Attribute for <IMG ...>
BORDER = integer

BORDER is most useful for removing the visible border around images which are inside links. By default images inside lunks have visible borders around them to indicate that they are links. However, user generally recognize these "link moments" and the border merely detracts from the appearance of the page. For example, this button has a border around it:

this code produces this
<A HREF="../"><IMG SRC="idocs.gif"
ALT="Idocs Guide to HTML"
Learn HTML Code Tutorial Reference Guide

To remove the border, set the BORDER attribute to 0:

this code produces this
<A HREF="../"><IMG SRC="idocs.gif"
ALT="Idocs Webmaster's Resources"
Idocs Webmaster's Resources

For images that are not inside links, a BORDER value greater than zero sets a visible border around the image.

this code produces this
ALT="picture of a pumpkin"
picture of a pumpkin

Netscape still has problems correctly rendering visible borders. If you want a border around your image it may be better to simply add the border directly to your image using your favorite graphics editor.

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