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HUNGARY: Anxiety Over Poland

and the possibility of

he Humjavianppears to he concerned both about its reaction to the

domestic repercussions.

was disturbed by the tough standsPoland taken earlier this month by East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Although the regime may be Influenced by mounting Soviet pressure to reevaluate its position that Polish developments ;ra solely an internal affair, the media in Hungary for now are echoing that line. Tho Polish issue reportedlyajor topic of discussion at last week's Central Committeeoccurred leas than three weeks after the last plenum. tMM*

The regime remains sensitive to any hints of llnkago between events in Poland and Hungarian domestic policies. The depiction tn the western press of the recent meetings between the Hungarian Government and the trade unions as initiatives relatod to the Polish crisis drew quickThe media, however, have given extensive coverage to preparations forh trade union congress in December.

Tho trade union president's public comments this weekend that "work stoppages of short duration" have occurred may have been referring to the workerhold in the summer in the leading Industrialof Raba and Czepel. Both recently were visitod by high-ranking Hungarian officials, including party leader Kadar, to promote grass-roots support for the trade union system. Kadar has encouraged the trade union movement* to anticipate and solve worker griovances, maintaining that it can resolve.any labor disoute. smmW

Tho regime also *as moved to assure greaterin the near term. The government announceda special "Christmas order" of Western

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