Re: copyright story(long)


Martin Leese - OMG (
Fri, 16 May 97 10:43:33 ADT

Vince, you are obviously upset about this, and we can all understand
why. You probably don't what to hear what I am going to say, but I
believe it is in your best interests that you hear it.

Vince Cheng <> wrote:
>> It's not that my FAQ is really that valuable, it's just the
>> principle.

But this would be a civil action for money. What is your financial
loss here? The Bike Shop did not sell your FAQ and you cannot prove
they made money from it - I am not saying they didn't make money from
it, merely that you cannot prove they did.

>> I'm calling the University Student Law Service soon(tomorrow
>> or Tuesday, we get Monday off because it used to be the Queen's birthday)

Smart move. They will be objective about this (you are not) and will
judge your chances of success (which are slim to zero).

>> as a no body, I can tell you they are just covering their asses, I'm going
>> to get them to send me some bike stuff and that will be the end of it.

And I would say they have covered their asses very well.

A British judge once said that, like the Ritz Hotel, the law is open
to everyone. (The Ritz Hotel is VERY expensive.) I hope you are rich
because all these guys are going to do is tie you up in knots and make
you spend more and more money on lawyers.

I have played this game before (although not over copyright). I was
right, but I still ended up with no satisfaction. My advice is to
forget it and get on with your life; going to law will not reduce your
hurt and will almost certainly increase it. I believe this is not a
game you can win so the sensible move is to decline to play.

Whatever you decide to do I wish you well, and I will even contribute
$10 if you insist on pursuing this.

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