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. IS. December

Soviet Political Developments

edia coverage of Polish events were low key ever the weekend. The Soviets have been trying tothe notion that the Warsaw Pact has no intention of interfering in Poland's internal affairs. Since President Brezhnev's return from India on Thursday,commentary has repeated East European leadership statements that Poland's problems are for the Poles tO--solve. These comments are presumably designed to counter recent Western warnings regarding Soviet exploitation of tha Polish crisis. *etTffT>


pert of the effort to show government sympathy with the workers, and to prevent the ceremonies from taking an antiregime character, an article honoring the memo- 'es of theallen workers appeared in the tradernal on Saturday, aas*^

Kania Reaffirms Socialist Ties

Kania, addressing the 8th Congress of the Polish Peasant Party on Saturday, reaffirmed Poland's ties to the USSR and underscored the country's commitment to the socialist community. Kania expressed hid conviction that Poland would overcome its current problems. He also warned unnamed internal enemies that Poland cannot be pushed off its path of socialist development.

The Polish leader also argued against the creation

of agricultural unions, saying agrarian problems should

not be solved through creating new structures, but by

enhancing self-government in existing organizations.

Meanwhile, morearmers met in Warsaw yesterday

and formally reiterated their demands for an independent

union. The meeting apparently stopped short of issuing

a formal strike threat if the courts fail onecember to recognize their union.

Catholic Bishops Appeal For Unity

A second Church appeal for national unity was read at Sunday mass in Warsaw and broadcast nationwide. The Bishops called for "responsibility, prudence, andas well as "sacrifices and self-denials" to bringenewal cf Poland. 4BssV

Folish Media

The Polish media continues toampaign against the West to assuage Soviet concerns and reaffirm Warsaw's socialist credentials. The Polish weekly Xultura carried an article yesterday saying it is necessary to base the country's political lifeeaffirmation of he party as the leading political force in society.

The official party daily Trybuna Ludu on Saturdaythe Weat of spreading alarm over Poland to disguise its own militaryt described the anti-Soviet "hysteria" aa an attempt to disrupt Poland's friendly relations with its allies and to hamper the nation'sof its problems. The paper ech.as similar attacks on the West by the Soviet press and may in part beto calm domestic fear over the possibility of Soviet-led military intervention. assmV

Hungarian Trade Union Congress

Hungarian party leader Kadar yesterday expressed hia belief that the Polish people will be able to resolve their internal problems themselves but warned thatand "enemies of socialism" were watching Poland closely. Speaking to the Hungarian Trade Union Congress, Kadar noted that international peace and detente were at stake in Poland's political crisis. Probably tooyalty/Kadar_referred to the Moscow summit communique's warning that the Warsaw Pact allies will ensure that Poland remains part of the "family of socialist peoples." MMaammBtmmmmmmmmmmm^

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