Created: 1/7/1981

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Despite the Soviet tiie situation in Poland since mid-December, Hosoov oontinues toevel of publio pressure on the Kania regime to put Poland's house in order.

article by commentator vadim nekrasov in the party theoretical journal, Kommmist,monday, labeled poland's problems an "acute it charged that the situation is"chaos in the economy, irresponsible use ofmanifestations of open antisocialist activitygroupings connected with subversive in the west." taking another swipe atarticle stated that the polish leaderssplitting the country's trade union movement"negative factor."

the article made one of the strongest public soviet criticisms thus far of the kania regime's performance. it contended that the polish party has yet to solve the "important tasks" of reestablishing "leninist norms in the life of thetrengthening the party's leading role andrebuff to the enemies of socialism."

leaders are certain to view the articleelling reminder from the ussr that it expects progress scon. it made clear moscow's vital interest in theof the crisis by stating that poland's troubles ffect "the power and security of the countries cf socialism." amass

the Koemoiiet article contrasts sharply with the bulk of moscow's other recent coverage, which hashe situation in poland is returning to normal. this raises the possibility that the publication of the article indicates some disagreement within thearty over how to handle tho polish crisis. flpaV


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Solidarity Commission Meeting


Delegates to the meeting today in GdanskSolidarity's National Coordinating Commission will be under pressure to support the immediate implementation'ive-day workweek. The Warsaw chapterolidarity stated on Mondayembers will cease working on Saturdays as of this weekend. sTssTs

Last fall the government promised coal miners aworkweek beginning this month but hasrest of the labor force only every other

off. For economic and political reasons the regime .feel it cannot give ground without getting somethingreturn.

The Commission also may take up other sensitive including support for registering an union. Several local sit-in demonstrationsPoland involving farmers may promptrestate its support for the farmers' cause.

Supremo Court, which last month postponed" ,IX of registering the new union, has not yet" indicated when it will give its ruling. The problemarmers' union apparently.was discussed byeader Walesa and Deputy Prime Minister Jagielski during

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