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Solidarity and the regime appear Co fen* hardened theiron the issueive-day workweek xnd have taken positions on other isause that may provoke new disputes. fMMe

final resolui


the workweek issue dropped some of

the conciliatory language contained in therominent Solidarity leader raised theof strikes if workers are penalized for not working this Saturday. If an explicit strike threat is contained in the resolution, it would be the first such ultimatum by Solidarity sinoe late November. Local Solidarity chapters are already telling workers not to show up for work this Saturday, (mam

The regime responded byough standwork this Saturday but left open the possibility of future negotiations. Tha Ministry of Labor yesterday evening announced that workers' pay would be docked if they did not work on Saturday. At the same time, the Ministry gave local industries the authority to negotiate with workers over reduction of the workweek, thereby allow ing the national authorities to sidestep the issue. The Ministry restated the acceptableother Saturday offhourexcluded ths possibilityhour week demanded by Solidarity.

The government may hope that some local Solidarity chapters are more Inclined to compromise than are theleaders. eaTftmmeet'ammmmmmmmesmmm

some elements are prepared to change their positionhe authorities will agree toixedfor negotiations and setimetable for moving to the shorter workweek.

Other Solidarity chapters may be slow to openand there may be some national leaders who feel the union must stick together on this issue. At least some Solidarity leaders feel that the regime has tried to present workersait accompli. One commented that the regime had arbitrarily drawn up its proposals, adding that the government had acted not ar "our partner but as our opponent." esmmV

Other actions yesterday by Solidarity and thehelp to sour the atmosphere. The SolidarityCommission,esture of defiance, ap- .the well-known dissident Jacek xuron to acommittee that willrogram ofand economic reform proposals. The Polishmedia have labeled Xuron and his close"antisocialist." '

Tha regime, for its part, stepped up its criticism of Solidarity and some of its leaders. rybuna Ludu article yesterday, for the first time in recentlose associate of Solidarity leader Walosa, Andrzej Gwiazda, with the "antisooialist" activities of Kuron and Adameading figure in the Social. Self-Defense Committee. Gwiazda was criticized for an interview heest German newspaper in whichmultiparty system. " fh.

The article, replayed on Polish television and radio also harshly criticized the sit-in demonstrations in southern Poland and tbe accompanying demands for the ouster of local government and party officials as "noisy.commentary accused some local leaders of Solidarity of organizing this pressure and added that "we must oppose these phenomena with courage." fM^f

The Soviet media continue to take the initiative in attacking "antisooialist elements" in Poland, rather than relying on citations from the Polish press. mvda article yesterday calledrenegade" whoseaim ia to reduce the Polish Communist Party to

"the 'role off those very forces who are seeking to destabilize its power." The Pravda articleositive note at the end, howavwx, claiming that Michnik and his companions are foundering in their efforts and predicting that.socialist Poland will continue making progress along the tested course. ^

Radio Moscow made the same pointolish language broadcast to Poland yesterday, and several SovietpapersASS item from Warsaw onlenum of tha Polish-Soviet Friendship Society had stressed theof the Polish-Soviet alliance for Poland's An item in Literaturnaya Gazeta on Wednesday by its-London correspondent hadifferenton the activities of the Polish Government-in-exilether emigre organizations, there. Literaturnaya Gazeta said that thesethe hospitality of the British Government and support from the US, Canada, and Nestattempting to use Solidarity to undermine the party's leading role in Polish society. Like other recent Soviet commentaries on the Polish question, however, it did not attack Solidarity itself.

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