Re: Archive: line


Pamela Greene (
Fri, 9 May 1997 10:53:58 -0400 (EDT)

John Verne wrote:
> [...] I learned that FAQs are named from the FAQ's "Subject:" line...
> Who or what references the "Archive:" line?

Files are stored twice (actually links, of course) for each newsgroup
they're posted to, once in the usenet-by-group directory and once in
usenet-by-hierarchy. In the *.answers areas, they're stored in
Archive-name. In the other areas, they're usually stored by Subject,
though you can use a Newsgroup-name-archive-name auxiliary header to
force the use of that name there too. See the submission guidelines
for more on these other archive-names.

> I've also managed to get multiple copies archived at rtfm, on
> account of my making minor changes to this subject. I thought I was
> safe, and that this info wasn't supposed to be static.

Subjects do have to be kept constant, except for dates or version
numbers which we know beforehand will be changing, for exactly that
reason. Even in the case of known variables, old versions will stick
around in non-*.answers areas until we perform archive maintenance by
hand, generally every few months. If you want to avoid having old
versions lying around, use a static auxiliary archive-name header
(although changes to the Subject should still be sent to us, so the
LoPIP is correct).

- Pam