Created: 10/22/1980

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-en that it hoazHde Solidarity union organization.


aid advisers told vforkers yesterday that tho registration will occur on Friday. One union leader said that themade Its decision after Solidarity agreed toeference to the leading role of the party in ato be submitted with the union's charter. The Warsaw court had raised several objections to the union's charter, including the.fact that it did notirect reference to the party's role, mbw}

Catholicintellectualswho have been advising;

very likely Solidarity will-be registered this weekend. The Polish Justice Minister, moreover, has expressed optlmismon the registrationisiting OS Congress-


A compromise settlement of the registration issue wouldictory for Lech Walesa, who has beenmoderation to other union officials. Walesa might have difficulty sellingolution to some of the mere militant leaders but,inimum, registration of the union would end any serious discussion of aleast for the time being. SmmmV

union leadership is to discuss future strategy.

rheduled to meet next Monday



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