Created: 12/24/1980

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in oam city, some workers were angry because their Chr: Bias rations were to be less than those received by other workers. In another, workers protested that nosystem had been introduced, preventing an eguitable distribution of existing supplies.

The national Solidarity organization urged workers not to strike, but local Solidarity organisations did so anyway. In the end, local authorities managed to find extra supplies from somewhere to quiet the protesters.

Solidarity yesterday flatlyive-day workweek be introduced over the next five years. tatement signed by Walesa, the union called for talks "in tbe nearest future" on this subject. Work-free Saturdays were one of the demands during last summer's strikes; and the Solidarityreflects the belief that,the regime is not living up to its earlier promises.

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The Soviet trade union daily Trud yesterday charged tha AFL-CIO with collecting funds and producingdesigned to subvert the political system in Poland. The commentary echoes earlier Soviet criticisms of the American union's decision last September to set up an aid fund for Polish workers. Trud did not, however,Solidarity itself, or even the notion of free trade unions, ssmmts**

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Warsaw will continue to meat the domesticcoal, even at the expense of hard currency

oal deliveries to France, which steppedin September, will not resume until next spring. France has been the major Western purchaser of Polish coal, more thanercent of the country's exports


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