Usage Recommendation
use it, but don't rely on it

  • SPAN: how many columns this affects
  • ALIGN: alignment of cell contents
  • WIDTH: Width of the column group

<COLGROUP ...> defines a group of columns in the table and allows you to set properties of those columns. <COLGROUP ...> goes immediately after the <TABLE ...> tag and before any <TR ...>, <THEAD ...>, <TBODY ...>, or <TFOOT ...> tags. <COLGROUP ...> works very much like <COL ...>, but be sure to note that <COLGROUP ...> requires both an opening and closing tag.

<COLGROUP ...> is most useful for defining column groups to use in conjunction with <TABLE RULES=GROUPS> to put borders between groups of columns instead of between every column. For example the following code creates a table that puts the first column in a group by itself, all the remaining columns in a group together, and puts borders between the groups of columns.


Weekday Date Manager Qty
Monday 09/11 Kelsey 639
Tuesday 09/12 Lindsey 596
Wednesday 09/13 Randy 1135
Thursday 09/14 Susan 1002
Friday 09/15 Randy 908
Saturday 09/16 Lindsey 371
Sunday 09/17 Susan 272

See Table Borders: Between Groups of Columns for more details about putting borders between columns.

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