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The failure of tht Warsaw Court to regiattr tht new union Solidarity and tht timing of statements by Potith officials to Western ambansadore in Warsaw warning against outside inztrftrenct stem intended to impreee Warsaw Poet foreign ministers currently meeting in tht Polish capital thct the regime is taking an aggres-rive stance on the union issus.

The foreign ninlscera will bet discussing primarily strategy and tactics on foreign policy issues, but tha subject of internal Polish developments will certainly be on their minds. Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko probably will meet with party leaderfirst public meeting of tho new party First Secretaryenior Soviet official. emmt>

Solidarity leader Walesa toured southern Poland this weekend in an effort to demonstrate to the regime that his personal popularity ls not confined to the Baltic coast region. Walesa, who reportedly drew large crowds, on Saturdayass rally that there will noteneral strike today. He has hinted that he might not call for one over the next several weeks. Walesa aald that Solidarity will begin to function as an Independent union today by holding elections for officers,

Over the past week various Solidarity leaders have sent conflicting signalsthe possibilityhile some of this may reflect tactical maneuver ing, it probably also reflects differences of opinion within the union leadership. For the moment, Walesa's apparently more, moderate policy has carried the day. In the past, however, Walesa has been overruled by the union leadership.. Solidarity will discusa tactics today at its regular weekly meeting. esmel


It concluded by saying that Poland needs internal social cam on the basis of the agreements signed at the end of August. Cardinal Wyszynski also appears to have iven his full personal support to the new unions,

Romanian Reaction

peech Thursday to the party Central Committee, President Coausescu reaffirmed Romania's intention to stay out of Poland's internal affairs. Ceausescuthe Polish party for its failure toirm-stance against "antisocial;m elements and forces" but voiced confidence that Poland would solve its own Ceausescu's policy of nonintervention iswith Romania's position as the sole Warsawember that did not participate in the8 invasion of Czechoslovakia. He also indirectly warneo the Romanian populace that emulation of Polish demands would not be tolerated by the regime in Bucharest.

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