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A: ``BogoMips'' is a combination of Bogus and Mips. MIPS stands for (depending on who you ask) Millions of Instructions per Second, or Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed.

The number printed at boot time is the result of a kernel timing calibration, used for very short delay loops by some device drivers.

According to the BogoMips mini-HOWTO, the rating for your machine will be:

 Common BogoMips Ratings


 Processor               BogoMips                 Comparison

 ---------               --------                 ----------

 Intel 8088              clock * 0.004            0.02

 Intel/AMD 386SX         clock * 0.14             0.8

 Intel/AMD 386DX         clock * 0.18             1 (definition)

 Motorola 68030          clock * 0.25             1.4

 Cyrix/IBM 486           clock * 0.34             1.8

 Intel Pentium           clock * 0.40             2.2

 Intel 486               clock * 0.50             2.8

 AMD 5x86                clock * 0.50             2.8

 Mips R4000/R4400        clock * 0.50             2.8

 Nexgen Nx586            clock * 0.75             4.2

 PowerPC 601             clock * 0.84             4.7

 Alpha 21064/21064A      clock * 0.99             5.5

 Alpha 21066/21066A      clock * 0.99             5.5

 Alpha 21164/21164A      clock * 0.99             5.5

 Intel Pentium Pro       clock * 0.99             5.5

 Cyrix 5x86/6x86         clock * 1.00             5.6

 Intel Pentium II/III    clock * 1.00             5.6

 Intel Celeron           clock * 1.00             5.6

 Mips R4600              clock * 1.00             5.6

 Alpha 21264             clock * 1.99             11.1

 AMD K5/K6/K6-2/K6-III   clock * 2.00             11.1

 UltraSparc II           clock * 2.00             11.1

 Pentium MMX             clock * 2.00             11.1

 PowerPC 604/604e/750    clock * 2.00             11.1

 Motorola 68060          clock * 2.01             11.2

 Motorola 68040 Not enough data (yet).

 AMD Athlon Not enough data (yet).

 IBM S390 Not enough data (yet).


If the number is wildly lower, you may have the Turbo button or CPU speed set incorrectly, or have some kind of caching problem (as described in (``Why Does the System Slow to a Crawl When Adding More Memory?'')

For values people have seen with other, rarer, chips, or to calculate your own BogoMips rating, please refer to the BogoMips Mini-HOWTO, on ftp://metalab.unc.edu/. (``Where Is the Documentation?'')

[Wim van Dorst]

A: There are a number of recent additions to the list of periodicals devoted to Linux and free software:

Please send additions to this list to the FAQ maintainer. [David Merrill, david@lupercalia.net.

A: In 1999, International Data Corporation released its first commercial forecast of Linux sales. The report quantifies Linux vendor sales in 1996, 1997, and 1998, and forecasts through the year 2003.

To obtain the report, contact IDC at ctoffel@idc.com. Their Web site is http://www.itresearch.com/.