Created: 11/19/1980

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Party leader Kania appears to be having some euaceee inhie oontrol over the party's bureaucracy by removing from key positions individuals who probably have resisted hie efforts to introduce change in regime policies and practices.

most important replacement was announcedwhen kania nominated stanislaw kociolek to succeed alojzy karkoszka as first secretary in the warsawapparatus. warsaw ha3 been traditionally known as one of the more conservative party organizations, and kania would want to be sure he was in control of it before moving very far.

kociolek has been out of the party leadershiphen baltic coast workers demanded his ouster as deputy prime minister and party secretary for hisduring the bloody riots in gdansk. his return is not likely to sit well with the workers. bmr

the next indicator of kania's strength within the party will come with the seventh central committee plenum that nay meet as early as next week. mmmmmmmmt**kania may seek the removal of scv-eral members of the politburo and secretariat who are "snapping at his heels.* fl

restriction on foreign journalists

official informedsaturday that foreignon temporary visas will notule beextend them. ewsman who workssalready been told that he must leave poland

Approved tor nsineae

torn Gecref

Other reporting indicates that this latest policy on foreign journalists was only agreed upon after some high-level debate. The leadership apparently settled in the end for less stringent restrictions than were originally under consideration. MMt>

Economic Measures

In what appears to be the first instance of anannounced increase in consumer prices sinceof unrest in July, Warsaw has disclosedretail price of potatoes in certain regions willby aboutercent today. The move probablyattempt to reduco demand so that it is in

balance with the supply of potatoes, which was greatly reduced by the disastrously low harvest this year. etJBr

To persuade farmers to sell more of their potatoes to state outlets, the regime this week raised theprice byercent above levelsince the regime reportedly is slow in making good on its promise to licr coal provided to farmers to their sales of potatoes to the state, however, the procurement price boost nay not have much effect. MM9>

Romanian Reaction

Romania's trade unions have admitted shortcomings in their promotion of workers' "justified interests" and promised to do aore to represent the working man'sof thinking." This statement, which was published on Sundayocument to be considered at the union congress next April, is intended in part to counter the appeal of the Polish free trade union movement among Romania's disgruntled work force. MM)

The pledge is unlikely to elicit much grass-roots support, particularly because the document also makes clear that the trade unions are to remain subservient to the party and dedicated to mobilizing the workers to* implement the party's programs. It does not give the unions authority to influence regime policy-or the workers the means of shaping union policy.



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