Created: 12/22/1980

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pflHsJHHHifl the aura ational feeling" arising from the anniversaryin Gdansk and Gdynia appears to be assisting the present calm in Poland. It has not, however, broughtense of national purpose. Most observers give the Polish party little chance of successfully using the reprieve to seize the initiative and give new direction to the country.

Relations remain strained among the variouselements in Poland. Jacekeading member of Poland's largest dissident group, has accused the Catholic Church of distorting his views and thereby adding to the current tension. The attack came in responseriest's public assertion on'Friday that Kuron "lacked common sense."

proauction to cause

in hard currency exports, [shipments to the West of co! ^ei.and copper are likely to fall to about half of9 levels next year. Such reductions would ccst Poland over SI billion in hard currency earningsurrentl

furthermore, will almost certainly rise next year. It now appears that Poland's hard currency trade deficit could rise sharply nextabout S3 billion from the slightly less thanillion deficit we believe will be recorded



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