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misc.transport.air-industry posting guidelines FAQ

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[It has been a long time since I've posted (and, frankly, since I've
been able to read news.  But I'm back.  -sks]

                            --==*-< >-*==--

Welcome to the moderated misc.transport.air-industry newsgroup. This 
group is intended for discussion of the airline/air travel industries. 
Discussion of personal air travel belongs in the group. 
Buying and selling of travel belongs in the group.  
Buying and selling of aircraft belongs in the rec.aviation.marketplace
group.  Technical discussions of aircraft design belongs in the 
sci.aeronautics.airliners group.  

The moderators' goal is to maintain an active and open discussion 
without burdening readers with excessive traffic that is not relevent to 
the newsgroup's charter. 

This file is the "m-t-ai posting FAQ."  The following guidelines
specify what role the moderators will play in determining the content
of this group.  A separate FAQ will include answers to various
questions that are frequently asked on the group.  This file is posted
twice per month.

Recent Modification History

01-Nov-97  Added pointer to DejaNews for accessing related newsgroups
12-Aug-97  Provided new references for airline and airport codes
11-Aug-97  Added to related newsgroups
23-Jul-97  Added "nospam" address policy
06-Jul-97  Updated moderator list
27-Jan-97  Fixed typo, added warning about leaking confidential information
19-Jan-97  Updated moderator list
12-Jun-96  Added notice of classified postings
12-May-96  Minor corrections and clarifications
10-May-96  Added suggestions about citing sources
29-Feb-96  Added rejection for posts written in a language other than English
29-Feb-96  Added references to rec.aviation.marketplace
29-Jan-96  Added suggestions for changing subject lines and editing
           quoted text
29-Jan-96  Added alt.flame.airlines to list of related newsgroups
12-Jan-96  Added sci.aeronautics and alt.disasters.aviation to list of
           related newsgroups
09-Sep-95  Added section on airline/airport abbreviations and how to
           obtain a list of codes
12-Aug-95  Expanded list of related newsgroups and added descriptions.
12-Aug-95  Added sci.aeronautics.airliners to introduction section and 
           did some reorganization
18-Jul-95  Updated moderator list
16-Jul-95  Added section on how to post articles to misc.transport.air-industry
15-Jul-95  Finally received permission to cross-post to  and

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