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comp.cad.autocad AutoLISP FAQ (part 1/2) - general
Section - [6] AutoLISP editors and other tools

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Top Document: comp.cad.autocad AutoLISP FAQ (part 1/2) - general
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[6.1] AutoLISP editors
  Visual Lisp by Autodesk
    see [5.3]. The best and most recommended tool. With AutoCAD 2000 it
    is included for free.
  Emacs for NT
    Huge editor and quite hard to learn but it's written and
    customizable in LISP. Free, for all platforms. Comes in two flavors, or the GNU emacs for NT.
    Check out
  Vital LISP 
    outdated by Visual Lisp. Not available anymore
  LispLink 2000
    Commercial AutoLISP Editor with Syntax Highlight, Parenthesis 
    Checking, Project Manager, Dialog Preview, and Support for Visual 
    LISP Functions and FAS Compilation.
    Shareware text editor with AutoLISP syntax highlighting.

Old stuff:
    AutoLISP Editor by Tony Tanzillo.
  Visual LISP by WSSW
    Old small Windows LISP Editor, Version 1.0 was even free. See [1]
  WCEDIT 2.02
    Old ADS editor for DOS R12, can evaluate lisp code from within the
    editor, free.  See [1]
    Old commercial DOS IDE, internal pretty printer, protect, unprotect,
    kelvinator. Still available?
  ALLY 3.0 and CADET
    Shareware LISP Analyzer and Editor. See [6.2]
    free, small dos editor which provides parenthesis highlighting.
    A similar editor is ADE.
  LSPEDIT from xlisp-stat
    A simple free Windows Lisp editor that supports parenthesis matching and
    code indentation.
    Check out

  General customizable programming editors like MultiEdit Pro,
    WinEdit, E!, PFE, TextPad, UltraEdit or PFE are widely used also.
    They usually don't provide Lisp syntax checking or pretty printing,
    but (some even regular expression) multi-file search/replace and
    customizable syntax highlighting.

  There are others not that good (ADE) nor I don't have a description

[6.2] Analyzers, Packagers and Parenthesis checkers
  Parenthesis checkers should not be used anymore. Editors should do the
  job. Analyzers generate a function cross-reference, the calling and the
  reverse callers tree. Packagers are used to generate libraries from
  various source files, copying all the needed functions.
  There's currently no code-walker which can internationalize command
  strings, but with R15 came a lisp analyzer (LCA).

  VLISP's [5.3] compiler analyses (compile with full messages) and
    checks parens <Ctrl-Alt-C>
  Reini's AutoLISP Packager
    Browsable function cross-referencer, reverse calling tree, creates a
    library from source files. ("Packaging" or "Function Shaker")
  PEI Findvars
    Similar to the Packager above, but not only functions, additionally
    detects symbols to be localized.
    I personally use this.
  RapidLisp v1.0c [new]
    Shareware Lisp analyser für R14.
  AVC - AutoLISP Variable Collector [new]
    Freeware, finds all variables to be declared per function.
  LCA - Autodesk's AutoLISP Compatibility Analyzer
    On the Migration CD. Details AutoCAD 2000 compatibility issues found 
    in specified AutoLISP (LSP) or Menu LISP (MNL) files. (simple "Code Walker")

  ALLY30.ZIP (old)
    Shareware LISP analyser. Checks syntax and prints statistics, function
    dependence tree and used symbols, but no packaging. At [1] (old)
    LCK LISP Checker 2.1b (graphical)  (old)
  PARNCH.ZIP (old)
  There are also some AutoLISP programs which count parenthesis.

[6.3] Pretty Printers
      LISP, DCL and FRM source code formatter. Not checked yet.
      Autodesk's source code beautifier.
      In the SDK2 or at [1]. Has problems with longer strings,
      and new-style in-line comments.
      In the SDK2, see [1.2], or at [1]
    Visual Lisp, Vital LISP, Emacs and Codekey provide internal
    beautifiers as I'm aware of it.

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Top Document: comp.cad.autocad AutoLISP FAQ (part 1/2) - general
Previous Document: [5] AutoLISP compilers
Next Document: [7] AutoLISP problems and bugs

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