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alt dot bigfoot (strong and free) FAQ Part 1/2

( Part1 - Part2 )
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Archive-name: bigfoot/part1
Posting-Frequency: every 7 days
Last-modified: 1996/1/17
Version: 1737.9

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In keeping with BIGFOOT policy #IP8675309, the newsgroup
ALT.BIGFOOT is required to post, at frequent intervals,
(currently, whenever we feel like it) a FAQ 
(Frequently Asked Questions).  The questions addressed
herein are listed at the top of the FAQ for easy reference.
Questions, comments, and suggested additions regarding this 
FAQ (as per standard BIGFOOT policy) will be cheerfully 
accepted by the ALT.BIGFOOT member, Wilf (aka Bulldog) and 
should be addressed to, "".

                    Alt Dot Bigfoot FAQ

First things first:

The Alt Dot Bigfoot Flag

begin 644 flag.gif
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+\,T[\BE*1P$  #M)

The Alt Dot Bigfoot National Anthem

(sung to the tune of the Canadian national anthem)

Our newsgroup strong and free...
We'll kick the ass...
Of everyone we see...

The other groups, are all just freaks...
Just take a look at ASH...
The losers who, post to that group...
Are nothing more than trash...

God keep our group...
Offensive as can be...
We stand on guard for thee...


Frequently Asked Questions

        Q1. What is the history and purpose of alt.bigfoot? 
        Q2. Who are the members of alt.bigfoot? 
        Q3. The members sound fascinating! Can I know more? 
        Q4. Does alt.bigfoot have a charter? Can I see it? 
        Q5. How do I join ? 
        Q6. What exactly is a moose poem? 
        Q7. What is the defense policy of alt.bigfoot? 
        Q8. What is the position of alt.bigfoot towards MOOSE? 
        Q9. Does alt.bigfoot have an anthem? 
        Q10. What is the dominant philosophical position in a.b ? 
        Q11. How do others in the net feel about alt.bigfoot? 
        Q12. Are there any other songs about alt.bigfoot? 
        Q13. What is the official unit of exchange for alt.bigfoot? 
        Q14. What is the financial situation of alt.bigfoot? 
        Q15. What are the 10 commandments of alt.bigfoot? 
        Q16. Has anyone on this newsgroup ever seen Bigfoot? 
        Q17. Who is Bigfoot's mother? Does he have health insurance? 
        Q18. Does Bigfoot have a son? 
        Q19. What about those stupid Pizza Hut ads? 
        Q20. What trends should I expect in '94? 
        Q21. Are Mooses well versed in the arts? 
        Q22. What else should I know about Mooses? 
        Q23. What happened in the war with alt.flame ? 
        Q24. How do others feel about doing battle with alt.bigfoot. 
        Q25. What exactly do Bigfooter's drink? 
        Q26. Any previews of upcoming events available? 
        Q27. What about alt.bigfoot's fine moose poetry? 
        Q28. When exactly was alt.bigfoot created? 
        Q29. What's this we hear about the Kids in the Hall? 
        Q30. Where is the great Farleymeister? 
        Q31. What is the official alt.Bigfoot disclaimer? 
        Q32. Any other wise words wrt whiners ? 
        Q33. What about work ? 
        Q34. What is the Bigfoot Shuffle^(tm) ?? 
        Q35. What's the the deal with Norway^(tm) ?? 
        Q35. What's the the deal with rec.pets.cats ?? 
        Q35. Were Nostradamus and Bigfootdamus pals? 

Q1. What is the history and purpose of alt.bigfoot?

Bigfoot learned to disguise himself as a weiner-dog in the late 1970's,
and then as a wild chicken. Then bigfoot was run over and discovered the
road-kill disguise. And, using this disguise, he travelled undetected
throughout North America during the 1980's. Then he started to use the
weiner-dog and wild chicken disguises again because his previous disguise
was starting to smell bad - plus the road-kill disguise had a cable-tv
outlet and bigfoot was tired of trying to find a place to "plug-in". Then
bigfoot "undisguised" himself and went to California, and elsewhere. One
of bigfoot's forefathers - named Bigfootdamus - used to stare into a bowl
of Kokanee beer and see the future. He wrote the manuscripts of bigfoot,
prophesying the creation of the alt.bigfoot newsgroup and it's unltimate
catastrophic demise at the hands of alt.suicide. holiday. Bigfootdamus
predicted 13 signs that would lead to "the end" but provided magic
bigfoot power to help prevent this tragic armageddon, in which all the
evils of the newsgroups would flow into the souls of the alt.bigfoot
members. The signs were provided in written form to the Supreme Commander
in an attempt to allow him, and his followers, to form a compound in Waco
and break the chain of signs leading to "the end". But Waco was already
in use, and the only logical location to counter the ASH attack was from
the alt.bigfoot newsgroup itself. An entire camp of bigfoots awaited the
outcome of the initial chain of signs and provided dirty bigfoot
underwear to Luke. It was planned, by the bigfoots, to promote discontent
and a lack of unity in alt.bigfoot so that the various members would gain
strength. This strength would ultimately be used in the anti-ASH
campaign. The evil ones in ASH attempted to cut the ability of bigfooters
to communicate using "bad magic". With each new suicide, they too gain
strength. The 9th sign has now passed and, after the 11th sign, magic
will be introduced by the Supreme Commander and Merlin. Mr Alex is
currently hunting for giant-breasted zeppelins to assist the guerilla
attacks against all other newsgroups - he *may* be back. Besides,
nobody's going to starve when there's Roast Beef around, hey Wild Bill? 

   The evil surge of ASH was repelled by alt.bigfoot. The world was saved
   from certain doom and destruction. No applause, just throw money. 

Q2. Who are the members of alt.bigfoot

Honorable Members (with official titles)

      Supreme Commander
         Supreme Commander of all net-land 
      Mr. Bigfoot
         Bigfoot (CEO) 
      R.O.S.B.F (Roast Beef)
         Alt dot Bigfoot Virus manufacturing and deployment. 
         Driving Teacher 
         Alt dot Bigfoot Wizard. 
      Wild Bill
         Crowd Control Officer 
      Antebi (CyberPorchMonkey)
         (Cyber) Porch Monkey 
         Moose Trivia Expert 
         Used Giant Breasted Zeppelin Salesman. 
         Alt dot bigfoot's Text Formatter 
      St. Bob
         Pontif of Alt dot Bigfoot 
         Perimeter control officer 
      Hooten III
         Chicken expert 
      Flat 4
         Frosh advisory committee 
      Paal D. Ekran (The Last Viking)
         For moose poemetry. Paal is skating on thin ice as a former
         flamer *and* as a Norwegian. But the norwegians have a good
         record when it comes to moose conduct. We'll be watching him
      Rev. Dr. Freak
         For offering moose gifs/jpegs (we can be bought)
      Wilf (aka bulldog)
         Alt dot Bigfoot Resident Guard Dog. 

Nigh Honourable Members

         For fearlessly defending a.b while the honourable members
         were at the pub.
      Willy Whats-his-name:
         He has a foul mouth, but he *can* moose poem
      Tim Seeney
         For advancing the art of moose poemetry
      Alex Black
         For also advancing the art of moose poemetry
         For hating our Evil Enemies
      Bungaloo Kitty (aka Oxidizing Dragon)
         For the 'moose lust' series of moose poemetry.
      Trouble Man
         For defence of alt dot bigfoot and for courage when faced with
         the evil she-bitch.
      Silas Salmonberry
         For serious bigfoot research.
      Henry Franzoni
         For serious bigfoot research.
      Brian (the Irish guy, real irish)
         For serious bigfoot research.

Evil Enemies
      Sharon H

Bigfoot Wannabees
      Barbara Abernathy
         She tried hard in but the do-gooders iced
         her.  Maybe another time Babs.
      Brian Aitken
         He tries to be a bigfooter, but he really is too pathetic and
         weak to attain out lofty status.
#serious mode ON
      Jack Maxfield (aka Stainless Steel Moviegoer, King of alt.whine)
         Not a chance.  Weenies are not allowed.  Those who religiously
         guard their real name are not only *real-life* losers, they
         truly need help.  Alt dot bigfoot has promised to help pay for
         his visits to the little doctor who speaks softly.
         He's also the only one who every reads the FAQ and searches
         to see if he is mentioned.
#serious mode OFF
      John Dobbs (aka Floyd Johnson)
         A harmless bot.  He gets rid of newbies, which is good, and
         he is easy to kill file.  An all-round nice guy when you get
         to really know him.  Most of the inner circle members have
         talked to him via the "other accounts" and agree that although
         he tries hard, he doesn't quite get it.

Q3. The members sound fascinating! Can I know more?

Since you asked nicely, here are some member biographies (3/94)

Supreme Commander 
   Founding member of alt.bigfoot. I'm a 29 year-old engineer in
   Vancouver who abandoned reality after discovering net-world and
   alt.bigfoot. I love mooses - especially big, doopy, stinky ones that
   wander aimlessly, yet gracefully, through the forest. I've met bigfoot
   several times; each time he was wearing a different disguise - weiner
   dog, chicken, road kill, sexy woman in a bar. In summer, I'm always on
   my mountain bike. In winter, I shiver in the corner and rock back and
   forth. My primary objective in life is to purge net-land of net-freaks
   and retire at age 35.

CyberPorchMonkey (CPM)
   3'11 and 297 lb. Mechanical Lower Primate. Loves porch swings. Veteran
   of many bloody Net-Battles and received SC's highest medal of honor
   for his work against the viciously angst-ridden war mongers of ASH.
   Short in temper, Big in heart. Would cut off his tail for Bigfoot or
   the Moose. Eek! Eek! Eek!

   rescued from certain doom by the Moose, is a paraplegic sworn to
   defending Alt dot Bigfoot from his chair, his bed, or wherever his
   enemy, The Nurse, may choose to put him.

   Born with the mind of a thirty-year-old, he was constantly stifled and
   mortified until a vision of Bigfoot and the Moose brought him to his
   senses (and alt.bigfoot). Having retired from the profession of
   flamer-killing (as they are all living dead by now), he spends his
   quiet afternoons composing poetry and arranging flowers.

R.O.S.B.F. (Roast Beef) 
   Disillusioned with science and life, she fell into the ways of the
   Moose and Bigfootdamus as an escape from the evil Jackboss! Now she
   happily spends her time engineering viruses to weaken all foes of the

wilf (Bulldog)
   Wilf has a PhD in garbology from Steve's and Joe's College. His PhD
   dissertation concentrated on the safe disposal of toxic and obnoxious
   net trash. In his spare time he studies ways of preserving moose

   28 year old statistical data consultant for the State of North
   Carolina. Patron Saint of the over-worked, under-paid, and
   rarely-appreciated working class. Having left Plato's allegorical cave
   of complete ignorance in search of truth, I found Bigfoot and the
   Moose waiting for me with a can of Kokanee at the end of my quest.

Q4. Does alt.bigfoot have a charter? Can I see it?


   To discuss the activities of bigfoot today, in the past, and in the
   future. Topics include:

   a) Bigfootdamus and his predictions relating to bigfoot and
   b) The manuscripts of bigfoot.
   c) Saving the network, and world, from armageddon.
   d) (this space intentionally left blank)
   e) Sightings of bigfoot.
   f) Use of bigfoot magic.

   To hate ASH ( and everyone associated with that

   To kick out of alt.bigfoot all non-members in a politically incorrect

   To rant and rave about anything that is on your mind.

   To *collectively* influence other newsgroups and the world with our
   Bigfoot philosophies and Moose ways!

   To *collectively* target enemy individuals and "put them in their

   To support and fight for all official members.

   To without mercy poke fun at Eurotrash and alt.flamers.

   To start an anti-Douglas Adams campaign if he doesn't reply to our
   guest speaker invite! (How rude!)

   To provide humor and purpose in life.

Q5. Can lowly me ever hope to become part of
this interesting group?

Well, we were all once like you. But, if you wish to become a member,
please email the Supreme Commander at You must:

   Agree to respect the Bigfoot Charter 
   Provide your reasons for wanting to become a member of alt.bigfoot. 
   Given the Supreme Commander's (i.e. trent's) approval, you must post
   at *least* two poems about moose, which will then be critiqued by the
   members of alt.bigfoot. 
   Bye us all some beer. 
   Read and analyze "If You Give A Moose A Muffin". A committe of
   official members will discuss the merits of your submission, and a
   response will be given once a decision has been reached or after the
   beer runs out which ever comes first. 

Q6. What exactly is a moose peom?

Moose-Poem (moos poh-em)
   n. literary composition in verse expressing deep moose feelings or
   noble moose thoughts in an imaginative way.

Must have IOC - Ingenuity, Originality, and Creativity! 

Q7. Does alt.bigfoot have a defense policy?

I'd also like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the
*threat* we face from *enemy* newsgroups. There are numerous large
newsgroups out there who would just love to capture alt.bigfoot for its
raw talent and stategic location. We must work to ensure that these
enemies of alt.bigfoot never enter our territory!

That's why I propose to develop a NGN ("News Group Nuke") defense system!

And was it EVER developed! NGN was deployed and used successfully against
the flamers in the early days of January 1994. Fallout was noted but
scientist assure us there is absolutely no danger. The flamers may have
suffered some brain damage but it is so hard to tell. Don't mind the two
headed dogs running around. Okay, everyone. I think we should step back a
moment and take a deep breath and start yogic flying. Listen, the Natural
Law party has Scientific Proof that 7000 yogic flyers will imbue Canada
will a Meissner-effect like defence shield that will keep out evil
thoughts, making Canada impregnable!! So what are we waiting for??


1. Take the Lagrangian of Alt.Bigfoot, ie.

   L = T-V = re'kgj .wr,f `welkif[woeirf wqeof q[ewp

   (in top-secret code, of course).

2. Find Equations of Motion of Alt.Bigfoot by integrating L, ie.

   / | L d(Alt.Bigfoot) = s23-9r83~5~4~rufcpihjfcw;ofhc;wq /

   (again, in top-secret bigfoot code).

3. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First, it is an obvious consequence of 2. that all we need are 17 yogic
bigfoot flyers and alt.bigfoot will DISAPPEAR FROM THE MINDS OF ALL
ever be bothered by them again.

Second, think of the improved invasion possibilities our new yogic
bigfoot flying will afford us!!!

Third..ohoh..I`m so excited i'm levitating, i cant reach m

Termination Song

Happy TERMINATION day to you!
Happy TERMINATION day to you!
Happy TERMINATION day Evil Enemies!
Happy TERMINATION day to you!


The Supreme Commander and Merlin of Bigfoot are pleased to announce, on
this November 1, 1993, the approval of alt.bigfoot funding towards the
*final* stage of our most secret defense project. This project,
classified at top-secret and carried out at our Whistler Mountain
Military Facilities, has wrapped up the research phase and is now going
into production.

All of you bigfootians our there will be please to hear that your tax
dollars have been used wisely by our scientific community to develop a...


That's right. Soon, we will no longer have to risk Merlin's life in the
assassination of Net-Freaks (TM). Instead, our command and control center
will simply be able to provide a terminator bigfoot with the name of the
victim, as well as his or her home town, and termination will be

Stay tuned, all you Net-Freak enemies of the Foot, for soon we'll be
singing *your* Happy Termination song!

Grumpy Moose

As Supreme Commander of alt.bigfoot, I am please to announce the
completion of yet another top-secret defense development. It is Project
#460-439930C, coded named "Grumpy Moose".

We now have a number of life-sized mechanical moose that look, feel,
smell, walk, drool, etc just like a real moose. You can't tell them apart
from the real thing. But these moose have one special surprise associated
with them... They're each equipped with small, internal micronuclear
explosives - approximately 1/10 kiloton of explosive power.

Our grumpy moose are sooooooo lovable. They've got giant faces and huge
antlers (which form parabolic antennas for satellite up/down-links).
They're deep thoughtful eyes will make the most hardened enemy
soft-hearted. The grumpy moose will be able to penetrate any enemy
location and, upon contact with the programmed enemy, DETONATE.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Alt.bigfoot is getting stronger!!!!!
Beware, evil enemies!

Virus Defense Mechanisms

Nor can we forget the Bigfootviridae engineered to destroy enemies of
Bigfoot and the Moose! One was specially designed to attack Hooten II and
weaken him so that Merlin could finish him off! 


Cancel-bot to cancel all our Evil Enemies posts (just to make him/her

Happy Moose

Dirty slimey 'nice' tactics. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww !!

Q8. What is the position of alt.bigfoot towards mooses?

The members of alt.bigfoot are of two minds -- both pro and con.
Although, with the recent unexpected outpouring of moose poetry, the
pro-moose group appears to be gaining ground.

>Sure, I'm a moosaholic... So what?? It isn't a 
>self-destructive obsession. It doesn't hurt anyone. 
>So what is the problem? Mooses are goofy. Mooses 
>are stinky. Mooses are "doopy". Having mooses around
>the house promotes a calm, peaceful environment. And 
>mooses can be named the most bizarre names, and they'll 
>never complain. My favorite is Super-Doopy-Doo! It's 
>just *great*. I love mooses!!!!!! Now do you understand? 
>No? Well just f**k-it then! You'll never understand!

>you get OUT of this group and start posting in alt.moose. 
>Personally the REAL people of the world prefer the 
>Shaven Yak.

Q9. Does alt.bigfoot have an anthem?

(sung to the tune of the Canadian national anthem)

Our newsgroup strong and free...
We'll kick the ass...
Of everyone we see...

The other groups, are all just freaks...
Just take a look at ASH...
The losers who, post to that group...
Are nothing more than trash...

God keep our group...
Offensive as can be...
We stand on guard for thee...


Q10. What is the dominant political philosophical position espoused 
     by the members of alt.bigfoot?

Power is what makes the world go 'round! All the atoms, other than
hydrogen and helium, were created in exploding stars. Talk about power!
And power politics (or real politik) also make the world go round, just
ask Thucydides, Charlemange, Napolean, Richard the Lionhearted, Hitler,
Churchill, Morgenthau, or the Supreme Commander. Santa Cruz isn't
representative of how the rest of the world works my pot-addled friend.
You can't expect to get by your whole life wearing tie-dye shirts, not
washing your hair, and going to campus sponsored orgies!


Q11. How do others in the net feel about alt.bigfoot?

Naturally, when faced with the wit and brilliance shown in our group,
some become a bit testy out of pure jealousy.

>And this sums up alt.bigfoot quite nicely. Just a 
>pile of,well,big footy things, which noone gives any 
>attention exept for a bunch of twig-wielding loonies, 
>who treat it as a sacred place, for no reasons known, 
>not even to them, but still they do it, while chanting 
>obnoxious pseudo-poems concerning mooses and other 
>ridiculous forest inhabitants,


But some become irresistably drawn to alt.bigfoot members

> Wilf, Wilf, Wilf, Wilf, Wilf!
--(Babs "Beulah-Mae" Abernathy)

>Dear Ms Roast Beef,
> I hereby formally apologize for my rude and
>ungentlemanly behaviour. Please except these and let
>me not suffer any longer the thought of offending
>an exquisite creature like Yourself!
--(Docotr L.R. Coppejans)

Not to mention the well-filled harems of SC, CPM, and Wild Bill!

And who can forget the last words from Mr. Alex!

> HI folks,
>I have a vree weekend,the first one this year. It's like
>a holiday to me. I think I get drunk all Saterday and commit
>suicide on Sunday.
>It was real shit knowing you all and I don't hope to meet you
>again in Hell. But where is Hell. HAHAHAH HELL IS HERE !!!
>Hmmm This is starting to get FUN FUN FUN. Maybe I just stay
>for another week to annoy you and get everybody to hate me.
>That would be nice !!!! Lets vomit in this group. Anybody
>that wants to vomit with me ??? First lets eat and then puke
>in this group. It's for no use anyway. People that commit
>suicide don't write !! THEY PUKE !! hahhahahahahh blood
>out there mouth of the bullit that reached there stommic
>yes it's a said said story.
> MR Alex.

Q12. The newsgroup anthem was so stirring, are
     there any other patriotic songs about alt.bigfoot?

Yes indeedy -- there are. The first is sung to the tune of cookie
monster's, C is For Cookie:

B is for Bigfoot
it's good enuf for me
B is for Bigfoot
obnoxious yesiree
B is for Bigfoot
let's keep it heathen free
ooooh Alt-Dot-Bigfoot
I'm for thee!

The second is sung to the tune of Kate Smith's favorite number...

God bless alt-dot-bigfoot
newsgroup that I love
oh fight with her
and rid her
of the lame
with a flame from above
rid her of ASH freaks
and net misfits
and rabid Hootens
white with FOAAAAM!
God bless alt-dot-bigfoot
my net-dot-home

also, there's the moving

Hail Alt dot Bigfoot
Hats off to you
Ever you'll find us
loyal and true

Loving all mooses
always we'll be
to the group we love
Here's a toast to thee....

Sing to the Brady Bunch theme...

Here's a story, of a freak named Murdoc,
Who hated mooses, bigfoot and Canucks,
So he found a great refuge, in Alt dot Flame,
With other low-IQ f*cks.

Alt Dot Bigfoot, was a great Net-Empire,
With the most brilliant people found in all Net Land,
They loved Mooooooo-ses, and Bigfootdamus,
Their group was truly grand!

Till the one day when the Flamers met ol' Bigfoot,
And they both knew that it was much more than a hunch.
That Alt Dot Bigfoot, would crush the net-freaks
With Bigfoot's mighty punch!

Now the Flamers are all running scared and confused,
And with fear, in the background they will lurk.
Alt Dot Bigfoot is the sole Super-Power,
Of the whole damn Usenet network!

Alt Dot Bigfoot!
Alt Dot Bigfoot!
They're the best. They're the tops!!
Alt Dot Bigfoot!

And next we offer....

Alt dot Bigfoot,
Our newsgroup strong and free.
We'll kick the ass
Of all net-freaks we see!

There is one guy who'll burn in hell
He'll be screaming in the fire.
The name of that net-freak is known
To be Mark Vieselmeyer!

Mark's not too bright
It's obvious to me.
Let's nominate him
As our new net-monkey!

Our final number is from the Supreme Commander
(Sung to Bob Hope's theme song...)

Thanks... for the memories.
The great bigfoot bash.
The trashing of ASH.
The Bigfootdamus fun.
And newsgroups on the run.

So THANK YOU, my friends!

Q13. What is the official unit of exchange for alt.bigfoot? 

Our newsgroup has many fine atributes. We have a Supreme Commander, a
financial policy, a mascot, a defence policy, a newsgroup anthem,
history, poetry, literature, and of course, evil enemies. What we don't
have however is a unit of exchange. Thus, I propose the Thigh Master (tm)
as the official unit of exchange for the newsgroup alt.bigfoot, and I
propose this for many reasons.

First, the Thigh Master (tm) brought back Suzanne Somers' career from the
dead just as the Supreme Commander brought back alt.bigfoot from the

Second, say you're waiting in line to make a deposit at a bank. You could
take the Thigh Master (tm) and get a good workout while you're waiting.

And third, if Hooten tried to sneak up on you from behind, you could wack
him on the head with the Thigh Master (tm) and protect yourself. The
thing does have some heft after all.

Official exchange rate: 1 Thigh Master (tm) = $17.99 + tax (US)
$24.99 (Canada)

In Moose We Trust / E. Pluribus Bigfootdamus

Q14. What is the financial situation of alt.bigfoot? 

I, the Supreme Commander, am pleased to reveal, for the FAQ,
Alt.Bigfoot's Balance Sheet. It's been a pleasure managing our fine
newsgroup's assets!

Cash                      ThighMaster$  3,000,000
Gold                                   88,200,000
Newsgroup holdings                     37,500,000
Rap music albums                                1
Wedding rings                          12,800,000
"Final Exit" books                      2,300,000
Beatles music                                   1
Cat food                                      100
Dead cat                                        1
Everything pillaged from a.flame (used syringes)1
Kokanee                                 2,700,000
Techno-war hardware                    48,800,000
Techno-war software                    49,600,000
Moose reservation                      11,300,000
Coka Cola                                 800,000
Diet Pepsi                                100,000

Newsgroup Visa bill     Thigh-Master$           1
Total Bigfooter's Equity              257,100,003

Q15. What are the 10 commandments of alt.bigfoot? And were they 
     found on Mount Horab?

Ten Commandments of Alt dot Bigfoot

I don't care what moral rules of conduct you subscribe to in the real
world, but in alt dot bigfoot-land, these are the rules (unless of course
the Supreme Commander vetoes them, since it is *his* group):

   1. Thou shalt not lurk (except in lurker threads)! 
   2. Thou shalt not bare false witness against mooses. 
   3. Thou shalt drink kokanee. Lotsa a kokanees. And then write moose
   4. Thou shalt hate thy flamer, and hate him/her well! 
   5. Thou shalt only worship the one true Supreme Commander, get out
      when he says, and *stay* out. 
   6. Thou shalt hate ASH-heathens, *really* hate ASH- heathens. Maybe
      even more than flamers. 
   7. Thou shalt recite the Official Bigfoot National Anthem daily. 
   8. Thou shalt worship the alt dot bigfoot FAQ, as the one true gospel.
   9. Thou shalt not send get well cards to sys-admins under any
      circumstances. Handle it yourself. Think ! Use that noggin' that
      bigfoot gave you !! (Mail bombs and hate email are also un-moose
  10. If ya can't take the heat, go to alt dot flame, do not collect 200

Q16. Has anyone on this newsgroup ever seen bigfoot?

I am about to tell you of the wonderful and enchanting events which
befell me on my expedition the past 2 days which will forever alter how I
view this crazy topsy-turvey buttery thing called life.

It all started on Thursday morning around 8:00 am. I jumped in my car and
headed out on I-70 in search of Bigfoot. I didn't have to travel far
before I found him. I stopped at the Village Tavern outside of Falls
City, Indiana for a bite to eat. That is where I smelled the inexplicable
stench. I guess the best I can do is to say it smelled like something
which had gone rotten months ago. Like a road kill but worse...MR Alex's

I ventured out into the nearby woods.. this is where I saw the most
amazing sight in my life.. It was even more amazing than I had ever
imagined. It was tall and fat and hairy... It was Bigfoot!

It has been said that all good relationships start with quiet
observation...actually I just made that up, does it sound stupid? :) This
exact same strategy worked for me w/ a monkey at the zoo.

"Aaaarrrgggh!!!! Ouch!"

I soon realized that maybe I should change my strategy.. Bigfoot grabbed
my MAG-LITE and smashed me on the head with it... Unlike the Three
Stooges, I didn't hear a cute little clank sound, and it hurt like hell.
I retreated in search of another strategy..

I caught up to Bigfoot a few hours later by the river.. It was time for
the heavy artillery.. QUESTIONS..

"What size shoe do you wear?"
"When were roads invented?"
"How much are bananas?"
"How many days are in September?"
"Who's Neil Sedaka?"

This strategy didn't seem to work very well... I came to the conclusion
that if I were ever to be accepted into this wonderful subculture of
hairy people who walk through the woods and stink, that I must act like
them, talk like them, look like them... and yes.. eventually SMELL like

I followed them back to their camp where other bigfoots were sitting
around the fire talking about the days events. No matter what I tried
they just ignored me.

After doing the "twist" for three hours straight to an unreceptive
audience I felt pretty tired. I always found Mom's advice useful... that
if you feel tired no matter where you are, lay down and go to sleep (This
always proved to be good advice except for the time I was arrested at the
bus stop). So I stretched out infront of the fire and closed my eyes.

It was at this point where a particular incident occured which was the
turning point of my entire journey.. This event can be summed up in 4
sweet words..

"BIGFOOT STEPPED ON ME".. and did it hurt!

I winced in pain! At that point, Bigfoot picked me up, brushed me off,
and set me back down. He patted me on the back and gave me a reassuring
look. FINALLY! A nugget of approval! They were starting to accept me! I
think I was even starting to STINK a little!

Little did I know it but..I was about to learn all the rules and rituals
of a culture so secret that even Robert Stack can't find it.

The first thing Bigfoot and friends taught me was how to act like a wild
uncontrollable beast in front of all the hillbillies who pass through
their camp for no particular reason. This proved to be pretty easy..

They then showed me ho they avoid getting filmed by camera or video. This
is a very delicate procedure involving floss and latex.

My FAVORITE thing they showed me was of their different culinary
delights! I never knew it, but the woods are literally crawling with
food! Dirt, natures perfect food.. so many minerals like iron, zinc,
styrafoam... I even tried sticks.. an old Navaho snack treat dating back
to the early 19th century.. it's what the Clark Bar is based on.

The last night I spent there, sitting around the camp fire I told him of
our plight on alt.bigfoot. He promised me he would be present to help
save us! Maybe not in pen but in spirit! This was the answer I was
looking for!

I accepted that fact that there are certain questions of mine that should
go left unanswered like..

Where does meat come from?
How do fish breathe?
Whats the square root of 9?
I knew he would be able to answer these but I didn't need to irritate him
more than I had to.

The next morning I went back to my car and headed home.. The journey, cut
short, fulfilled my wildest expectations.

Q17. Who is Bigfoot's mother? Does Bigfoot have health insurance?

We can't be sure, but the word on the street (and in the forest) is that
Kate Smith gave birth to Bigfoot. We also have reason to believe Bigfoot
is insured by Blue Shield. 

Q18. Does Bigfoot Have a Son? 

I know all about this story. Katie Martin met bigfoot in a cafe in Paris
- I think it was north-east of the Louvre way out by the Hoche metro
station. There was a strong physical attraction! Katie wanted to see
Pigalle at night, but was afraid of going there alone. Bigfoot offered to
show her the sights of this area. This is when they fell in love!

The Parisians all stared at bigfoot, in disbelief, as the two walked
together. It wasn't until bigfoot asked, "Savez-vous ou est le
McDonalds?" that they accepted him as just another North American tourist
wearing white sneakers and a ski jacket.

Sadly, however, Katie did not give birth to the child of bigfoot. That
part of the story is nothing more than a *hoax*. For the last few years,
she has been gluing synthetic fur onto her child conceived in a fling in
the tiny town of Cooktown, north of Cairns, Australia. She wanted society
to believe that bigfoot was the father, rather than the Ozzy bartender in
the town's bar/bottle-shop, so that she could get a cut of the
land-rights of the true native peoples of North America - bigfoots. My
the year 2050, bigfoots will own half of the continent after long,
expensive legal battles!

Q19. What about those stupid Pizza Hut ads? Can't anything be done 
     to prevent embarrassment to bigfoot? 

I just thought of something. Was watching Wheel of Fortune tonight when
on came an ad for Bigfoot Pizza, and then I realized Pizza Hut is not
paying tribute to our newsgroup. Perhaps it wouldn't be necessary for SC
to *decrease* our taxes if Pizza Hut were to ante up its fair share --
about 43 Billion dollars, to be split amongst the members of alt.bigfoot.
(40 billion for me, and 3 billion for the rest of you) I think it's
obvious that Pizza Hut is cashing in on the fame and spotless image
created by those who post regularly to alt.bigfoot.

Because 40 bil. isn't enough money to keep up the standard of living to
which I've always dreamed, we will also need to file a bigfoot class
action suit against Pizza Hut. You see, the image representing bigfoot is
deameaning to bigfoots, as Luke will no doubt attest. (back me up Luke)
It is, in fact, a bigoted portrayal of the bigfoot and denies the
significant cultural contributions made by the bigfoot to our American
way of life. I personally have talked to many talented bigfoots who have
been denied successful careers in politics, used car sales, and law
because of the ignorant, stereotypical, and hate filled portrayal of
bigfoot by Pizza Hut. In one particularly blatant example, a talented
bigfoot was forced to wear a chicken, weiner-dog, and road-kill disguise
just to get what every red-blooded American has come to expect as his or
her God-given right, cable-TV.

It's not the money; it's the principle of the thing. I want to get rich
quickly off of corporate America. Scratch that, I want to help protect
the bigfoot, a peace-loving creature who has contribued unselfishly to
this country, who is unable to protect itself, and who wants only to
watch Nick at night. 

Q20. I want to keep up in these changing times!
     What trends should I expect in 1994?

As the new year rolls in, lets take a look at some current Bigfoot

IN                    OUT
alt.flame             ASH
Shirt sigs            ASCII drawings
Nova                  Dodge
Kokanee               Pabst Blue Ribbon
Supreme Commander     Barbara Abernasty
Parades               Invasions
Poems                 Flames
Intellect             Stupidity

Q21. Are Mooses well versed in the arts?

What St. Bob didn't explain was that bigfoots and moose are experts in
all types of art: dance, fine arts, the martial arts ...

Yes, Bigfootdamus perfected the art of BIG-FOOT-DO and used that
knowledge to inform his analysis of other arts. In fact, it was
Bigfootdamus himself who taught David Carridiene everything he knew for
the popular television show "Kung Fu". And if you ever looked at how
hairy Chuck Norris is, you'd instantly recognize he has a little bigfoot
in his blood, which makes him such a formidible fighter. Steven Segal on
the other hand is the anti-bigfoot, which is why he's such a weenie and
why he acts so poorly, both on and off screen. If I were you
Weasel-greaser (and I'm glad I'm not) I'd pray to the Spirit of the Moose
and ask him to forgive your blasphemy. }:)- Then maybe, and that's a big
*maybe*, you will be spared from the wrath of Terminator Bigfoot.

You have been warned. 

Q22. What else should I know about mooses? 

One interesting fact is that a bull MOOSE's antlers are shaped to funnel
sound directly into his ear making his hearing much better while he has
his full rack.

Another is that the MOOSE has panoramic vision. While he/she cannot see
much on the vertical plane without raising or lowering his/her head just
by turning the head from side to side the MOOSE's blind spot is limited
only to below and directly behind his/her body. 

Q23. I heard of alt.bigfoot's rousing victory over
     alt.flame! What happened in this glorious war? 

Alt.Flame (pathetic and weak) vs. Alt dot Bigfoot (strong and free)

In early December, a lurking heathen known by the name of Gerard Vos
either says something inflamatory or cross-posts an inflamatory remark.
Farleymeister attacks in a moose-like-rage. The initial thread was aptly
named "Bigfoot!" !

Net vermin such as Net Monkey (aka Mark Weaselmeyer), by- pass lax alt
dot bigfoot security. (The security company is axed a short while later).
Bigfoot forces unite and begin to goad the enemy into attacking. The ploy
works. SC is heard to remark in the fray: "Net Monkey is soooooo

Jeff Antebi suggests an alt dot flame moose poem writing contest. Count
Bulldog is so happy he writes a moose poem. Alt dot flame forces show
their total lack of grey matter by producing no good moose poems.

The initial wave of alt dot flame heathen is battled back handily. Then,
Babs Abernathy, after being used and tossed aside by Count Bulldog, runs
headlong into "The Return of Merlin Bigfoot".

Meanwhile, Hooten_II, is still trying to determine whether he is friend
or foe. Hooten_II issues the prophetic words "I won't join alt.bigfoot
until Merlin returns anyway". Merlin returns. Merlin kills Hooten_II.
What transpires between Merlin and Babs is unclear, but in the end,
Merlin shows Babs a reflection of herself, and she is terminated. Merlin
is injured (slightly) in the altercation. Hooten_III appears. He is
Bigfoot material. Alt dot bigfoot, being wise and compassionate, decides
that Hooten_III doesn't have to pay for the sins of his forefathers.
Hooten_III fights valiantly. More importantly, Hooten_III writes a good
moose poem.

UQA battles j.Spencer. Flattens him. UQA battles Carey Gagnon, decides
that Carey is no match, and battles his nurse instead. Nurse turns out to
be a better foe.

Throughout the war, St. Bob fights with saintlyness and compassion,
unless he finds out that his foe owns a cat.

Farleymeister battles on both fronts. He apologizes for having a hand in
starting the initial skirmish. No apology was necessary. The foot is full
of mercenaries, but we don't do it for money, we do it for *fun*.

SC battles from atop his Grumpy-Moose^(tm). Barks out orders which are
faithfully carried out by the bigfoot troops. He laughs at the ineptitude
and disorganization of the flame forces.

Luke fights fearlessly on both alt dot flame and alt dot bigfoot. Luke is
heard to say (to a nameless flamable type): "why don't you just do us all
a favor and fill out your organ donor card and then promptly kill
yourself". The sound of laughter and taunting is heard throughout alt dot
bigfoot, (and even as far away as alt dot suicide dot holidays). The
thread ends. No-one can top that. Alt dot flame begins to retreat.

About this time, SC notices that Mooses Snort when they are really mad,
and initiates Operation Moose Snort, with an initial funding of 3.4 M
Thigh-Masters^(tm). Issuing of contracts is handled by Count Bulldog.
Everyone is paid well for contributing one-liners.

The one liner war had a number of stages: 

   a small shell and awk script to automatically change the headers to
   point to alt.flame, randomly change followups, etc. To unleash hit 'f'
   key in response to heathen flame post. 
   a small script to post N new articles from the oneliner file
   (randomly) on alt dot flame. I got tired of hitting 'f'. These weren't
   replies and the "name" was always "Count Bulldog". Key sequence to
   initiate: oms. 
   v.1 with random names such as "Mark Weaselmeyer", "Cory Gagnon",
   "Paula Freewoman", "Barbed Abernathy", etc.... This was the most
   effective. Initiated with the 'f' key as in v.1. 
   [Not unleashed yet]. v.3 + "N" random one-liner follow-ups. (A meld of
   v.2 and v.3). 

OMS is of course successful, and wound down for humanitarian reasons.

A lurker by the name of --C shows up. He had previously been ejected from
the domain of bigfoot but fights valiantly against the scarey ganglion

The mop up crew is sent in to handle any left over land mines, or
flammable snipers.

About this time, a plan is hatched in the feeble mind of Bulldog. He
thinks that maybe by being nice, they will get bored and leave once and
for all. This (albeit disgusting) tactic is tried for a week, but the
tactic is just to devious. It again is wound down for humanitarian

Then (for some unknown reason), Merlin and Bulldog re-enter alt dot
flame, and kick more butt. More flamers come over to alt dot bigfoot.
Although we are outnumbered 10 to 1, our superior technology and wit
totally dominates alt dot flame.

During the whole war, which was based on purely non-nuclear weaponry
(allthough some biological weapons were deployed), alt dot bigfoot was
sitting on their very own weapon of mass destruction, News Group Nuke...

News Group Nuke, funded by the pleasant folks of rec.pets.cats, (who
happen to despise alt.flame), automatically posted 2000+ articles to
alt.flame and alt.bigfoot in one 2 day time span. The newsreaders of the
alt dot flame folks were thoroughly jammed. Weapons of mass destruction
are sooooooooo fun !! Alt dot flame capitulated. The whining is still
being heard to this day. 

Q24. Wow! Now how do others feel about doing battle with alt.bigfoot? 

Even Lou Holtz acknowledged that alt.bigfoot is the undisputed #1 rank in
the nation when interviewed after the polling results were released. As I
remember it the interview went something like this:

   "Coach Holtz, what's your feeling about Notre Dame being ranked behind
   Florida State in the post season national polls?" 
   "Well, they're *ranked* number 1, and there's nothing we can do about
   that now." 
   "You sound like you don't agree with that ranking. Do you feel that
   the Irish deserve the number one spot?" 
   "The Irish? Hell no! Let's face facts if alt.bigfoot hadn't been
   placed on suspention for extreme violence in the course of games,
   they'd have mopped the floor with the Semi-wholes or the Bighting
   Irish. Bigfoot is just that good, and no reasonable person could say
   otherwise. They destroy opponents physically, emotionally,
   psychologically, spiritually, and every other way you can think of.
   It's unnerving to see them crush teams and never break a sweat while
   creating those haunting moose poems. No, there's no question. Those
   bigfooters are alone at the top." 
   "Do you have any plans to play Alt.Bigfoot, head-to-head, to dispute
   the issue in the future?" 
   "I'm not stupid, Chris! I'm responsible for these boys' future. I'm
   not going to send them anything like a congflict with bigfoot. No I'll
   take the forfeit and sleep with a clear conscious." 

Even Bobby Bowden of Florida State said:

   "Congratulations on the national championship, Coach Bowden. Any
   "Well, I thought that Nebraska played a heck of a game. They have a
   great program over there, and they pushed us hard the whole game. It's
   a great feeling to finally win the championship, and we've been really
   lucky. We bounced back after the loss to Notre Dame, we've been able
   to stay healthy through the season, we were able to perform in the
   clutch against teams like Nebraska, and of course we didn't have to
   play bigfoot because of the suspension. Those people are unstoppable.
   It gives me the shivers just thinking about playing them." 
   "What's your opinion of the Bigfoot suspension?" 
   "They're way out of our league. I haven't seen anyone in the NFL that
   could seriously challenge them. I have nightmares sometimes, hearing
   those moose poems. I don't want to talk about it anymore." 

In a Sports Illustrated interview, Joe Montana said:

   "Joe, you've done so much in your career, what's left? What does Joe
   Montana have to do to make his career successful?" 
   "I want to play for Alt.Bigfoot. I know I haven't the talent to start,
   but just to make the team would be enough for me. Everything else I've
   done has just been leading up to that goal." 
   "How do you feel about playing Bigfoot in the first round of the play-
   "I'm terrified. What idiot wouldn't be." 
   "How are you preparing for the game?" 
   "I've been compsing some moose poems. Maybe they'll show some mercy.
   Who am I kidding? We're doomed." 

I think the unanimous opinion of the sane world is that there is only one
number one, and Alt.Bigfoot is its name. 

== end of part 1 ==

    Bulldog Tenacity

              A E I O moOse
              Doe Rae Me Fa So La mOose
              Ee I ee aye mooSe

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