Created: 1/10/1981

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An unconfirmed report says that several factories may Cry to rearrange Saturday work schedules to avoid the appearanceonfrontation. Workers at these factories allegedly will use today as the free Satur-day slated foranuary. If true, this would allow" additional time to negotiate thet is unclear whether local factory or union leaders suggested this compromise and whether both sides have agreed.to it.

Meanwhile, the party's propaganda and ideological chief, Stefan Olszowski, appealed for calm last nightV and radio address and restated the party'sfor "renewal." He also warned workers, however, to avoid "anarchy and chaos" and severely criticized some recent Solidarity activities, including the "ruthless and uncompromising" rejection of theeduction of the workweek, olszowski has no particular authority with workers, and the harsh parts of his speech could well be counterproductive. fMM>

Comments on the Polish Question

Moscow continues to chargo the West with aiding"antisocialist forces" in Poland,ASSfrom Warsaw yesterday painted an unusuallySovietof the country's economic The Soviet media have yet to commenton the possibilityork stoppage todayup-Solidarity's demandsive-day workweek




ery process would take year. tecov-

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