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country : Laos ' f

1. As oft Tathot Lao prisonave in tho vicinity oi Ban Houei Senn tho Wuong Ngoi area of Luang Prnbang Province containedaptives. Froapril untiluno, six prisonors died and were buriod outsldo the cave by the otbor prisonors. The captlvos were prlrcailly Lao Government soldiers including otbnic L'eos from Ullltary Region II, Thoro were no American prisoners. Theroalso about five civilian prisoners including one w'oraan. One of the civiliansillage chiof from Sop Gong (unlocated) in tho Kan Bac aroa.

8, The prison was aboutthree-hour walk frora Ahong Kgol. Tho cave itsolf was abouteters doap, five motors wide, and eight actors high. Thowas walled with wood and had one door and no windows. Tnside tbe first doortop down, econd door and wooden wall. Thoro was no light in the cave.

3. The prisoners were not allowed to talk to each othe -and were let out of tho caveay to relievehey wore fed riceay, and son* salt *as included. The cavo was guarded byathot Lao soldiers araed with Knlashnikov assault rifles. Ono guard vas on duty at all tiDes at the cavo entrance, while tho regaining guards were quarteredearby tent. Other caves in tho area reportedly hold additional Pathct Lao and also North Vlctnaooso troops.

1. As ofathet Lao prisonave lo tbo vicinity of Ban Houol Senn the Huong Kcoi area of Luang Prabang Province containedaptives. Frompril untiluno, six prisoners died and were buried outside the cavo by the otbor prisoners. The captives wore prieailly Lao Government soldiers including ethnic Veos from Ullitary There .erecrlcan prisoners. Thcro were also about five civilian prisoners including one woman. One of the civiliansillage chiofSop Cong (unlocated) in tho Nam Dac area. - . -

Tbe prison vashree-hour walk from Wuang Kgoi (Til Tho cave itself vas abouteters de?p, five looters wide, and eight Deters high. The entrance vas vailed with wood and had one door and no windows. Inside the first doortep down,econd door and woodon wall. There was do light in tho cave.

The prisoners were not allowed to talk to each otho nd wore let out of the cavoay to relievehey wore fed ricoay, and so.-ae salt was Included.

The cave was guarded byathot Lao soldiers armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles. One guard vas on duty at all times at the cavo ontrance, while the regaining guards woro quarteredearby tent. Other caves in tbe area reportedly hold additional Palhet Lao snd also Korth Vietnanoso troons, .


S!n* LaUonB ftgf aPProxlSaTo. Ifcnalysiafutaday rcvSftlti) caVe entrances atand Til - Trails run from both entrancesn in trail which goes froa Huong Ngol to an unnamed viallagfe at There are no structures or tents In the inncdlate vicinity of the cavo entrances. Villages at2 Snd8 are abandoned. erohabl'c] cave at Several bullc'lngs afe urtoTr trees along the north banktream between5 andflb cavil


5. According to Pathet Laoarge cavovicinity of the Junction of the Nan (river) Kga _and theOj in the THrea-ospital. tJns.lysUt tno

isit>ie 7na ttra-river/

light to moderately-used t'ra'll'rurfs west "throughvillage of Ban Pak Bak. in the villngctspreai* intact and may be

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