Re: Fwd: Re: cmsg cancel <business-basic/>


Christina Schulman (
Fri, 23 May 1997 18:19:33 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 23 May 1997, Chris Lewis wrote:
> Through the use of PGPMoose, you could PGP sign each article posted by
> the FAQ autoposter engine, and use the PGPMoose servers to nuke bogus
> copies. As for cancels, if I can determine how to figure out that
> a cancel is bogus, I can get Dave the Resurrector to repost them.

I would rather not see *.answers made a cancel-free zone. People do
occasionally need to cancel their FAQs, and I certainly don't want to make
spam with forged approval immortal.

I think it's feasible to require that all cancels in *.answers come from (or from a trusted spam-canceller). FAQ maintainers would
have to send a request to the moderators to have a post cancelled, but
they wouldn't have to PGP-sign their FAQs, use the auto-faq poster, or
be otherwise inconvenienced.

I don't think the Path can be relied upon, but we could modify the
*.answers cancel script to automatically PGP-sign all cancels. I'm not
sure whether PGPMoose or Dave would be more appropriate to handle this.
If PGPMoose can handle different keys in different circumstances, it might
be nice to allow FAQ maintainers to require PGP-signing of individual
FAQs (e.g. soc.culture.russian, alt.religion.scientology).

I assume Supersede lines would still work without interference? I'm also
assuming that the occasional flood of bot-generated cancels and
counter-cancels wouldn't give the rkive scripts indigestion.

Christina Schulman
semi-retired *.answers moderator, not speaking for the rest of 'em