Re: Stupid Embarassing Newbie-Like Problem with the Approved: Line


Justin Sheehy (
16 May 1997 10:03:17 -0400

Earl Cooley III <> writes:

> On Tuesday, May 13, 1997 12:09 PM, Justin
> Sheehy[] wrote:
> > I don't use a web browser for usenet, just as I don't use a fork to
> > eat soup.
> >
> > Any decent news client will let you add arbitrary headers.
> >
> And people shouldn't use a text editor to read their e-mail and
> newsgroups? Tell that to your average emacs fanatic; they'd
> probably be embarrassed enough to sink through the floor to learn
> that they had something in common with MSIE fans. heh.

<grin> Did you happen to notice what program I used to send that

The bit you're missing is that emacs isn't really a text editor. It's
a Lisp interpreter that happens to automatically load a bunch of text
editing code at startup time. It's an environment in which people can
write powerful programs in Lisp that will be platform independent, since
Emacs runs nearly everywhere.

A program written in Emacs Lisp is no less valid than a program
written in C.

Also, the point I was making is that MSIE is not a well-designed tool
for dealing with Usenet, hence the fork analogy.

The thing that makes this even tangentially on-topic is that this
thread started with someone who was trying use use an obviously
inferior news client (or a web browser masquerading as one) to post
their FAQ.

It wouldn't perform its function.

I use Gnus to post a FAQ once a month. It works just great.