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Elements of three Czechoslovak divisions, whiehover the weekend in the Miraon training area someilometers from theast bor<


President Brezhnev, speaking in New Delhi last night, avoided making any direct references to the Polish crisis but blamed the West for the fact that the international climate has grown "considerablyome of hie remarks suggest he was indirectly responding to US statementsossible Soviet intervention.

While deploring saber rattlingesort-to violence-

to impose one's will on others, he stressed theof defending peace "Without yielding toor blackmail."


The Soviet media, msanwhile, have turned" up thVlieat" in their coverage of the Poiieh scene. ASS report from Warsaw, replayed by the Bulgarian and East German media, alleged that "counterrevolutionary groups" are openly challenging localharge that may beto lay the groundwork for military action. The report claimed that local groups hWM is missed theand disarmed the factory guards at the tskra works in Kielce. TASS also charged that in aome casea those who disagree with "the inciters" have "disappeared" and concluded that the "counterrevolutionarlea" arefurther destabilization" in Poland. 4sm*

Polish media last evening in effect denied the TASS report by going to great lengths to portray the situation in Kielce as normal. The Soviet charge and the swift Polish rebuttal la an unusual event and could cause^bilateral relations. The Soviets do not like having^Cratf'Wfp^ttVp^ioUV' roWttWP'lhe apparently jfalae TASS dispatch may prompt Poles to question Sovis* *MfflW4ionHrn*er pre ting the Soviet aottton ae Evidence that Moscow is indeed planning an

' The Polish media yaaterday continued to deny reporteoviet invaaion. asa-circulatlon Warsaw daily labeled the reportand the party newapaper said that the Moacow"oalm and conatructive" communique had countered "diabtsWHng speculation" in the Weat. gmmm>

denials may only help to raise anxieties ln Poland. Some Poles apparently are expressing concern to journalists that Western reporting is increasing tenaiona and alarming1 Moscow,

Despite the apparent increased sense of concern 'in Poland, epokeemen for private farmers are presaing demandi for their own independent trade unions* They havea meeting with Premier Pinkowski and raised the threattrike if the government continues to refuae to legalize their union. 0MMm


financial. Economic Developments

Poland haa announced that It haa stopped coal exporti to the Soviet Union entirely and has cut coal deliveries to the rest of Eastern Europene-third of thelevels. Warsaw attributed the moveag in

coal production this year, now expected to Lens. fffBh

Warsaw alao disclosed that coal exports to Western countries neve fallen by almoatercent from last year'sillion tons. The cutback could cost Poland0 million the coal is worth0 million in penaltlea for failure to folfiai' contracts. 41

East European Comments

A Czechoslovak radio commentary on Sundayearlier theme that places Poland in line withintriguea" in Eaet Germanynd Czechoslovakia Thein effect are telling the Polee that thenot offesult of the summit.

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