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Soma local tensions have developed because of the meat rationing plan introduced last week, but neither Solidarity nor the regime seems inclined to make these newajor test of wills. Solidarity also has er^ided, for the moment at least, not to press the regime on lt3e film About thein Gdansk in August.

Solidarity announced yesterday that its committee for the defense of jailed dissidents, established earlier this month, met for the first time over the weekend. Inuncement signed by union leader Walesa andnion officials aad prominent Polish artists, theannounced it wasetition to thedemanding the release of seven dissidents now being detained, so additional action apparently was threatened.

The issue is one of principle for Solidarity, since union leaders believe that the government had agreed in August not to jail Poles for their political views. Pew in Solidarity, however, would support the strongly antl-Soviet, antisocialist views of those currently in jail, and it is doubtful that ouch worker support could be generated on their behalf. The regime, on the other hand, can be expected to stand firm. m

Party officials will be busy during the next two weeks drawingraft program for "socialist renewal" that will be approved at next spring's extraordinary party


congress. At the first meeting of the congresscommission on Saturday, party chief Kania reasserted his support for renewal without spelling out what changes he supports. SJJBjt

In his speech Kania also criticized Poland's largest dissident group by name for voicing opinions that are aimed against the "fundamental interests of socialist Poland." He seemed more concerned, however, to restate that Warsaw's allies retain their trust in the Poles to solve their problems and to criticize the West for its recent statements about Poland, ajajft

Soviet Comments

TASS yesterday reported Kania's claim that thein Poland is improving and noted that he stressed the understanding and support that the Poles received from their allies at the Warsaw Pact summitecember. According to TASS, Kania also blamed NATO for much of the noise in the Western media about "threats to Poland from our allies" andwipe at China for supporting this campaign. msTsmV

Soviet Ambassador Semyonov was similarly upbeateeting with West German Foreign Minister Genscher yesterday. Semyonov cited the WarsalS*Pact communique that calledesolution of the problem by the Poles themselves and said he believes everything is moving in thatis other remarks were moregiving assurances that the Soviets do not plan tobat also saying that the Soviets will make certain that no one else interferes. UMM*

A high-ranking Soviet party official, meanwhile, hasan interview in the Italian Paeaethat Solidarityeviation from Communistmost positive statement that any Soviet official has made on the new unions ln Poland. ladin, first deputy chief of the Internationalsidestepped questions about recent Soviet troop movements near-Poland, however, admitting only that the Soviets and Poles had held joint maneuversonthalf ago." MMm%



A new East German regulation governing official travel to Poland puts Eastol'sh contactser with those with non-Communist countries. Requests for such trips oust te submitted to higher authorities,ull report must be made after the trip is This is the latesteries of measures by East Germany designed to insulate itself from Polish influences and to demonstrate forcefully to Warsawof the course of events. *BBjaje>

Economic Developments

According toustrian official, Vienna is likely to grantwo-year moratorium on its current debt9 billion. Austria also may agree to the early release0 million credit granted in connectionolish promise to increase coal deliveries in


Warsaw reportedly has asked the Swiss Governmentuarantee0 million loan requested from Swiss banks forurchase of foodstuff a.

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