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comp.cad.autocad AutoLISP FAQ (part 1/2) - general

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        Welcome to the comp.cad.autocad AutoLISP FAQ
          by Reini Urban <>

Autolisp is a scripting language for AutoCAD, a well known CAD package. 
This AutoLISP FAQ is posted to comp.cad.autocad, alt.cad.autocad and
the *.answers groups monthly. Some AutoCAD FAQ's are at but not posted to
comp.cad.autocad. The contents and the samples apply to all
releases of AutoLISP since Release 10, including Visual Lisp, Vital Lisp
and ACOMP. There's no special AutoLISP newsgroup.
Best are comp.cad.autocad and autodesk.autocad.customization,
but please don't bother comp.lang.lisp.
Source code of all functions in this FAQ is in FAQ-CODE.LSP
(for location see [A.1]), there's also a Winhelp file.
Thanks to all who have contributed. Corrections and contributions
always welcome. 
Please see

This is part 1/2 of the AutoLISP FAQ v2.28, which consists of:

    AutoLISP FAQ (part 1/2) - General
    AutoLISP FAQ (part 2/2) - Samples, code

| changes, + new in items from this version to the last posted version,
intermediate personal comments and uncertainties in <..>

  Table of Contents
  part 1:   General
     [0] The Future of AutoLISP? Should I learn it or VB instead?
       [0.1] What changed with AutoCAD 2000?
       [0.2] We cannot create ARX anymore?
     [1] Where can I find AutoLISP routines on the Internet?
       [1.1] Are the comp.cad.autocad articles stored somewhere?
       [1.2] Autodesk's SDK
     [2] What are the best books to learn AutoLISP?
       [2.1] Online AutoLISP documents, Winhelp [deleted]
       [2.2] AutoLISP Coding Style
     [3] How do I debug AutoLISP programs?
        [3.1] Native AutoLISP debuggers
        [3.2] Modular style, TRACE
        [3.3] BREAK function, debug-print
     [4] How can I protect my AutoLISP programs? Security
       [4.1] Kelvinate
       [4.2] Protect
       [4.3] Kelvinate and Protect
       [4.4] Convert
       [4.5] ACOMP
       [4.7] Lisp2C
       [4.6] Vital LISP Professional
       [4.8] Visual Lisp by Autodesk
     [5] AutoLISP compilers
       [5.1] ACOMP
       [5.2] Vital LISP Professional
       [5.3] Visual Lisp by Autodesk
       [5.4] Better ones: Common Lisp and Scheme
     [6] AutoLISP editors and other tools
       [6.1] AutoLISP editors
       [6.2] Analyzers, Packager and Parenthesis checkers
       [6.3] Pretty Printers
     [7] AutoLISP problems and bugs
     [8] Sorting with AutoLISP
     [9] Recursion
     [10] Iteration with MAPCAR,...
+    [11] S::STARTUP, My LISPs aren't loading at startup anymore
     [12] How to AUTOLOAD my programs?
     [13] How can I pass a variable number of
          arguments to a LISP function?
     [14] How can I avoid stack overflows?
     [15] (command "ROTATE3D") does not work! Why?
     [16] Lisp programs operating over multiple drawings
     [17] How to export Visual Lisp functions to AutoLISP/AutoCAD?
     [A] Disclaimer, Notes from the authors
       [A.1] FAQ Locations

  part 2:   Samples, code
     [20] General Helper functions
       [20.1] List manipulation
       [20.2] String manipulation
       [20.3] symbol->string
       [20.4] AutoCAD entity access
     [21] Sample Lisp programs
       [21.1] Globally change text, polylines, layer utils, date stamp
       [21.2] Plot dialog from within LISP. Using DDE or ActiveX
       [21.3] (entmod),(entmake) Layers, without (command "_LAYER"...)
       [21.4] How to select multiple files in LISP? (as in FILES-Unlock)
       [21.5] Replace multiple blocks
       [21.6] (vports), VIEWPORT entity, pixel conversion
       [21.7] Select all visible objects: zoom coordinates
       [21.8] How to write XYZ data of selected objects to a file?
     [22] Block Attributes
       [22.1] How to access block attributes?
       [22.2] How to MODIFY block attributes? DATESTAMP.LSP
       [22.3] How to UPDATE block attributes?
       [22.4] How to ENTMAKE a Block Complex Entity in AutoLISP
     [23] Polylines
       [23.1] How to access polyline VERTICES?
       [23.2] How to JOIN multiple lines to polylines?
       [23.3] Change WIDTH of multiple polylines
       [23.4] Create a polyline or spline: with (ENTMAKE) or (COMMAND)
       [23.5] How to calculate the LENGTH of polylines?
       [23.6] How to revert the polyline direction?
       [23.7] How to get the CENTER of a polyline?
     [24] Circle/Arc Geometry:  BULGE conversion, some trigonometry
     [25] DCL: listboxes with tabs or monotext font
     [26] EED Extended Entity Data: Get and Store
       [26.1] Select objects on their EED with (ssget "X")
       [26.2] Get EED from an object
     [27] How to break a command in LISP?
       [27.1] How to do an unlimited number user prompts?
     [28] How to decode ACIS internal geometry with LISP
     [A] Disclaimer, Notes from the author
+      [A.1] FAQ Locations
     [B] Acknowledgements
     [C] Recent Changes

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