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POLAND: The Gdansk Demonstration

The Poliah regime vill try to turn aaremoniea tomorrow -Wednesday commemorating workere killed in0 riotshow of national unity and,inimum, will aeek to keep themhe anf.rsgime character they have had in previous

The event being marked is highly symbolic and emotion-laden for workers on the Baltic Coast. The riots0hange in party leadership, and workers were never satisfied that the then-new Gierek regime fully investigated the deaths, accepted responsibility for them, or punished those involved for the use of force, fjfjpv

In recent years, the anniversary has drawnlarge crowds. This year ceremonies will be held throuyhout the country. The mainbe held tomorrow indedicate three huge crossesonument to the slain and couldillion people. Erection of the monument waa one of the demands ol the Gdansk strikers In August. MMWf

The Kania regime probably feels it must participate to bolster its claim that it isartnership with society to solve Poland's problems, to control better what happens in the ceremonies, and to show Moscow that it is making efforts to regain control. MWjft

Poland's allies will watch the ceremonies closely for signs of the nationalistic and allegedly antieocialist trends in Poland that so concern them. Theapprehensive about any large popular demonstration not initiated by the Communistprobably be annoyedemonstration to commemorate rioting workera killedommunist ri^re. BMm>

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Poland's hardline critics, moreover, may not view the party's participationtep toward reasserting its control but as an additional example of the Kania regime's catering to the workers.

It is possible that Moscow has urged Kania to eschew party participation or to cancel the ceremonies. Kania would have responded to any preaaure for cancellation by arguing that this would almost certainly cause serious civil disturbances, an admission that might only strengthen Soviet fears about the party's weakened position.

The regime will be represented at the ceremonies by President Jablonski, several members of the Council of Ministers, the Gdansk party first secretary and governor, the commander of tha Polish Navy, and possibly officiale from other provinces. The local television station will carry the ceremonies live, but national television will carryrief report. 0MBMM*

The regime probably will leave crowd control toand the Church. Both groups have shownworkers during the atrikes earlier thlaChurch during the Papal visit-last year. fMMy

Representatives of both Solidarity and the Church are aware of the potential ofass meeting in the current situation. They will be counting on attendees to show rostraint and to recall that previous violentwith the regime have gained them little. 9MMf

The altuation could get out of control, however, if radicals in Solidarity and the dissident movement seek to use the cere-oonies to bring additional pressure on the regime. In that event, the regime might be forced?-to use the police and, if necessary, the military to reestablish order.

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