Created: 10/21/1980

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Senior Solidarity trade jnion offioiale may again be divided

or. the que it ion of whether toationwide etrike, athat oould complicate the role ofunicn leader Walesa and weaken the fledgling organization,

some regional

leaders yesterday demanded cnacnion next Monday considerateeneral strike if the union has not bean registered by the appropriate Warsaw court. Walesa apparently has been resisting such demands, that the unioneality whether or not it isrecognized. During his tour of southern Poland last weekend, Walesa said several times that he had no plans fortrike andocal wildcat action, mmmmt

It is not clear how Walesa would react if Solidarity decided to strike. He could, as he did previously, accept the decision, believing that the unity of the movement*" ust be maintained at all costs. It is also possible, however, that he might decide that another strike would place too much pressure on the regime and withhold the support of the Baltic unions, which are his power base. In either event, the regime would attempt to capitalize on the split .to discredit atortion of the union': leadership.

Walesa's decision to rejecttrike date also may reflect his decision to refuse firmly the Warsaw court's demand that Solidarity refer to the leading role of the Communist Party tn its charter. In rejecting the court's demand on Monday, he stated that the unions "must not bui.^xa this great undertaking with too many Walesa may realize that negotiations over the issue, which the court has said will continue this week, will take longer than originally anticipated.

Warsaw Pact Foreign Ministers' Meeting

Approval for Bel)

The communique issued yesterday at the conclusion of the two-day meeting of the Warsaw Pact foreignfocused almost solely on their commitment to detente;

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