Created: 11/20/1980

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The domttie eitiaztion mu relatively quiet yetterday. trade union leader* are meeting in Czczeain toationwide etracegy toward the regime.

At least some of tho Polish military attaches who were recalled to Warsaw early thise returned to their overseas posts. They probably have received new guidanceas to what they can say about the situation

Soviet Coegier-tary

Soviet Minister of Culture and Politburo candidate member Demichev, who is visiting Czechoslovakia, warned on Tuesday that the "forces of reaction" are using such slogans as "free trade unions" and "human rights" to un-dormine Communist unity. Demichev's remarks probably refer to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe review sessions ln Madrid as well as developments in Poland; his coosuents standeminder of the USSR's opposition to trad* unions free from party control ln any Communist country. law

Moscow has yet to comment directly on the Polish Supreme Court's decision ofovember to register Instead, the Soviet media continue to criticize by quoting selectively from Polish commentary on that Issue. TASS on Tuesday replayed an accusation that those who increase their demands against the Polish authorities subvert the Gdansk^ agreement and ralss the level ofIn Poland,

The TASS dispatch alsn noted the recent changes in party leadership in Warsaw and Lodz and stated that both local party organizations had stressed the need formeasures for the full restoration of the party to its leading role and authority." Moscow thus expects additional changes in other parts of the country, followedtronger effort to bring the local trade unionunder party control. Asms*

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