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[alt.backrubs] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQL), (5/5)

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Archive-name: backrubs/faq/part5
Last-modified: 25 October 2002
Maintainer: J. Blustein <>
Copyright: (c) 1994-2002 J. Blustein. All rights reserved. See question 0.7 for details.

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  Section 5 -- Other Network Sources of Information

        This posting contains information about the following:
    5.1) Other Frequent Postings to alt.backrubs
      5.1.1) The backrubs exchange
      5.1.2) The alt.backrubs archive
      5.1.3) The World Wide Web version of the alt.backrubs FAQL
    5.2) Other Network Resources
      5.2.1) Reference: Frequent postings to other newsgroups
      5.2.2) Reference: Other archives and collections
      5.2.3) Reference: World Wide Web Sites
      5.2.4) Discussion: Newsgroups, mailing-lists and gateways
      5.2.5) Discussion: Other groups (not Usenet, not mailing-lists)
      5.2.6) Miscellaneous: Network resources
      5.2.7) Miscellaneous: Major lists of Internet and Usenet resources

        The complete lists of subparts of all questions is in part 0 of
this FAQ list.

        Each question begins with `Subject:' on a line of its own.  Users
with suitably equipped newsreaders can automatically skip to the start of
the next question, e.g. trn will display the start of the question when you
press ^G (control-G).  Of course if your newsreader doesn't do this
automatically, you can still use a search command to find the next question.
        To find the answer to question 5.2 search for a line beginning with
`Q5.2)', there will be only one.


        Your suggestions for changes to these articles are welcome.  Please
see section 0 (entitled Administrivia and Acknowledgements) in the earlier
posting for information about whom to contact and what changes are planned.

        The questions are divided into the following general sections.
Questions from each section are answered in articles of their own.  A list
of all questions appears in the first article (section 0).
        Section 0  Administrivia and Acknowledgements
        Section 1  General Questions
        Section 2  Basics of Massage
        Section 3  Novice Questions
        Section 4  Professional Massage
        Section 5  Other Sources of Information


Section 5 -- Other Network Sources of Information
        If you are unfamiliar with network basics see question 1.4 in the
section 1 article.

Subject: Other Frequent Postings to alt.backrubs

Subject: The [extinct] backrubs exchange 

Q5.1.1)  The new backrubs exchange programme was a list of people from
around the globe willing to exchange backrubs.  The list used to be posted
to the alt.backrubs newsgroup on the first of every month.  In January
1996, a WWW version of the list was created (its address is below).  There
was once another backrubs exchange programme but it disappeared without a
trace long ago.  Paul Selkirk was the third person to maintain the new
         There are two files in the archive (see question 5.1.2) about the
backrubs exchange programme: the announcement, `exchange.prog', and the
most current update, `exchange.update'.
         The archive also contains information about other exchanges held in
Chicago (`exchange.chicago') and Seattle (`exchange.seattle').
         In late 1998 Paul stopped maintaining the list because there was
so little interest in it.  If anyone wants to start up the list again they
should contact Paul.  Copies of all of the files and web stuff are
available if you want to start it up again.


Subject: The alt.backrubs archive Q5.1.2) There is an FTP- and WWW-accessible archive of alt.backrubs postings organized by topic. Full details can be found in the archive announcement (posted to the newsgroup every 30 days and archived at the FTP site, see question 5.2.1). Before you post a question to alt.backrubs you are advised to check in the archive to see if it has already been answered. You might be pleasantly surprised by the breadth of topics and depth of detail. The archive is cross-referenced and crudely indexed. You can read the details in both the archive announcement and the archive's `00README' file. The files are in mailbox format (so you can read them as ordinary text files or use any standard mail reader to treat them as a list of mail messages). The file Archive.Index is an easily searched list of 21 categories and filenames. The index doesn't include all files or categories. The `Abstracts' file is a list of brief descriptions of all the files which the maintainer uses to decide where postings should be archived. Here is the current list of categories in the `Archive.Index' file: Archive Back Pain/Knots/Pain Certification/Exam/Registration Clothed Disease/Illness Exchange/Partners General Getting Started Massage Tables Oils/Scents/Aromatherapy Problems Professional Psychological Aspects References Self Massage Sex & Massage Sexual Massage/Foreplay Specific Problem/Body Part Technique Tools/Devices Usenet-related/Newsgroup Essential details about the archive follow. Copies of the alt.backrubs archive are kept at four anonymous FTP sites: a main site and two mirror sites. The main site is, which has (or had) IP address Please connect during off-peak hours, i.e. between 7pm and 7am Eastern time, the server is 5 hours behind GMT during standard time (it is in Ontario, Canada). The files are in the directory `pub/news/alt.backrubs'. The archive is mirrored in the USA, Japan, and Sweden. The USA mirror is at the anonymous FTP site which has (or had) IP address The sunsite copy of the archive is in directory `pub/academic/medicine/alternative-healthcare/massage-therapy/alt.backrubs'. The anonymous FTP site in Japan is which has (or had) IP address The files are in the directory `pub/academic/medicine/alternative-healthcare/massage-therapy/alt.backrubs.' The anonymous FTP site in Sweden is which has (or had) IP address Most of the files in the archive have been compressed by the Free Software Foundation's (`the GNU people') gzip program. The compressed files all have `.gz' at the end of their names. The FTP site provides a method to decode files as they are being sent. For information about the special transfer features (including automatic decoding) at read the file ~ftp/pub/README at that site -- the file is only at that site because it is not part of the alt.backrubs archive. If you want to transfer the compressed versions of the files to your site for decoding, the transfer must be in binary form and you'll need to use a decoding program (often called an uncompress program) before you can read the files normally. The GNU unzip, `gunzip', works fine. The file `00README' in the archive contains information about where you can obtain an uncompress program. It is the only file in the archive that is not compressed or solely for indexing. World Wide Web access to the archive is available from any of the addresses below. The file `' contains a version of the archive announcement as first posted in mid-August 1995. Currently the WWW interface consists of hypertext versions of the category index and the file abstracts. WWW: <URL:> WWW: <URL: alternative-healthcare/massage-therapy/alt.backrubs/WWW/ README.html> WWW: <URL: alternative-healthcare/massage-therapy/alt.backrubs/WWW/ README.html> WWW: <URL:> The archive is maintained by J. Blustein <>. [This question last updated on 9 Feb 1998.]
Subject: The World Wide Web version of the alt.backrubs FAQL Q5.1.3) Kjartan Clausen <> created a WWW version of this FAQL. Note that that version is OUT OF DATE and I have not been able to contact Kjartan to have it fixed. WWW: <URL:>
Subject: Other Network Resources Q5.2) Please note that this list is almost certainly not complete and none of the materials listed here are maintained by the person responsible for this document. If you have any corrections or possible additions to this list please send mail to the FAQL maintainer; question 0.3 has other relevant details. If you are new to the Usenet then you will probably find question 5.2.6 the most useful. ------------------------------ The lists in the following sections do not include the entire subject line for many of the newsgroup postings to which they refer, since the postings appear in many parts. The notation `[etc.]' appears at the point where the subject lines were truncated to help you use the rest to search for the postings. The Archive-name can be used to find the files at the FTP site. Files are stored in directories corresponding to the newsgroups they are posted in (pub/usenet-by-group/ and pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/) and archive-name (pub/usenet-by-group/news.answers/). Archive-names that end with `*' are directories that contain the multi-part postings. For example, the alt.backrubs archive announcement (which has Archive-name `backrubs/archive', Subject `[alt.backrubs] FTP archive site' and is posted to the newsgroups alt.backrubs, alt.answers and news.answers) is stored in the following files at the site: pub/usenet-by-group/news.answers/backrubs/archive pub/usenet-by-group/alt.answers/backrubs/archive pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/news/answers/backrubs/archive pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/alt/answers/backrubs/archive pub/usenet-by-group/alt.backrubs/[alt.backrubs]_FTP_archive_site pub/usenet-by-hierarchy/alt/backrubs/[alt.backrubs]_FTP_archive_site It is a single part posting. If you can't use FTP but can send and receive mail, you can use a mail server to retrieve the files. To learn about the news.answers mail server send an e-mail message to <> with the word help on a line of its own in the body (not the Subject) of the message. There is some information about other FTP mail servers in the alt.backrubs archive announcement, and still more information about how to retrieve networked resources by mail is available from the Internet by E-Mail FAQL (see question 5.2.6 e). Hypertext versions of many of the FAQLs stored at the site are available for browsing within the world wide web (WWW) at URLs: <URL:> <URL:> <URL:> <URL:> <URL:> N.B.: this doesn't mean these hypertext versions are necessarily as good as, or better than, the posted version. A hypertext version of this document should be available at <URL:>.
Subject: Reference: Frequent postings to other newsgroups Q5.2.1) The entries in this section are in the format described in question 5.2. If you don't understand the format then read the example above before reading this section. ------------------------------ a) List of Medical FAQLs Subject: List of Medical FAQ Postings <URL: med-faq-list> The document is no longer current. The maintainer gave up becaue it generated too much junk mail! Scum who harass the rest of us take note. See also question 1.6. The description below was part of version 2.0 of the document (posted on 1 September 1995). In message <> (Bruce C McKenzie) wrote: >---------------- >About This File: >---------------- > > This file is a list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' and other > periodical documents on medicine/health-related topics posted to > UseNet Newsgroups on the Internet. FAQ-type documents elsewhere > (such as on the WWW) are also included. These medical/ > health-related FAQs are of value to both patients and health > professionals, as they highlight the most common concerns held by > sufferers, and help to fill the health information void. Some are > qenuinely frequently asked questions from Usenet discussions; > others represent the efforts of individuals to share information > they have collected. Please remember that the information found in > these FAQs may not represent general medical opinion, and should > not be a substitute for consulting your doctor or other healthcare > professional. [This entry was added on 1 September 1995 and last updated on 13 March 1997.] ------------------------------ b) Stretching and Flexibility FAQL Subject: Stretching and Flexibility FAQ [etc.] Newsgroups: rec.martial-arts,,,,, alt.arts.ballet,, alt.answers, rec.answers, misc.answers, news.answers Archive-name: stretching/* FTP-site: <URL:> WWW: <URL:> N.B.: The archive's `self.mas' file has information about stretching. [This entry was updated on 19 September 1995.] ------------------------------ c) Typing Injuries FAQL Subject: FAQ: Typing Injuries [etc.] Newsgroups:,, comp.human-factors, comp.answers, sci.answers, news.answers Archive-name: typing-injury-faq/* WWW: <URL:> [The WWW address was included here on 24 March 1996.]
Subject: Reference: Other archives and collections Q5.2.2) a) Sunsite Alternative Healthcare Collection Lots of information about network resources for `alternative healthcare' as well as about Sun microsystems computing products, sustainable agriculture and `alternative energy'. Sunsite maintains archives for many mailing- lists and newsgroups. There is far too much at Sunsite to list here. Mail: send mail to to automatically receive a help file (about 500 lines long). Telnet: Connect with telnet to use: a WWW browser, WAIS, or a gopher client FTP: directory pub/academic/medicine/alternative-healthcare <URL: -healthcare> WWW: <URL:> <URL:gopher://> <URL: alternative-healthcare> Gopher Bookmark (medicine): Type=1 Name=medicine [...] Path=1/../.pub/academic/medicine Port=70 <URL:gopher://> ------------------------------ b) Internet/Bitnet Health Sciences Resources Lee Hancock <> has compiled an extensive list of network resources about health. It is available in ZIPped form for FTP from in the pub/hmatrix directory with filename, where the XX portion is the month of the latest update. A non-compressed version is also available at medlstXX.txt. The FTP site may also have a copy of the file in the pub/nic directory with filename medical.resources.XX-XX where the XX-XX portion are the version identifier assigned by an FTP administrator at SURANet. At the time of this writing (2 February 1995) the most recent version is 3-26-94 and the filename is `medical.resources.3-94'. FTP: : file pub/hmatrix/medlst* [see note above] : file pub/nic/medical-resources.* [see note above] ------------------------------ c) Internet Resources on Alternative Medicine John Makulowich <> has written a short (229 lines) list of references to network resources about alternative medicine. FTP: <URL:> ------------------------------ d) Acu-Ki Institute In an article in the archive's `' file, (TARR Volunteers) wrote that the Acu-Ki Institute is a non-profit organization that provides individuals with information about how to use acupressure to treat medical conditions, e.g. arthritis, cancer, chronic pain. Note that they do not diagnose or treat. They provide information, tools, others' results, research data and offer to assist people with painful conditions in various ways through an introduction to acupressure. They will send information by e-mail. Send your information request to <> (Monte Cunningham at Stressaway Acupressure) or by postal mail to: The Acu-Ki Institute, Stressaway Acupressure, Monte Cunningham, P.O. 564, Snowflake, AZ, 85937 USA. Their toll-free telephone number is (888)-853-0646, and their website is at <URL:>. [address updated on 03 November 2000]
Subject: Reference: World Wide Web Sites Q5.2.3) The complete lists of subparts of all questions is in part 0 of this FAQ list. Here is the list of subparts for this question (in no particular order): (a) A basic guide to Aromatherapy (b) The Center for Reiki Training (c) Complementary Medicine WWW Page (d) Aesclepian Chronicles (e) The OrMed Mailing List WWW Page (f) An Illustrated Guide to Muscles & Medical Massage ... (g) Where is the archive for newsgroup X? The `w3.sites' and `WWW/other-sites.html' files in the archive may contain references to some WWW sites not listed here. Details about the archive appear in question 5.1.2. ------------------------------ a) A basic guide to Aromatherapy Graham Sorenson created and maintains a basic guide to Aromatherapy and massage oils. It includes a guide to how to use oils and detailed information about some oils. WWW: <URL:> [This entry updated on 11 August 1996.; Current as of 13 Oct 2001] ------------------------------ b) The Center for Reiki Training `The Center for Reiki Training, a non-profit organization, offers an open flow of energy and information to assist all Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers in doing the best job possible for themselves and their clients.' (quoted from the webpage on 2 March 1997) WWW: <URL:> [Entry included on 2 March 1997, Current as of 13 Oct 2001] ------------------------------ c) Complementary Medicine WWW Page In article <> (Peter J. Bower, M.D.) wrote >For those interested, I have begun to link the information available on >all forms of complementary medicine topics onto a www page. > >If for no other reason then to check out the diversity of topics please >point your browser at : > > WWW: <URL:> [URL updated on 13 Oct 2001] ------------------------------ d) Aesclepian Chronicles The Chronicles are an electronic journal published using the WWW. Here is an expert from the journal as it appeared on 30 April 1995: The editorial policy of Aesclepian Chronicles is to publish informative and inspirational articles about the many new complementary and allopathic treatment modalities that are emerging. These modalities may be approached from both a personal and a clinical perspective. The editorial goal of Aesclepian Chronicles is to critically evaluate the role, usefulness and applicability of complementary alternatives within the mainstream of medicine. We are interested in both the clinical and philosophical implications of the interaction of complementary and allopathic medicine. Equally of interest are the structural and economic issues as they relate to the attempts to reform the national [U.S.A.'s] health system. WWW: <URL:> [URL updated 13 Oct 2001] ------------------------------ e) The OrMed Mailing List WWW Page According to the 22 April 1995 version of this document: `OrMed is a mailing list dedicated to the discussion of Oriental Medicine in all its forms, including acupuncture, herbs, massage, breathwork, exercise and more! We now have over 200 subscribers to the OrMed mailing list, from 11 countries and are growing all the time.' The document is meant to make it access to the list message archives, FAQs, etc. easier for WWW users. Norman Kraft <> is the maintainer. I could not find a webpage specifically devoted to the mailing list on 13 October 2001, but I did find several references to the list. If you are interested in the list then you should use a WWW search engine to find current infomation about it. [Entry updated 13 Oct 2001] ------------------------------ f) An Illustrated Guide to Muscles & Medical Massage Therapy for Pain Relief and Postural Alignment in Children, Teens & Adults James H. Clay ("Doc") <> describes the page he created thus: The page is intended as an educational page; it links to a number of pages with descriptions and photographs of pain referral zones and mt work on a variety of specific muscles, with some discussion of those muscles and what they do and how and why they can cause pain and dysfunction. It also includes photos of posture examination and of results of work with idiopathic and postural scoliosis. In addition, there are a number of text pages that elaborate on various aspects of massage therapy treatment. WWW: <URL:> [This entry added on 13 May 1996, updated URL and e-mail address with information by e-mail from James Clay on 14 March 2001; Current as of 13 Oct 2001] ------------------------------ g) Where is the archive for newsgroup X? See question 5.2.6(d).
Subject: Discussion: Newsgroups, mailing-lists and gateways Q5.2.4) (A complete list of all of the subsections of question 5.2.4 is in part 0 of this FAQ list.) The complete lists of subparts of all questions is in part 0 of this FAQ list. Here is the list of subparts for this question (in no particular order): (a) newsgroup (b) BODYWORK mailing-list (c) PARACELSUS mailing-list (d) newsgroup (e) newsgroup / FIBROM-L mailing-list (f) tuite mailing-list (g) aromatherapy mailing-list (h) alt.folklore.herbs newsgroup (i) alt.aromatherapy newsgroup (j) SOREHAND mailing-list (k) iu610-L mailing-list (l) alt.reiki newsgroup (m) newsgroup (n) More lists ------------------------------ a) newsgroup The newsgroup sometimes carries discussions of the same or similar topics to those discussed in alt.backrubs. Its charter includes discussions of Aromatherapy for example. The charter can be found in the `control.messages' file in the archive (see question 5.1.2). Sunsite (see question 5.2.2) has collections of many postings to the newsgroup. ------------------------------ b) BODYWORK mailing-list In [alt.backrubs,] article <4h4gqj$> (Greg Tobias) announced the BODYWORK mailing-list thus: >BODYWORK is a restricted, but unmoderated, mailing list for discussion >amongst bodywork practitioners. The list owner intends for the >definition of bodywork to be fairly expansive, including all sorts of >body-centered therapies and modalities. Examples include Swedish >massage, Trager Approach, trigger point therapy, Rolfing, Polarity >Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Alexander Technique, Jin Shin Do, >acupuncture, Shiatsu, physical therapy and training, and >body-centered psychotherapy. > >Membership on the list will be restricted to practitioners and >students. New subscribers will be screened by the list owner before >being added to the subscriber list; however, the discussions will not >be moderated. > > >To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail to >LISTPROC@ECHONYC.COM on the Internet: > > SUBSCRIBE BODYWORK yourname > >For example: > > SUBSCRIBE BODYWORK Jane Doe > >Owner: Greg Tobias ( [Added 29 February 1996] ------------------------------ c) PARACELSUS mailing-list In [] article <> Mitch Stargrove <> wrote that PARACELSUS, is a mailing list aimed at promoting communication, cooperation and exploration among health care professionals. Subscription is limited to practitioners, educators, researchers and students in alternative and conventional medical fields. The list is intended to focus on interesting cases, practical clinical pearls, recent publications, useful anecdotes and medical news. "We all have unique experiences, different perspectives and valid insights. No one has all the answers," commented Dr. Mitchell Stargrove, Research and Education Coordinator of AMR'TA. "We can serve our patients best and advance the evolution of the healing arts and medical science best by working together, sharing ideas and being willing to learn," the naturopathic physician continued. Those wishing to participate in PARACELSUS should send a e-mail message to <>, reading "subscribe paracelsus". As part of the subscription approval process, send a biographical note indicating training, practice and interests to <>. The entire article is in the archive's `w3.sites' file. See question 5.1.2 for details about the archive. Other AMR'TA information sources are listed in question 5.2.3 a). ------------------------------ d) newsgroup According to a report that appears in the archive's `group.split' file, the newsgroup is for the discussion of professional massage by professionals. (The archive is the subject of question 5.1.2.) The pdax newsgroup hierarchy has a small distribution so most people can't read it. Repostings of significant postings from that newsgroup to alt.backrubs would probably be appreciated. ------------------------------ e) newsgroup / FIBROM-L mailing-list The newsgroup is a gated version of the FIBROM-L mailing-list. Jim McIntosh <> wrote in article <>: >FIBROM-L is a discussion forum for the disease/syndrome known as >fibromyalgia / fibrositis. It is an opportunity for patients, family and >friends of patients, physicians and researchers, and other interested >persons to discuss this condition. That article is in the archive's `fibromyalgia' file. ------------------------------ f) tuite mailing-list The tuite mailing-list is `[t]o discuss the theories of traditional chinese medicine as it relates to the martial arts. Pressure points, KO's, revivals, massage techniques will all be discussed.' [This is according to the 18 Dec 1994 version of the Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists list, see question 5.2.7c.] To have your address added to the list send mail to with the line: "subscribe [address]" in the body. ------------------------------ g) aromatherapy mailing-list Steven Katz <> told the FAQL maintainer: to subscribe to the Aromatherapy List, send mail to with no subject and `subscribe aromatherapy' (without quotes) in the body of the message. This is the second address for the list (as of 13 Dec 1995). Articles announcing and describing the list are in the archive's `oil.scent' file. Please note that this is the second incarnation of the list. The first one was accidentally lost. For archival reasons, the announcement of the first list is in the archive too. Take care not to confuse them. [This part last updated on 13 Dec 1995] ------------------------------ h) alt.folklore.herbs newsgroup You might be able to have specific questions about herbs (for use with oils), Aromatherapy, etc. answered in the alt.folklore.herbs newsgroup. It would be nice if summaries of information thus obtained were posted to alt.backrubs. ------------------------------ i) alt.aromatherapy newsgroup The alt.aromatherapy newsgroup doesn't exist in many parts of the Usenet because of the way it was made. My site didn't even receive the message that the group had been created! (See the `control.messages' file in the archive.) Discussions of Aromatherapy also occur in the mailing list and in other newsgroups listed above. A collection of postings to the newsgroup is available from Sunsite (see question 5.2.2). ------------------------------ j) SOREHAND mailing-list The SOREHAND mailing-list is `for the discussion of Typing injuries, Repetitive Stress Injuries/Disorder, Cumulative Trauma Disorder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc.' [according to the Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists list, see question 5.2.7c]. To have your address added to the list send mail to with the line: subscribe sorehand your-name in the body. For more information, write to <>. [Addresses updated on 14 Oct 1997. Thanks to Deanna McHugh.] ------------------------------ k) iu610-L Revolutionary Health/Health Care Workers Info Clearinghouse A mailing-list for news, information about and discussion of - working in the health care industry - union organizing as health service workers - self-health maintenance and protection - health and safety in the workplace - building a new health industry for life on earth The mailing-list was created by the San Francisco Bay branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). Subscribe by sending e-mail to: Post messages to: [This entry was added on 24 September 1995, with help from Lee Murray.] ------------------------------ l) alt.reiki newsgroup If you would like to write a description for the alt.reiki newsgroup please contact the FAQL maintainer. ------------------------------ m) newsgroup If you would like to write a description for the newsgroup please contact the FAQL maintainer. According to Roy Fox in message <Xns907ADD4D94C0BScarmageddonnewsguy@> the charter of the group is: Topics to include discussions about the practice and various modalities of professional massage therapy, including Swedish, NST, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Reiki, differences between professional massage therapy and non-professional massage, etc. DO NOT solicit for non-professional massage, or post advertisements of any kind except for professional massage therapy or massage products. Binaries are prohibited. Please do not cross post to newsgroups that are sexually or erotically oriented. This newsgroup will not be moderated. [entry added 15 March 2001, last updated 13 April 2001] ------------------------------ n) More lists More mailing list information is available in question 5.2.7(c).
Subject: Discussion: Other groups (not Usenet, not mailing-lists) Q5.2.5) a) The archive file `fidonet.echo' contains some information about a FidoNet echo named BODYWORK. For information about the archive see question 5.1.2. Sam Waring <> sent this excerpt from the July 1995 Fidonet Echolist: <echotag> BODYWORK <description> Bodywork & Massage Therapy Forum A forum for both the layperson and the bodywork professional to discuss various modalities of "healing" touch. Demysti- ying human touch and educating about the body. Recent de- velopments in the field. What's new in the "National Cer- tification" debate. (Began 8/91) Origin: Distribution: Fidonet Backbone, ADAnet, DharmaNet Gateways: ADAnet via 1:3602/24, DharmaNet via 1:125/33 # Nodes: Volume: 30/Week Flags: Moderators: Barry Kapke, Craig Denega, Last changed: 27-Feb-95 by Barry Kapke, 1:125/33 ------------------------------ b) Compuserve has a `massage and bodywork' forum. If you would like to add information about the forum please contact the FAQL maintainer. (See question 0.2 or send mail to <>.) ------------------------------ c) Massagenet hosts a number of WWW-based forums for discussing massage and bodywork related topics. See also the BODYWORK list (question 5.2.4 b). WWW: <URL:> [Entry included on 28 May 1998]
Subject: Miscellaneous: Network resources Q5.2.6) The same format is used here as in question 5.2.1. An example is given in section 5.2 The complete lists of subparts of all questions is in part 0 of this FAQ list. Here is the list of subparts for this question: (a) How to find the right place to post FAQL (b) news.groups.questions newsgroup (c) Usenet Info Center (the `Bible of Usenet') (d) Where is the archive for newsgroup X? (e) The Internet by E-Mail FAQL ------------------------------ a) How to find the right place to post FAQL Subject: How to find the right place to post (FAQ) Newsgroups: news.announce.newusers, news.groups.questions,, news.groups, news.newusers.questions, alt.config, alt.answers, news.answers Summary: This article gives some general hints to help you find an appropriate place to post on a given topic, and gives pointers to some available resources. A few other new-user topics are also addressed, mostly through pointers to other FAQs. Archive-name: finding-groups/general <URL: general> ------------------------------ b) news.groups.questions In article <> (David C Lawrence) wrote: > The unmoderated group news.groups.questions is an appropriate place to > ask (and answer) questions about newsgroups, such as which topics are > discussed where, and how to start, find or create groups or mailing > lists for specific interests. ------------------------------ c) Usenet Info Center [sic] (formerly the `Bible of Usenet') For serious information about newsgroups (as opposed to the sloppy lists found in many books and the short, often misleading, descriptions posted in news.lists) check out the `Usenet Info Center'. Kevin Atkinson <> has been putting together this monumental work with help from many people across the Usenet. He is committed not to charge anyone to redistribute the list. The list is intended to include the following information about every newsgroup: a one line description of the group; a longer description of the group; a list of FAQLs that are posted to the group; the moderator's name and e-mail address (for moderated groups only); where and how the group is archived, if at all (not implemented yet); the average volume of postings to the group; the average number of readers; a list of mailing-lists gated to or from the newsgroup. Here's a reference to the frequently asked questions about that document: Subject: Usenet Info Center FAQ Newsgroups:, news.misc, news.admin.misc, news.groups, news.answers, alt.answers Archive-name: usenet/info-center-faq Posting-Frequency: every 25 days <URL: info-center-faq> Here's an excerpt from the 22 February 1995 version of that FAQL: > ------------------------------------------------------------------ ><> Where can I get it? <> > ------------------------------------------------------------------ > >As far as the Newsgroups Info Center goes, an abbreviated version is >available under "" (currently >over 700K). This is the only version I plan on making available >at my home site. All other versions of the Newsgroups Info Center are >only available at the mirror sites or on the WWW, in order to avoid the >load on my system. Currently they are two additional versions of this >Info Center available at my mirror site, and several version on the WWW. >The versions at my mirror sites are: > "ul-abriv.txt", an Ultra Abbreviated version (text, almost 600K) > "full.txt", the Full & Complete version (text, over 1.7 Megs) >and more are to come. So, Let me know what you think of them; comments >and suggestions are always welcome. > >The two sites mirroring my files are: > > > >The WWW home pages are: > and > >The 2nd site is where all action is and where the WWW version is located. >You can expect many more WWW versions in the near future. > >As for as the Usenet Info Center goes, it is available on the WWW, at >the second site listed. A collection of these documents is available >under the dir "starter" at my mirror sites. ------------------------------ d) Where is the archive for newsgroup X? Cameron Laird <> maintains a WWW document that includes a list of Usenet archives. The address below is new as of 4 February 1995. WWW: <URL:> [Current URL as of 13 Oct 2001] ------------------------------ e) The Internet by E-mail FAQL If you do not have access to the 'net by any method other than e-mail then you should read `Doctor Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access' which is posted weekly by BobRankin@Delphi.Com (Doctor Bob). [This entry was added on 1 September 1995.] Subject: Accessing the Internet by E-Mail FAQ Newsgroups:,, alt.bbs.internet, alt.answers, comp.mail.misc, comp.answers, news.newusers.questions, news.answers Summary: This guide will show you how to retrieve files from FTP sites, explore the Internet via Gopher, search for information with Archie, Veronica, Netfind, or WAIS, tap into the World-Wide Web, and even access Usenet newsgroups using E-MAIL AS YOUR ONLY TOOL. Archive-name: internet-services/access-via-email <URL: internet-services/access-via-email>
Subject: Miscellaneous: Major lists of Internet and Usenet resources Q5.2.7) This section should list only the most modern, major and general lists of network resources. It is meant to serve as a catch-all for anything that was missed above. Be sure to also read about `How to find the right place to post' FAQL, the news.groups.questions newsgroup and how to use the 'net if all you have is e-mail in question 5.2.6. ------------------------------ a) Subject: Updated Internet Services List Newsgroups:, comp.misc,, alt.bbs.internet, news.answers Archive-name: internet-services/list FTP-Site: <URL:> Gopher: (select Remote Information Services...) Mail: (Auto-replies with lists) WWW: <URL:> Note: compiled by Scott Yanoff ------------------------------ b) Subject: List of Periodic Informational Postings, [etc.] Newsgroups: news.lists, news.answers Archive-name: periodic-postings/* ------------------------------ c) Subject: Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists, Part [etc.] Newsgroups: news.lists, news.answers Archive-name: mail/mailing-lists/* Scott Southwick <> runs the Liszt directory of e-mail discussion groups. The service can be used at If you only have e-mail access, send a message to to learn how to search the list by e-mail. WWW: <URL:> [The information about the searching service was updated on 24 March 1996 thanks to Scott Southwick.] -- Jamie Blustein `No trees were destroyed to make this post' <> The disclaimer is the subject of question 0.6 See also This document is archived in

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