Attribute for <COLGROUP ...>
WIDTH = "width expression"

The WIDTH attribute for <COLGROUP ...>is a little confusing because it doesn't set the width of the column group: it sets the width of each column in the column group. For example, if a colun group has a width of 10%, and has two columns in the group, then each columnhas a width of 10%:

rest of table

which gives us this table:

Starflower Spiritual guidance and inspiration Starflower brings her skills as a Shaman to the journey. Starflower will nourish our spirits and body-temples with wholistic food and readings.
Hallie Logistics and supply coordination Hallie will use her experience in logistics and supply lines to facilitate just-in-time delivery of materiel.
Mary Communication infrastructure As former Mayor of Blacksburg and directory of library communication, Mary has vast experience in making the political and human connections neccesary to the project

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