said he discussed these postings
"page by page" with "Robbie" and demanded under threat of further action
that these posts cease. He did not say what sort of action, but from
Srgt. Westman's voice, I could tell the man is very serious this further
action. I cannot emphasis how much concern this man has show over the
welfare of an animal and how gratifying this has been to me as a
cat-person. Though I live over four thousand miles from British Columbia,
Srgt. Westman took this just as serious as if I had been living in his
area and had reported a murder. I can only imagine how it must be living
in an area where the police show this level of concern.

I have sent Srgt. Westman a thank you card for his time and concern
though a card seems woefully inadequate considering all the time he has
put into this case. If anyone of you would like to send him a note as
well, please do so at the following address:

                        Staff Sergeant J. Westman
                        RCMP, Burnaby Detachment
                        635 Deer Lake Avenue
                        Burnaby, BC V5G2J2

Thanks to all of you for your help in this matter. Maybe we can
discourage other sickies from invading our peaceful kingdom thanks to
people like Srgt. Westman.

Sharon and the furries

== end of Sharon's post ==

Anyway, rather than helping matters, her kooky tactics simply attracted
net-freaks net-wide. R.p.c is still buring to this day (May 18, 1994).

The moral of the story ? Don't mess with the Supreme Commander. 

Q37. Were Nostradamus and Bigfootdamus pals ??

                     The Prophecies of Nostradamus
                  Could he be talking about alt.bigfoot?
Here are a few actual prophecies of Nostradamus:
News; unexpected and heavy                News Group Nuke?
rain will suddenly prevent 
two armies. Stones and fire 
from the sky will make a 
sea of stones.  The death of
the seven suddenly by land
and sky.
When the animal tamed by man              Grumpy Moose?
begins to speak after great                   or
efforts and difficulty, the               
lightning so harmful to the
rod will be taken from the 
earth and suspended in the air.           A cat which is hung?
The faint voice of a woman is             Sharon H?
heard under the holy ground.
Human flame shines for the 
divine voice.  It will cause 
the earth to be stained with the
blood of celibates and destroy
the holy temples for the wicked.
At the foot of the great fallen          (the foot)  Alt.bigfoot??
arc, the friend is captured              (captured)  Supreme Commander?
forestalled by the leader.  A            
woman will bear a son whos face          (woman)  Mrs. Bigfoot giving
and forehead are covered with                     birth to big hairy
hair.                                             Bigfoot?
The bones of Cato found in Barcelona,          Bones of a cat?
placed, discovered, the site found again
and ruined.  The great one who holds but
does not hold, wants harmony, drizzle at       Sharon H?
the abbey.
Complaints and tears, cries and great          Net.cops complaining?
howls, near Narbonne.  Oh what dreadful
calamities and changes before Mars
has revolved a few times.
Happy in the kingdom of France, happy          SC's visit to France?
in life, ignorant of blood and death,
anger and rage.  By a flattering name          (flattering name)
he will be envied.                             Supreme Commander?
I'll let you be the judge!

== end of part 2 ==

    Bulldog Tenacity

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