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Sibit (
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 21:13:48 +0300 (IDT)

Brian (and the rest of the gang),

On Wed, 26 Apr 1995, Brian Weinstein wrote:

> I am a student taking a new class being offered about cyberspace, and I am

Personally, I would favor a class on beer drinking (dark vs. light,
pilsner vs. lager, domestic vs. imported, chugging vs. sipping). I'd
take it twice.

> attempting to write a paper about FAQ's and what they signify about the
> way communities are being formed in cyberspace.I would be greatly

From my experience, communities aren't formed in cyberspace (I really hate
that term) because of, or in connection with FAQs. Most FAQs that I've
seen (or written :-) have been as a result of frequently asked questions
(makes sense). When I was looking for information, everyone was asking
the same questions - and very few were answering. All I did was compile
some information and post it. I can see how those FAQs associated with a
particular group might become the bible/manifesto/philosphical-treatise.

My FAQs about FAQs was as a result of a remarkably large number of my
readers asking me how I got the FAQs approved and asking for advice. I
put together the article on FAQs so that I would have something to send
in response (or at least refer to).

I too was pretty new on the net, and I figured that I was getting so much
out of it, that I'd put a bit back in. After all, that's the way it's
supposed to work - right?

> Again, I'm sorry if it was improper to post this message here.I'm new

No, this message wasn't improperly posted here. However, I would say
that any message with a sig block of more than one line is improper. It
seems to me that sig blocks are being blown all out of proportion. It's
almost becoming the rule that the sig block is larger than the message
itself. (Uh, just thought I'd throw that in.)

Russ Hersch (I maintain a few FAQs)

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