Re: Hi, saw the Allergy FAQ... (fwd)


Edward Reid (
Tue, 27 May 97 12:21:22 -0500

Marie Goldenberg writes:

> I should refuse and request that he include a link to my site instead,
> right?

Usually I would say right. However, the request says

> I have programmed a "news 'bot" to sit on a news group server and watch the
> news feeds go by. When it sees any of the allergy/asthma faqs go by it
> grabs them and downloads them to the web site where anyone can get the
> latest version of them.

In other words, he is automatically updating. He thus satisfies
the main requirement I place on those who want to post my
diabetes FAQ -- a requirement which very few web site owners are
prepared to satisfy. This would thus give you another place you
can refer people to retrieve your FAQ. Of course, then you need
to remember to check occasionally to make sure he's actually

Edward Reid