Re: Stupid Embarassing Newbie-Like Problem with the Approved: Line


Danny R. Faught (
Fri, 9 May 1997 08:32:06 -0500 (CDT)

James Messer wrote:
> >Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU
> Here's the embaressing part; I have no idea how to get this onto the main
> header of my newsreader. My main header looks like this:

I and many other FAQ maintainers do not use a newsreader to post our
FAQs. They tend to just get in the way. I just keep my article in a
file exactly the way I want the article to appear (the posting
software does add other header lines), and let a cron job send it off
on a regular basis. I use the post-faq script to help with this, but
the fundamental part is the fact that it calls the inews program from
a script. So I'm using a programmatic rather than an interactive method
of posting. Perhaps a similar method exists for your machine.