Re: FAQ server question


Monee C. Kidd (
Sat, 17 May 1997 00:35:15 -0400

>This is almost as frequently asked a question as "What tools can I use
>to convert HTML to text / text to HTML / foo to bar?"

Well geeze, I'm sorry. If the question is so common, why isn't there any mention of it in the help document that comes from the server?

>Turning word wrap off may not be sufficient. Eudora is encoding your
>text before it is transmitted on the network, as evidenced by these
>headers in the email which you sent to

I turned this encoding off, as well as the word wrap. Still no joy.

>I'm beginning to think that the right solution here may be to add a
>bit of code to scripts to explicitly detect
>the header indicating "quoted-printable" MIME encoding and running the
>body of the email through "mmencode -q -u" or equivalent (program to
>decode "quoted-printable" encoding), rather than to have to keep
>telling FAQ maintainers to turn off "quoted-printable" in their mail
>readers when they submit their postings to faq-server.

Well, I guess I'll just have to stick to manual posting for now. I've tried pine and elm on my unix account and I get the same error. And I'm sure this above mentioned fix won't be written any time soon, with all the other work the *.answers maintainers are involved in.

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