Created: 12/8/1980

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We estimate chat tlie- Warsaw Poet, with predominantly Soviet forces, is ready for military intervention in Poland. We are not able to predict when combat forces will begin moving into Poland-Warsaw Pact nilitary preparations have advanced to the point whereZS divisions now could be readyilitaryoland.

Military Preparations

President Brezhnev and Foreign Minister Gromyko arrived in New Delhi today for an official visit and will return to Moscow on Thursday. The Soviets are less likely to intervene while Brezhnev is out of the USSR, hjrtweicannot rule out the possibility that they will.

ana preparation bTTOrces in East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and all three western military districts of the USSR. We have not detected any substantial mobilization activity by Polish or Soviet forces in Poland.


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opposite West germany appear to have gone on alert since wednesday, possibly in anticipation of western reactions, soviet divisions in germany are maintained at high manning levels in peacetime and do not require mobilization of reservists. troops ln some east german units have had their leaves restricted, and increased states of readiness rave been ijicposed.

I in czechoslovakia, elements of one soviet and three czechoslovak divisions moved out of their garrisons over the weekend. two other czechoslovak divisions were pr paring for deployment on saturday-

mobilization activity has been observed at four soviet divisions in tho wosternin the baltic anj^twoin the carpathian military districts.*convoys in the southwest portion of the baltic military district also suggests logistics support units havo been mobilized. another division ln the belorussiarwi^utary district also My beto move. 4|


before the soviet invasion of czechoslovakiahe soviets moved airborne troops froa their garri-to departure airfields and assembled transport from other regions of the ussr at airfields

have not detected increased readiness levels of soviet strategic rocket forces or naval forces. this could be implemented on short notice, however, just before an intervention was initiated.


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