Created: 10/24/1980

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Talks between tht fete trade union Solidarity and tht regime continue today; neither side hasolish trees report that the union would be registered today. fBJBkg,

The government is also concerned over stalemated negotiations with the new railroad workers' union which claims its workers are entitled to pay increases based on the Gdansk strike settlements. The union, associated with Solidarity, maintains that pay increases received in July and August do not count. oncession on this issue might wellew round of demands for costly pay increases. fM^tt

Cardinal's Visit

Cardinal Wyszynski, who earlier this week met with Solidarity leaders and party leader Kania, yesterdayin Rome where he probably will confer with th* Vatican on th* Church's strategy in Poland's current crisis. Wyszynski's absence from Poland, planned forays, suggests that the Church does not anticipate any dramatic developments in th* immediate future. fMMh

Soviet Involvement

We still lack'a convincing explanation for Soviet Politburo member Kirilenko's visit to Czechoslovakia on Wednesday. Kirilenko, who oversees industrial matters, is reported to have held talks with Czechoslovak leaders on "economic cooperation" and to have reviewed "topical" internationalincluding Poland. he visited Slovakia with the two Czechoslovak leaders who have been the mcs^outspoken proponentsard Un* on Polish events. eases**

Recent articles in TASS and Praoda have provided the first public signs that Moscow may ba willing to accept some form of new trade unions in Poland, if they adhere strictly to the conditions set out by the Kania regime. The implicitly positive media comments contrast with th* tough condemnation of the principle of Independent trade unions carried by Praoda last month and the support for



Top Secret

the government-controlled unions voiced by the Soviet labor newspaper Trud early this month. The Soviet media have replayed recent harsh statements by East European leaders in order to maintain pressure on the Polishtoensure circumspect behavior by tho free trade unions.

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