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The CatholicSolidarity. <rnd leading dieeidente are trying to patch up differenoee that developed laei month.

According to presselegation of the

dissident Adam Michnlk, met yesterday with Cardinal Wyszynski. The Cardinal reportedly assured them that the Church did not oppose the activities of Polish dissidents. MM>

A rift became evident in mid-December when an Episcopate press spokesman told Western reporters that the Church opposed dissident activities which "create nervousness and irritation in Bast andnd singled out dissident leader Jacek Karon for criticism. The atmosphere remained cloudedeeting onecember between the press spokesman and the Warsaw chapter of Solidarity. 4MB*

Solidarity leader Walesa has publicly calledhis friends, partly because of the help they provided in establishing the fledgling unions. probably would react strongly if the regime stepped up its harassment or arrested the dissidents. MM)

Cardinal Wyszynski sympathizes with aany of the humanitarian goals of the dissidents and has maintained personal contacts with them. He ia concerned, however, that they are pressing Solidarity into actions that mightoviet military intervention. MM)

Wyszynski, nevertheless, does not want to be in the position of appearing to condone the repression of. Be may have considered it opportune to mend fences now that the prospect of Soviet Intervention appears to have at least temporarily receded. Be also may have been reacting to reported criticism from within the Church of the Episcopate press spokesman's. MM*

Walesa-Jagielskl Meeting

Walesa and

Deputy Prime Minister Jagielski met on Monday for more than five hours to discuss the five-day workweek,bargaining procedures, and the general situation in Poland. The regime probably wanted to make its stand clear on. these and other issues, includingbefore the meeting tomorrow of Solidarity's: National coordinating Commission. Walesa evidently respects Jagielski, with whom he negotiated the Gdansk agreements In August. 4sesV


Poland has reported that coal production0illion tons,illion.tons below the targetillion tons less-than outputxportsccordingecember estimate, were expected to be onlyillion tons Poland exportedillion tons of coal These figures imply that coal for domestic use rose slightlynd underscored the priority Warsaw now accords to the domestic economy at the expense of balance-of-payments improvements. Coal exports are Poland's major earner. of hard currency. SjtgBset

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