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Alternative Newsgroup Hierarchies (Part 4)

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Archive-name: alt-hierarchies/part4

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The ClariNet hierarchy consists of newsgroups gatewayed from
commercial news services and other ``official'' sources.  A feed of
the ClariNet groups requires payment of a fee and execution of a
license.  More information may be obtained by sending mail to 
"".	Daily review of the news. (Moderated)	Business newsbriefs. (Moderated)	Currency news, interest rates. (Moderated)	World currency news, interest rates. (Moderated)	U.S. currency news, interest rates. (Moderated)	Businesses' earnings, profits, losses. (Moderated)	Press releases: earnings, profits, losses. (Moderated)	Economic news and indicators. (Moderated)	News of the U.S. economy. (Moderated)	Economy stories for non-US countries. (Moderated)	Business feature stories. (Moderated)	Top five business stories each day. (Moderated)	Two-line summaries of top business stories. (Moderated)	News covering industry. (Moderated)	Agriculture, fishing, forestry. (Moderated)	Releases: ag, fishing, forestry. (Moderated)	The car and truck industry. (Moderated)	Automotive, tractors, components. (Moderated)	Releases: automobile industry. (Moderated)	Airlines and airports. (Moderated)	Press releases: airlines and airports. (Moderated)	Banks and S&Ls. (Moderated)	Press releases: banks and S&Ls. (Moderated)	Conglomerates and holding companies. (Moderated)	Purchasing facilities. (Moderated)	Architecture/engineering. (Moderated)	Hardware and abrasives. (Moderated)	Maintenance, alteration. (Moderated)	Building structures/facilities. (Moderated)	Tools, other supplies. (Moderated)	Oil, gas, coal, alternatives. (Moderated)	Releases: oil, gas, coal, alternatives. (Moderated)	Food processing, markets, restaurants. (Moderated)	Food and agricultural supplies. (Moderated)	Releases: food processing and products. (Moderated)	Releases: restaurants and markets. (Moderated)	The health care business. (Moderated)	Health care business, hospitals, doctors. (Moderated)	Releases: hospitals, doctors. (Moderated)	Medical, dental and veterinary supplies. (Moderated)	Pharmaceutical industry. (Moderated)	News releases: drugs, equipment. (Moderated)	Furniture, recreation equip, cleaning equip, etc. (Moderated)	Furniture, misc  items, food prep equip. (Moderated)	Books, maps and other publications. (Moderated)	The insurance industry. (Moderated)	Releases: the insurance industry. (Moderated)	Machine tools and general machinery. (Moderated)	Bearings, cables, rope. (Moderated)	Engine accessories. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous machinery. (Moderated)	Press releases: manufacturing. (Moderated)	Publishing, journalism and other media. (Moderated)	Film, TV, other entertainment. (Moderated)	Entertainment releases. (Moderated)	Press releases covering the media. (Moderated)	Mining and metals processing. (Moderated)	Ores, metals and minerals. (Moderated)	Releases: mining, metals. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous industries. (Moderated)	Power equipment, lighting, security. (Moderated)	Maintenance, repair, rebuilding. (Moderated)	Quality control, modification. (Moderated)	Utilities, housekeeping services. (Moderated)	Lab supplies and equipment. (Moderated)	Admin, management support. (Moderated)	Operation of gov't facilities. (Moderated)	Misc supplies and equipment. (Moderated)	Research and Development. (Moderated)	Special Studies and Analyses. (Moderated)	Press releases covering other industries. (Moderated)	News of other industries (Moderated)	Real estate and construction. (Moderated)	Releases: real estate,const. (Moderated)	Retail stores and shops. (Moderated)	Releases about shops. (Moderated)	Textile industry. (Moderated)	Textiles, leather, fur, clothing. (Moderated)	Trains, buses, transit, shipping. (Moderated)	Ship, marine and railway equipment. (Moderated)	Releases: trains, buses, etc. (Moderated)	The travel and leisure industries. (Moderated)	CBD: travel, hotels. (Moderated)	Releases: travel & leisure. (Moderated)	Utilities. (Moderated)	Commodity reports. (Moderated)	Agricultural commodit reports. (Moderated)	Base metals, general commodity info. (Moderated)	Bonds, money market funds, other instruments. (Moderated)	Mergers and acquisitions. (Moderated)	Press releases: mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs. (Moderated)		Other business news. (Moderated)	Releases on general business topics. (Moderated)	Press releases: personnel changes, layoffs. (Moderated)	Privatizations and nationalizations. (Moderated)	Stock and stock markets. (Moderated)	Corporate stocks, dividends. (Moderated)	Dividend announcements. (Moderated)	Asian stock market reports. (Moderated)	International stock market reports. (Moderated)	Eastern European stock reports. (Moderated)	Western European stock reports. (Moderated)	Overview of the stock markets. (Moderated)	U.S. stock market reports including nyse. (Moderated)	U.S. stock market reports. (Moderated)	New York Stock Exchange reports. (Moderated)		Top business news. (Moderated)	Press releases covering trade shows. (Moderated)	GATT, free trade, trade disputes. (Moderated)
clari.editorial.cartoons.toles	Editorial cartoons from Tom Toles. (Moderated)
clari.editorial.cartoons.worldviews	Views of the World editorial cartoons. (Moderated)
clari.editorial.commentary.misc	Commentaries and opinion on various subjects. (Moderated)
clari.editorial.commentary.political	Political opinion & commentary. (Moderated)
clari.feature.dave_barry	Columns of humourist Dave Barry. (Moderated)
clari.feature.dilbert	The daily comic strip "Dilbert". (MIME/uuencoded GIF). (Moderated)
clari.feature.experimental	New trial and experimental features. (Moderated)
clari.feature.forbetter	Lynn Johnston's For Better or For Worse. (Moderated)
clari.feature.mike_royko	Chicago Opinion Columnist Mike Royko. (Moderated)		Fashion, leisure, lifestyle. (Moderated)	Human interest stories about animals. (Moderated)	News of the arts. (Moderated)	Unusual or funny news stories. (Moderated)	News about books and authors. (Moderated)	Famous people in the news. (Moderated)	Joe Bob Briggs: Drive-in movie critic. (Moderated)	Columns of humorist  Eric F. Lipton. (Moderated)	Etiquette advice from Miss Manners. (Moderated)	Dan Piraro's bizarre comic panel. (Moderated)	Comic by Hans Bjordahl & Holley Irvine. (Moderated)	Garry Trudeau's classic political comic. (Moderated)	Lynn Johnston's For Better or For Worse. (Moderated)	Bill Amend's Foxtrot. (Moderated)	Holley Irvine's unique Ozone Patrol. (Moderated)	Consumer issues and products. (Moderated)	Entertainment news. (Moderated)	Entertainment news summaries. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous entertainment news. (Moderated)	Fashion, clothing. (Moderated)	News and human interest about history. (Moderated)	Today in History feature. (Moderated)	General Human interest stories. (Moderated)	Leisure, the outdoors, games. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous lifestyle stories. (Moderated)	News of film and movies. (Moderated)	News of the music scene. (Moderated)	The world's royal families. (Moderated)		News of television programs and events. (Moderated)
clari.local.alabama	News of Alabama. (Moderated)
clari.local.alaska	News of Alaska. (Moderated)
clari.local.arizona	News of Arizona. (Moderated)
clari.local.arkansas	News of Arkansas. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.briefs	UPI California news briefs. (Moderated)	California state government news. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.los_angeles	News of Los Angeles. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.lottery	California state lottery news. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.misc	News covering California generally. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.northern	News of Northern California. (Moderated)	San Francisco Bay Area business news. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.sfbay.briefs	San Francisco Bay Area daily brief. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.sfbay.crime	San Francisco Bay Area crime news. (Moderated)	Education in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Moderated)	San Francisco Bay Area fire news. (Moderated)	Bay Area local government news. (Moderated)	Health care & services in the Bay Area. (Moderated)	San Francisco Bay Area laws and lawsuits. (Moderated)	Entertainment, human interest. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.sfbay.misc	General news for San Francisco Bay area. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.sfbay.transport	Bay Area transit and road news. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.sfbay.transport.conditions	Road and transit status. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.sfbay.trouble	San Francisco Bay Area accidents. (Moderated)	Bay Area weather. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.southern	News of Southern California. (Moderated)
clari.local.california.southern.misc	News of Southern California. (Moderated)
clari.local.colorado	News of Colorado. (Moderated)
clari.local.connecticut	News of Connecticut. (Moderated)
clari.local.delaware	News of Delaware. (Moderated)
clari.local.florida	News of Floria. (Moderated)
clari.local.georgia	News of Georgia. (Moderated)
clari.local.hawaii	News of Hawaii. (Moderated)
clari.local.idaho	News of Idaho. (Moderated)
clari.local.illinois.chicago	News of the Chicago area. (Moderated)
clari.local.illinois.misc	News of Illinois. (Moderated)
clari.local.indiana	News of Indiana. (Moderated)
clari.local.iowa	News of Iowa. (Moderated)
clari.local.kansas	News of Kansas. (Moderated)
clari.local.kentucky	News of Kentucky. (Moderated)
clari.local.louisiana	News of Louisiana. (Moderated)
clari.local.maine	News of Maine. (Moderated)
clari.local.maryland	News of Maryland. (Moderated)
clari.local.massachusetts	News of Massachusetts. (Moderated)
clari.local.michigan	News of Michican. (Moderated)
clari.local.minnesota	News of Minnesota. (Moderated)
clari.local.mississippi	News of Mississippi. (Moderated)
clari.local.missouri	News of Missouri. (Moderated)
clari.local.montana	News of Montana. (Moderated)
clari.local.nebraska	News of Nebraska. (Moderated)
clari.local.nevada	News of Nevada. (Moderated)
clari.local.new_hampshire	News of New Hampshire. (Moderated)
clari.local.new_jersey	News of New Jersey. (Moderated)
clari.local.new_mexico	News of New Mexico. (Moderated)
clari.local.new_york.misc	News of New York state. (Moderated)	News of Greater New York City. (Moderated)
clari.local.north_carolina	News of North Carolina. (Moderated)
clari.local.north_dakota	News of North Dakota. (Moderated)
clari.local.ohio	News of Ohio. (Moderated)
clari.local.oklahoma	News of Oklahoma. (Moderated)
clari.local.oregon	News of Oregon. (Moderated)
clari.local.pennsylvania	News of Pennsylvania. (Moderated)
clari.local.rhode_island	News of Rhode Island. (Moderated)
clari.local.south_carolina	News of South Carolina. (Moderated)
clari.local.south_dakota	News of South Dakota. (Moderated)
clari.local.tennessee	News of Tennessee. (Moderated)
clari.local.texas	News of Texas. (Moderated)
clari.local.utah	News of Utah. (Moderated)
clari.local.vermont	News of Vermont. (Moderated)
clari.local.virginia+dc	News of Virginia and Washington DC. (Moderated)
clari.local.washington	News of Washington State. (Moderated)
clari.local.west_virginia	News of West Virginia. (Moderated)
clari.local.wisconsin	News of Wisconsin. (Moderated)
clari.local.wyoming	News of Wyoming. (Moderated)		Announcements for news admins at ClariNet sites. (Moderated)	Announcements for all ClariNet readers. (Moderated)		Occasional announcements for readers. (Moderated)	Online info about ClariNet. (Moderated)	What each group is about. (Moderated)	What each group is about. (Moderated)	What each group is about. (Moderated)	What each group is about. (Moderated)		Discussion of ClariNet -- NOT moderated.	News of senior citizens and aging. (Moderated)	News of alcohol and drugs, use and abuse. (Moderated)	Black news. (Moderated)	Regular news summaries. (Moderated)	Children and families, adoption, marriage. (Moderated)	War, conflict, peace talks. (Moderated)	War and conflict. (Moderated)	Peace talks and cease-fires. (Moderated)	U.N. & other international peacekeeping. (Moderated)	Corruption in government. (Moderated)	News of crimes. (Moderated)	Kidnappings, hostage-taking. (Moderated)	Assaults. (Moderated)	Fraud, embezzlement, white-collar crime. (Moderated)	Corruption, assaults, theft. (Moderated)	Hate crimes. (Moderated)	Crimes by children and teenagers. (Moderated)	Other crimes. (Moderated)	Murders and shootings. (Moderated)	Murders and shootings. (Moderated)	Political murders and shootings. (Moderated)	Organized crime. (Moderated)	Sex crimes, child pornography. (Moderated)	Thefts and robberies. (Moderated)	Well-known crimes. (Moderated)	War crimes and tribunals. (Moderated)	News of the disabled. (Moderated)	Primary and secondary education. (Moderated)	Colleges and Universities. (Moderated)	Primary and secondary education. (Moderated)	Press releases covering education. (Moderated)	Unclassified feature stories. (Moderated)	Ultra-important once-a-year news flashes. (Moderated)	The top five news stories of the day. (Moderated)		Homosexuality and gay rights. (Moderated)	Refugees, immigration, migration. (Moderated)	Immigration, migration. (Moderated)	Social issues. (Moderated)	Censorship, government control of media. (Moderated)	Death-penalty, executions. (Moderated)	Gun control and other gun news. (Moderated)	Freedom, civil rights, human rights. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous social issues. (Moderated)	Poverty, homelessness, hunger. (Moderated)	Abortion, fertility, reproduction. (Moderated)	Smoking and tobacco issues. (Moderated)		Jewish news. (Moderated)	Unions, strikes. (Moderated)	Layoffs, hiring and employment statistics. (Moderated)	Labor and union news. (Moderated)	Strikes. (Moderated)	Police officers, prisons, law enforcement. (Moderated)	News of ethnic minorities, gays, aging, the disabled. (Moderated)	Ethnicity issues, news of minorities. (Moderated)	Releases on general topics. (Moderated)	Obituaries and notable deaths. (Moderated)	Photos from the general news. (Moderated)	Protest movements and actions. (Moderated)	Refugees, involuntary migrations. (Moderated)	Religion, religious leaders, televangelists. (Moderated)		Sexual issues, sex-related political stories. (Moderated)	Less major accidents, problems & mishaps. (Moderated)	Accidents and mishaps. (Moderated)	Major disasters. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous trouble. (Moderated)	Terrorism within the USA. (Moderated)	Weather and temperature reports. (Moderated)	Womens' issues: sexism, harassment. (Moderated)	Baseball scores, stories, stats. (Moderated)	News of Major League Baseball. (Moderated)	AL previews, recaps, box scores. (Moderated)	AL stats and standings. (Moderated)	NL previews, recaps, box scores. (Moderated)	NL stats and standings. (Moderated)	Minor league baseball. (Moderated)	Basketball coverage. (Moderated)	College basketball coverage. (Moderated)	News of men's college basketball. (Moderated)	Previews, recaps, box scores. (Moderated)	Stats, standings, summaries. (Moderated)	Women's college basketball. (Moderated)	News of minor league basketball. (Moderated)	News of NBA basketball. (Moderated)	NBA previews, recaps, box scores. (Moderated)	NBA stats and standings. (Moderated)
clari.sports.bowling	Bowling coverage. (Moderated)
clari.sports.boxing	Boxing coverage. (Moderated)
clari.sports.briefs	General sports scoreboard. (Moderated)
clari.sports.championships	World Series, Superbowl, NCAA Final Four, etc. (Moderated)
clari.sports.features	Sports feature stories. (Moderated)	Pro football coverage. (Moderated)	Coverage of the Canadian Football League. (Moderated)	College football coverage. (Moderated)	Football previews, recaps, box scores. (Moderated)	Football stats, standings, summaries. (Moderated)	Coverage of the National Football League. (Moderated)	NFL previews, recaps, box scores. (Moderated)	NFL stats and standings. (Moderated)	Golf coverage. (Moderated)	NHL coverage. (Moderated)	Coverage of the American Hockey League. (Moderated)	Coverage of the International Hockey League. (Moderated)	Coverage of the National Hockey League. (Moderated)	NHL previews, recaps, box scores. (Moderated)	NHL stats, standings, summaries. (Moderated)
clari.sports.horse_racing	Coverage of horse racing. (Moderated)	Canoeing, yachting, rowing. (Moderated)	Boxing, judo, wrestling, fencing. (Moderated)	Tennis, badminton, volleyball, handball, etc. (Moderated)	Mountain, road, track cycling. (Moderated)	Dressage, jumping, three-day event. (Moderated)	Rhythmic & artistic gymnastics. (Moderated)	Features, ceremonies, schedules, etc. (Moderated)	Shooting, archery, weightlifting, pentathlon. (Moderated)	Olympic pool sports. (Moderated)	Baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, softball. (Moderated)	Medal roundups, other important stories. (Moderated)	Track and field ("athletics"). (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.canada.atlantic_provs	Atlantic Province athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.canada.brit_columbia	News of British Columbia athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.canada.eastern	News of Eastern Canada athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.canada.ontario	News of Ontario athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.canada.ontario.misc	News of Ontario athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.canada.ontario.toronto	News of Toronto athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.canada.prairie_provs	News of Prarie Province athletics. (Moderated)	News of Quebec athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.mid-atlantic.new_jersey	News of New Jersey athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.mid-atlantic.new_york	News of New York state athletics. (Moderated)	New York City athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.mid-atlantic.pennsylvania	News of Pennsyvania athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.mid-atlantic.pennsylvania.philadelphia	Phila. sports. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest	Other Midwest athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest.illinois	News of Illinois athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest.indiana	News of Indiana athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest.michigan	News of Michigan athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest.minnesota	News of Minnesota athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest.misc	Other Midwest athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest.missouri	News of Missouri athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest.ohio	News of Ohio athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.midwest.wisconsin	News of Wisconsin athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.new_england	New England athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.new_england.connecticut	Connecticut athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.new_england.massachusetts	Massachusetts athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.new_england.misc	Other athletics in New England. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.northwest	Athletics in the Northwest. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.northwest.misc	Athletics in the Pacific Northwest. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.northwest.washington	News of Washington athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south	Athletics in other areas of the South. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south.florida	News of other Florida athletics. (Moderated)	News of Miami athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south.florida.misc	News of other Florida athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south.florida.tampa_bay	News of Tampa Bay athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south.georgia	News of Georgia athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south.maryland	News of Maryland athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south.maryland+dc	News of Maryland and D.C. athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south.north_carolina	News of North Carolina athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.south.washington_dc	Washington D.C. athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest	News of other southwest athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.arizona	News of Arizona athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.california	News of other California athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.california.los_angeles	Los Angeles sports. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.california.sfbay	Bay Area sports. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.colorado	Colorado athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.misc	News of other southwest athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.texas.dallas-fw	Sports in Dallas and Fort Worth. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.texas.misc	Sports in most of Texas. (Moderated)
clari.sports.local.southwest.utah	News of Utah athletics. (Moderated)
clari.sports.misc	Other sports, plus general sports news. (Moderated)
clari.sports.motor	Racing, Motor Sports. (Moderated)
clari.sports.olympic	The Olympic Games. (Moderated)
clari.sports.others	Other sports news. (Moderated)	Sports photographs. (Moderated)
clari.sports.releases	Press releases: sports products and equipment. (Moderated)
clari.sports.schedules	Upcoming sports schedules. (Moderated)	Coverage of soccer. (Moderated)	Tennis news & scores. (Moderated)	Top sports news. (Moderated)	Aerospace industry and companies. (Moderated)	Aircraft components. (Moderated)	Space vehicles, miscellaneous aircraft equip. (Moderated)	Releases covering the aerospace industry. (Moderated)		Daily summary of computer and technical news. (Moderated)	Chemical firms and technology. (Moderated)	Chemicals and chemical products. (Moderated)	Releases covering the chemical industry. (Moderated)	The Annals of Improbable Research. (Moderated)	Apple corporate and product news. (Moderated)	Releases: Apple Corp. and products. (Moderated)	Data processing and telecommunication. (Moderated)	Releases: computer entertain. (Moderated)	Using computers in industry, education. (Moderated)	News of the computer industry. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous computer news. (Moderated)	Computer networking products. (Moderated)	Releases:computer networking. (Moderated)	Intel-based computer hardware. (Moderated)	Releases: Intel-based hardware. (Moderated)	MSDOS & Windows software. (Moderated)	Releases: Windows software. (Moderated)	Releases :computer peripherals. (Moderated)	Releases: miscellaneous computer news. (Moderated)	Releases : the retail computer industry. (Moderated)	News of UNIX and similar operating systems. (Moderated)	Press releases covering UNIX. (Moderated)	Defense industry issues. (Moderated)	Weapons, ammunition, nuclear ordinance. (Moderated)	Electronics makers and sellers. (Moderated)	Electrical and electronic equip, components. (Moderated)	Releases: electronics industry. (Moderated)	Environmental news, hazardous waste, forests. (Moderated)	Natural resources and conservation services. (Moderated)	Press releases on the environment. (Moderated)	Features about technical industries and computers. (Moderated)		Disease, medicine, health care, sick celebs. (Moderated)	AIDS stories, research, political issues. (Moderated)	Disease, medicine, health care research. (Moderated)		Technology and society; privacy, computer porn. (Moderated)		General technical industry stories. (Moderated)	Online services, multimedia, the Internet. (Moderated)	Journal of the internetworking world. (Moderated)	Releases: online services, products. (Moderated)	Press releases: new media, multimedia. (Moderated)	Nuclear power & waste. (Moderated)	General science stories. (Moderated)	General science stories (incl. space). (Moderated)		NASA, Astronomy & spaceflight. (Moderated)		Regular reports on computer & technology stock prices. (Moderated)	Phones, Satellites, Media & general Telecom. (Moderated)	Telecommunication equipment and materials. (Moderated)	Satellites, telecommunications. (Moderated)	Long-distance, local, cell service. (Moderated)	Press releases: the telecommunications industry. (Moderated)		Top technical stories. (Moderated)
clari.usa.briefs	USA briefs. (Moderated)		Miscellaneous U.S. government news. (Moderated)	USA government briefs. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous U.S. government news. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous U.S. government news. (Moderated)	Personalities and privative lives. (Moderated)	U.S. business and economic policy. (Moderated)	U.S. financial policy. (Moderated)	U.S. foreign policy. (Moderated)	U.S. Middle Eastern foreign policy. (Moderated)	U.S. foreign policy. (Moderated)	Miscellaneous U.S. government policy. (Moderated)	U.S. social policy. (Moderated)	Party politics and electioneering. (Moderated)	Press releases: state, local, federal government. (Moderated)	State and local governments. (Moderated)	Presidential news. (Moderated)	The Clinton campaign for the presidency. (Moderated)	U.S. House and Senate races. (Moderated)	The Dole presidential campaign. (Moderated)		Legal news, U.S. lawsuits, U.S. Supreme Court. (Moderated)	Legal news and U.S. lawsuits. (Moderated)	The U.S. Supreme Court. (Moderated)
clari.usa.military	News of the U.S. military. (Moderated)
clari.usa.misc		Other U.S. news. (Moderated)
clari.usa.politics	Party politics and electioneering. (Moderated)
clari.usa.politics.personalities	Personalities and privative lives. (Moderated)
clari.usa.terrorism	News of terrorism in the U.S. (Moderated)		Top U.S. news. (Moderated)	Sudan through Tanzania. (Moderated)	Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sahara countries. (Moderated)	News from South Africa. (Moderated)	From Angola and Zambia southward. (Moderated)	Gulf of Guinea states, Congo, Zaire. (Moderated)	News of Canada, South and Meso America. (Moderated)	News of Argentina. (Moderated)	News of Brazil. (Moderated)	General Canadian news. (Moderated)	Canadian business news. (Moderated)	Canadian news briefs. (Moderated)	General Canadian news. (Moderated)	News of the Caribbean island nations. (Moderated)	News of Central America. (Moderated)	Caribbean, Central America, Mexico. (Moderated)	News of Mexico. (Moderated)	News of Peru. (Moderated)	News of South America. (Moderated)	News of South America. (Moderated)	News of Asia and Oceania. (Moderated)	Ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia. (Moderated)	South and Central Asia. (Moderated)	News of China. (Moderated)	Chinese business news. (Moderated)	News of Hong Kong. (Moderated)	News of India. (Moderated)	Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar. (Moderated)	Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar. (Moderated)	News of Japan. (Moderated)	Japanese business news. (Moderated)	News of North and South Korea. (Moderated)	News of the Philippines. (Moderated)	News of South Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.). (Moderated)	News of Southeast Asia. (Moderated)	News of the Republic of China (Taiwan). (Moderated)	News of Vietnam. (Moderated)	Brief of world events. (Moderated)	News of Europe. (Moderated)	Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. (Moderated)	Former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria. (Moderated)	Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg. (Moderated)	News of the British Isles. (Moderated)	Business news of the British Isles. (Moderated)	News of Ireland. (Moderated)	News of the UK. (Moderated)	Business news of the UK. (Moderated)	News of Northern Ireland. (Moderated)	Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary. (Moderated)	Translated reports from Eastern Europe. (Moderated)	News of France and Monaco. (Moderated)	French business news. (Moderated)	News of Germany. (Moderated)	German business news. (Moderated)	News of Greece. (Moderated)	Spain, Portugal, and Andorra. (Moderated)	News of Italy and San Marino. (Moderated)	Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland. (Moderated)	News of Russia. (Moderated)	News about the European Union. (Moderated)	National budgets, deficits, loans and debt. (Moderated)	International relations (non-U.S.). (Moderated)	Relations between governments. (Moderated)	World politics. (Moderated)		Non-U.S. laws and lawsuits. (Moderated)	News from the Middle East. (Moderated)	News of the Middle East and Africa. (Moderated)	News of the Arabian Peninsula. (Moderated)	News of Egypt. (Moderated)	News of Iran. (Moderated)	News of Iraq. (Moderated)	News of Israel and occupied lands. (Moderated)	News of Kuwait. (Moderated)	News of other Mideastern countries. (Moderated)	News of the West Bank and Gaza. (Moderated)	News of Turkey. (Moderated)	News of militaries from around the world. (Moderated)	News of Oceania. (Moderated)	News of Australia. (Moderated)	News of New Zealand. (Moderated)	The UN and other organizations. (Moderated)	News of international organizations. (Moderated)	News of the United Nations. (Moderated)	UN summits and conferences. (Moderated)	Terrorist actions and related news (non-U.S.). (Moderated)		Top news from around the world. (Moderated)


EYE magazine, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a free newspaper
issued once a week.  The scope of articles is greater than just
Toronto, so the hierarchy is available on a worldwide basis.  For more
information, contact (Ken Campbell).  NNTP feeds can
be arranged through him if you cannot get the groups from your regular

eye.config		Proposals for new eye.* newsgroups, etc.
eye.general		eye Followups and General Discussions.
eye.letters		eye readers write. (Moderated)		eye News articles. (Moderated)


gnUSENET (gnUSENET is Not USENET) is a set of newsgroups that are
gated bi-directionally with the Internet mailing lists of the GNU
Project of the Free Software Foundation.  GNU (GNU's Not Unix) will be
a complete operating system, including application programs, with
freely redistributable source code.  Please use ONLY gnu.misc.discuss
for discussion of topics considered contrary to GNU aims and political
philosophy (e.g., porting of GNU code to Apple machines, usefulness of
intellectual property laws, etc.).

The GNU mailing lists and newsgroups, like the GNU project itself,
exist to promote the freedom to share software.	 So please don't use
these newsgroups (or the other GNU lists) to promote or recommend
non-free software.  (Using them to post ordering information is the
ultimate faux pas.)  If there is no free program to do a certain task,
then somebody should write one!

If one of your USENET feeds cannot provide you with a feed of the
gnUSENET newsgroups, send mail to
to ask for a feed.

Questions about GNU can be directed to or:
	Free Software Foundation
	675 Massachusetts Avenue
	Cambridge, MA  02139

Special notes about some of the groups:

Use to discuss software on gnu.emacs.sources and to ask
for sources.  gnu.emacs.sources is archived by many sites and they
want sources ONLY!

The gnu.*.bug groups are pseudo-moderated (that is, the group is
marked moderated so that postings are mailed to and
then redistributed to the both the mailing list and newsgroup from
there).  The gnu.*announce groups are all fully moderated.

gnu.announce		Status and announcements from the Project. (Moderated)
gnu.bash.bug		Bourne Again SHell bug reports and suggested fixes. (Moderated)
gnu.chess		Announcements about the GNU Chess program.
gnu.emacs.announce	Announcements about GNU Emacs. (Moderated)
gnu.emacs.bug		GNU Emacs bug reports and suggested fixes. (Moderated)
gnu.emacs.gnews		News reading under GNU Emacs using Weemba's Gnews.
gnu.emacs.gnus		News reading under GNU Emacs using GNUS (in English).		User queries and answers.
gnu.emacs.sources	ONLY (please!) C and Lisp source code for GNU Emacs.
gnu.emacs.vm.bug	Bug reports on the Emacs VM mail package.	Information about the Emacs VM mail package.
gnu.emacs.vms		VMS port of GNU Emacs.
gnu.epoch.misc		The Epoch X11 extensions to Emacs.
gnu.g++.announce	Announcements about the GNU C++ Compiler. (Moderated)
gnu.g++.bug		g++ bug reports and suggested fixes. (Moderated)		GNU C++ compiler (G++) user queries and answers.
gnu.g++.lib.bug		g++ library bug reports/suggested fixes. (Moderated)
gnu.gcc.announce	Announcements about the GNU C Compiler. (Moderated)
gnu.gcc.bug		GNU C Compiler bug reports/suggested fixes. (Moderated)		GNU C Compiler (gcc) user queries and answers.
gnu.gdb.bug		gcc/g++ DeBugger bugs and suggested fixes. (Moderated)
gnu.ghostscript.bug	GNU Ghostscript interpreter bugs. (Moderated)
gnu.gnusenet.config	GNU's Not Usenet administration and configuration.
gnu.gnusenet.test	GNU's Not Usenet alternative hierarchy testing.
gnu.groff.bug		Bugs in the GNU roff programs. (Moderated)
gnu.misc.discuss	Serious discussion about GNU and freed software.
gnu.smalltalk.bug	Bugs in GNU Smalltalk. (Moderated)
gnu.utils.bug		GNU utilities bugs (e.g., make, gawk. ls). (Moderated)


HEPnet is a collections of networks interconnecting high-energy and
nuclear physics research sites.	 The HEPnet netnews hierarchy was
created to facilitate discussions in the HEP and NP communitites.  The
hierarchy is is maintained by National HEPnet Management.  All groups
are bi-directionally gatewayed to mailing lists and automatically
archived.  Questions, requests for feeds, and group deletions/additions
should be sent to (Internet), netnews@hepnet (BITNET),
or hepnet::netnews (HEP-ES DECnet).

hepnet.admin		Discussions among hepnet.* netnews administrators.
hepnet.announce		Announcement of general interest.
hepnet.conferences	High Energy Physics conference & workshops.
hepnet.freehep		The freehep High Energy Physics archives.
hepnet.general		General interest items for High Energy Physics.
hepnet.hepix		The use of Unix for High Energy Physics work.
hepnet.heplib		The HEPLIB High Energy Physics library.		High Energy Physics job announcements and discussions.
hepnet.lang.c++		The use of C++ for High Energy Physics work.
hepnet.test		Test postings in the hepnet.* distribution.
hepnet.videoconf	Video conferencing High Energy Physics researchers.


The IEEE newsgroups concern the IEEE -- the Institute of Electrical
and Electronics Engineers.  The IEEE is willing to distribute these
newsgroups via NNTP to any site that desires to carry them; contact for details.

ieee.announce		General Announcements for IEEE community.		Help Discussion regarding IEEE Bulletin Boards.		Info on IEEE Bulletin Boards.	Consumer Electronics Society - Digital Audio/Video.
ieee.config		Postings about managing the ieee.* groups.
ieee.eab.announce	Educational Activities - Announcements.
ieee.eab.general	Educational Activities - General Discussion.
ieee.general		IEEE - General discussion.
ieee.pcnfs		Discussion & tips on PC-NFS.
ieee.pcs.general	IEEE Professional Communication Society discussions.	Publishing Activities - Announcements.	Publishing Activities - General Discussion.
ieee.rab.announce	Regional Activities Board - Announcements.
ieee.rab.general	Regional Activities Board - General discussion.
ieee.region1		Region 1 Announcements.
ieee.stds.announce	Standards Department - Announcements.
ieee.stds.general	Standards Department - General Discussion.
ieee.students		IEEE Student Activities.	Technical Activities Board - Announcements.	Technical Activities Board - General discussion.
ieee.tcos		The Technical Committee on Operating Systems. (Moderated)
ieee.usab.announce	USAB - Announcements.
ieee.usab.general	USAB - General discussion.


Another alternative hierarchy is the "inet/ddn" distribution.  This
consists of many newsgroups bearing names similar to traditional
Usenet groups and corresponding to Internet discussion lists.  These
groups are circulated using the NNTP transport mechanism amongst sites
on the Internet in an attempt to reduce the number of copies of these
groups flowing through the mail (some sites get these groups via UUCP
and other transport mechanisms, but the volume can be substantial and
load may be significant without a high-speed link).  

The ddn groups, ddn.mgt-bulletin and ddn.newsletter, are no longer
valid.  According to (Page Carter), the US Department
of Defense removed all non-*.mil addresses from the associated mailing
lists for these groups.  A *.mil gateway will not be established
because that again exposes the traffic to non-*.mil sites via news

Erik Fair <> led the creation of inet groups.		Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Education.		Artificial Intelligence Vision Research. (Moderated)
comp.dcom.lans.hyperchannel	Hyperchannel networks within an IP network.	Writing instruction in computer-based classrooms.
comp.lang.asm370	Programming in IBM System/370 Assembly Language.
comp.lang.clu		The CLU language & related topics.
comp.lang.forth.mac	The CSI MacForth programming environment.
comp.lang.icon		Topics related to the ICON programming language.
comp.lang.idl		IDL (Interface Description Language) related topics.
comp.lang.lisp.franz	The Franz Lisp programming language.
comp.lang.lisp.x	The XLISP language system.
comp.lang.rexx		The REXX command language.
comp.lang.scheme.c	The Scheme language environment.
comp.lsi.cad		Electrical Computer Aided Design.
comp.mail.multi-media	Multimedia Mail.
comp.networks.noctools.announce	Info and announcements about NOC tools. (Moderated)
comp.networks.noctools.bugs	Bug reports and fixes for NOC tools.
comp.networks.noctools.d	Discussion about NOC tools.
comp.networks.noctools.submissions	New NOC tools submissions.	Descriptions of available NOC tools. (Moderated)
comp.networks.noctools.wanted	Requests for NOC software.	Discussion about the Internet Society.
comp.os.aos		Topics related to Data General's AOS/VS.
comp.os.cpm.amethyst	Discussion of Amethyst, CP/M-80 software package.
comp.os.msdos.4dos	The 4DOS command processor for MS-DOS.
comp.os.rsts		Topics related to the PDP-11 RSTS/E operating system.
comp.os.v		The V distributed operating system from Stanford.
comp.periphs.printers	Information on printers.	The ISO Development Environment.
comp.protocols.iso.x400	X400 mail protocol discussions.
comp.protocols.iso.x400.gateway	X400 mail gateway discussions. (Moderated)
comp.protocols.pcnet	Topics related to PCNET (a personal computer network).
comp.protocols.snmp	The Simple Network Management Protocol.	Topics related to Domain Style names.
comp.protocols.time.ntp	The network time protocol.	Announcements from the CERT about security. (Moderated)
comp.soft-sys.andrew	The Andrew system from CMU.
comp.soft-sys.nextstep	The NeXTstep computing environment.
comp.std.announce	Announcements about standards activities. (Moderated)
comp.sys.cdc		Control Data Corporation Computers (e.g., Cybers).
comp.sys.handhelds	Handheld computers and programmable calculators.	Anything related to the Intel 310.
comp.sys.northstar	Northstar microcomputer users.
comp.sys.super		Supercomputers.
comp.sys.ti.explorer	The Texas Instruments Explorer.
comp.sys.zenith		Heath terminals and related Zenith products.
comp.terminals.bitgraph	The BB&N BitGraph Terminal.
comp.terminals.tty5620	AT&T Dot Mapped Display Terminals (5620 and BLIT).
comp.theory		Theoretical Computer Science.
comp.theory.cell-automata	Discussion of all aspects of cellular automata.
comp.theory.dynamic-sys	Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems.
comp.theory.self-org-sys	Topics related to self-organization.
comp.unix.cray		Cray computers and their operating systems.
comp.unix.solaris	Discussions about the Solaris operating system.	The Motif GUI for the X Window System.	The Vectrex game system.	Any topic relating to biotechnology.
sci.math.num-analysis	Numerical Analysis.
sci.philosophy.meta	Discussions within the scope of "MetaPhilosophy."
soc.culture.esperanto	The neutral international language Esperanto.


The "info" hierarchy is a collection of mailing lists gatewayed into
news at the University of Illinois.  The lists are selected based on
local interests but have proven popular at a number of sites.  Groups
are removed when they become available via more mainstream
hierarchies.  Sites are encouraged to mark *'ed groups as 'n' in their
active file.  These groups are generally concerned with getting real
work done and readers dislike extraneous postings.  Postings can still
be made by emailing to the listed contact address.

info.admin		Administrative messages regarding info.* groups ( (Moderated)
info.big-internet	*Issues facing a huge Internet ( (Moderated)
info.bind		*The Berkeley BIND server ( (Moderated)
info.brl-cad		BRL's Solid Modeling CAD system ( (Moderated)
info.bsdi.users		BSDI user forum ( (Moderated)
info.bytecounters	*NSstat network analysis program. ( (Moderated)
info.firearms		Non-political firearms discussions ( (Moderated)
info.firearms.politics	Political firearms discussions ( (Moderated)
info.gated		*Cornell's GATED program ( (Moderated)
info.grass.programmer	GRASS geographic information system programmer issues (grassp-list (Moderated)
info.grass.user		GRASS geographic information system user issues ( (Moderated)
info.ietf		*Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) discussions ( (Moderated)
info.ietf.hosts		*IETF host requirements discussions ( (Moderated)
info.ietf.isoc		*Internet Society discussions ( (Moderated)
info.ietf.njm		*Jo-MAAN - the Joint Monitoring Access between Adjacent Networks IETF working group ( (Moderated)
info.ietf.smtp		*IETF SMTP extension discussions ( (Moderated)
info.isode		*The ISO Development Environment package ( (Moderated)
info.jethro-tull	Discussions about Jethro Tull's music ( (Moderated)
info.labmgr		Computer lab managers list ( (Moderated)
info.mach		The Mach operating system ( (Moderated)		*MH development discussions ( (Moderated)
info.nets		Inter-network connectivity ( (Moderated)
info.nsf.grants		*NSF grant notes ( (Moderated)
info.nsfnet.cert	*Computer Emergency Response Team announcements ( (Moderated)
info.nsfnet.status	NSFnet status reports. (Moderated)
info.nupop		Northwestern University's POP for PCs ( (Moderated)
info.nysersnmp		*The SNMP software distributed by PSI ( (Moderated)			Qi, ph, sendmail/phquery discussions ( (Moderated)
info.rfc		*Announcements of newly released RFCs ( (Moderated)
info.slug		Care and feeding of Symbolics Lisp machines ( (Moderated)
info.snmp		*SNMP (Simple Gateway/Network Monitoring Protocol) ( (Moderated)
info.solbourne		Discussions & info about Solbourne computers ( (Moderated)
info.sun-managers	*Sun-managers digest ( (Moderated)
info.sun-nets		*Sun-nets (nee Sun Spots) digest ( (Moderated)
info.theorynt		Theory list ( (Moderated)
info.unix-sw		Software available for anonymous FTP ( (Moderated)
info.wisenet		Women In Science and Engineering NETwork ( (Moderated)


K12Net is a collection of conferences devoted to K-12 educational
curriculum, language exchanges with native speakers, and
classroom-to-classroom projects designed by teachers.  The
conferences are privately distributed among FidoNet-compatible
electronic bulletin board systems in Africa, Asia, Australia,
Europe, and North America, as well as available from
as Usenet newsgroups in the hierarchy k12.*

Classroom-to-classroom projects are featured in the K12 "Channels"
which are periodically reassigned based on usage and appropriate
project length.	 They comprise the k12.sys hierarchy.

Forums for casual conversation among students are divided by grade
level in the hierarchy; there is also an area for teachers to
exchange general ideas about using telecommunications in education.

For more information, contact one of the members of
the K12Net Council of Coordinators:

Terry Bowden      <>
Robert Brault     <>
Wolfgang Hofmeier <>
George Perkins    <>
Geoff Shearsby    <>
Les Turner        <>
Louis Van Geel    <>

Mr. Brault is currently the chairman of the council, so he is probably
the best one to contact first.	Casual conversation for teachers of grades K-12.		Arts & crafts curricula in K-12 education.		Business education curricula in grades K-12.
k12.ed.comp.literacy	Teaching computer literacy in grades K-12.	Health and Physical Education curricula in grades K-12.	Home Economics, career education, and school counseling.
k12.ed.math		Mathematics curriculum in K-12 education.		Music and Performing Arts curriculum in K-12 education.		Science curriculum in K-12 education.
k12.ed.soc-studies	Social Studies and History curriculum in K-12 education.
k12.ed.special		Educating students with handicaps and/or special needs.
k12.ed.tag		K-12 education for gifted and talented students.		Industrial arts & vocational education in grades K-12.		The art of teaching language skills in grades K-12.
k12.lang.deutsch-eng	Bilingual German/English practice with native speakers.
k12.lang.esp-eng	Bilingual Spanish/English practice with native speakers.
k12.lang.francais	French practice with native speakers.
k12.lang.japanese	Bilingual Japanese/English ith native speakers.
k12.lang.russian	Bilingual Russian/English practice with native speakers.
k12.library		Implementing info technologies in school libraries.
k12.sys.channel0	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel1	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel10	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel11	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel12	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel2	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel3	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel4	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel5	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel6	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel7	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel8	Current projects.
k12.sys.channel9	Current projects.
k12.sys.projects	Discussion of potential projects.

User Contributions:

Apr 8, 2023 @ 4:04 am
Whether or not you believe in God, this message is a "must-read"!

Throughout time, we can see how we have been carefully conditioned coming to this point where we are on the verge of a cashless society. Did you know that the Bible foretold of this event almost 2,000 years ago?

In the book of Revelation 13:16-18, we will read,

"He (the false prophet who deceives many by his miracles--Revelation 19:20) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666."

Referring to the last generation, this could only be speaking of a cashless society. Why so? Revelation 13:17 says that we cannot buy or sell unless we receive the mark of the beast. If physical money was still in use, we could buy or sell with one another without receiving the mark. This would contradict scripture that states we need the mark to buy or sell!

These verses could not be referring to something purely spiritual as scripture references two physical locations (our right hand or forehead) stating the mark will be on one "OR" the other. If this mark was purely spiritual, it would indicate both places, or one--not one OR the other!

This is where it really starts to come together. It is incredible how accurate the Bible is concerning the implantable RFID microchip. This is information from a man named Carl Sanders who worked with a team of engineers to help develop this RFID chip:

"Carl Sanders sat in seventeen New World Order meetings with heads-of-state officials such as Henry Kissinger and Bob Gates of the C.I.A. to discuss plans on how to bring about this one-world system. The government commissioned Carl Sanders to design a microchip for identifying and controlling the peoples of the world—a microchip that could be inserted under the skin with a hypodermic needle (a quick, convenient method that would be gradually accepted by society).

Carl Sanders, with a team of engineers behind him, with U.S. grant monies supplied by tax dollars, took on this project and designed a microchip that is powered by a lithium battery, rechargeable through the temperature changes in our skin. Without the knowledge of the Bible (Brother Sanders was not a Christian at the time), these engineers spent one-and-a-half-million dollars doing research on the best and most convenient place to have the microchip inserted.

Guess what? These researchers found that the forehead and the back of the hand (the two places the Bible says the mark will go) are not just the most convenient places, but are also the only viable places for rapid, consistent temperature changes in the skin to recharge the lithium battery. The microchip is approximately seven millimeters in length, .75 millimeters in diameter, about the size of a grain of rice. It is capable of storing pages upon pages of information about you. All your general history, work history, criminal record, health history, and financial data can be stored on this chip.

Brother Sanders believes that this microchip, which he regretfully helped design, is the “mark” spoken about in Revelation 13:16–18. The original Greek word for “mark” is “charagma,” which means a “scratch or etching.” It is also interesting to note that the number 666 is actually a word in the original Greek. The word is “chi xi stigma,” with the last part, “stigma,” also meaning “to stick or prick.” Carl believes this is referring to a hypodermic needle when they poke into the skin to inject the microchip."

Mr. Sanders asked a doctor what would happen if the lithium contained within the RFID microchip leaked into the body. The doctor replied by (...)

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