Created: 12/20/1980

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Polish dissidents fear that the regime vlana zo orreat acme -arhara cf the dissident Committee for Sooial Sslf-Cefsnse (WOfJ before Christmas. Such an action would place the regime back in -zirect conjrontarrion with Solidarity and the Church. ts%T-

A member ot KOR visiting the West received word from Poland onecember that, according to information leaked from Polish Government sources, the authorities are planning toonfrontation with KOR that wouldretext for making arrests. The Polish media have regularly attacked KOR. especially one ofn leaders, Jacek Kuron, for antisocialist attitudes.

Arresting KOR members woulderious political blunder. The regime would lose much of the good willand credibility.it has tried to gain during recent.months. Both Solidarity and the Church would feel compelled to protest strongly and would be inclined to interpret the regime actioneversal of Its commitment to moderate policies cf "socialist renewal. ff-ya>

While we think such errests are unlikely, they cannot be dismissed out of hand. The Kania regime has been under pressure from the Soviets and some of the other East Europeans toirmer stance. These hardline critics could, of course, be pressing for the arrest of more dissidents. The Kania regime has alreadyandful of dissidents from an extremist group that commands little sympathy from broader segments ofpulace.

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Gierek Removed From- _

The Polish parliament yesterday accepted theof former party leader Gierekarge number of his top-ranking associates, including the two previous

Prime Ministers. The action underscores the Kaniacommitmentomplete rejection of Gierek's policies. It may also be intended to signal Gierek followers remaining in the lower ranks of the bureaucracy

that they should abandon any hope of returning to the past. fJBBat


Finance Minister Krzak told the parliamentthe already bad economic conditions in Polandto deteriorate, in addition, he announcednext year will have its first postwarbudget income will rise byercent,including subsidies, will increase 22 Krzak strongly implied that the deficit wouldincreased outlays to keep promises onstandard of living made to workers in the strike last sunnier.


Although exercise activity by Soviet forces in areas adjacent to Poland is increasing, we have no evidence of additional mobilization or dei

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