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the Baltic Military- District. These vehicles maythe.obilization pf motor transport units to:support an invasion force.

routine training but has been inactive in the last few days, probably due to poor weather.urface combatants in the Polish Navy are in the Swin-oujscie area and do not appear active at this tiS?


Political Developments

labocin Poland has been unusually5 resolution of the dispute with Solidarity latevfek- Several ongoing Job actions have been resolved, and some other previously planned strikes have been it is still not clear, however, whether Walesa's call last weekix-week strike moratorium has gath-

the party's currentcompaign nay be toonsensus on the neea tororatorium. Mmma

Eccr.cj.ic Situation

^senior Polish financial officialOmtttataBtttV

mVlist week that Warsaw had only enougTihardbur^

rency to meet outstanding payments until next February. The Poles, who will needillion next year, will attempt to0 milliononsortium of Western banks in the first quarterut the banks will react unfavorably to the request.

^ IAlthough tn^ partyrestore economic equilibrium, the regime still has no workable plan for dealing withisastrous economic situation.

Polish Comments on Soviet Intervention

Pl!ii*hdismissed specula-

tion about the possibilityoviet militaryaa highly exaggerated. Polish radio yesterday re-tuted many of tho rumors and news stories that have appeared recently in the Western press about the possi-

ntervention. Tho report cited the recently established temporary restricted areas in tast Germany, reports of manouvers, and stories ofn? cial* probably hope that the radio reports will encourage restraint amongsmmssV

tcai Committee officialfor the Polish media, inuestion from



a Western correspondent did not ruleolish request for Soviet assistance, but indicated that he thought it very unlikely. Klasa said Polish Communists would ask for assistance "only" when authority has slipped into "the hands of antisocialist elements.' mm)

Soviet Commentary

The Soviet media remain upbeat in their coverageremarks and the decisions reached at theWarsaw while stepping up their attacks onin Poland's internal affairs. AMinistry spokesman has reiterated thatstationed along the Polish border, are engaged"routine activities" and has insisted that "nohave been mobilized in

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