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Event* of the paet week provide ccnvinoing evidence that the accomodation reached between the regime and the Solidarity union ia not eubetantial&reduoirig the tensions that run throughout POlish aooiety. wmw

Clumsy and arbitrary actions by regional party and government officials, such as those by the provincial governor in Czestochowa, and by local union officials are causing new local confrontations which gain national attention. 0M%

Many professional and other groups, including the health and education workers whoit-in strike in Gdansk* have their own problems and complaints that they want the regime to address. These groups have been encouraged by the workers' success and are gettingfrom other groups, auch as ths students who expect to Join these professions. bm}

Neither the regime nor the union movement isunited that their leadership can count on ii>disciplined compliance from the rank and file. Bothsides are thus being faced with the difficult problem of having to cooperate to resolve local conflicts without compromising themselves in the eyes of their followers-

onsequence, regime and union leaderspreoccupied with local issues at the verythey-heed to be working together on the longerto deal with economic and sociopolitical Without such programs, there will be aof local conflicts turning into national There also is the ever present dangeron either side could lose control to morewho would be more inclinedirect

For the moment, however, the forces seekingcontinue to prevail. The unrest in Gdansk has apparently been resolved by regime willingness to grant pay increases. In Czestochowa, the conflict may soon end; the provincial governor who caused the labor unrest by his harassment of Solidarity has offered to resign.

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The leadership of Solidarity will meet tomorrow in Szczecin tooordinated strategy toward the regime* Union leader Walesa is concerned that theunions are unilaterally using the strike weapon too frequently- He_would like to see strikes used only

ast resort.

Walesa, however, will find it difficult to Convince some of his colleagues of the wisdoa ofourse. In the past, he has argued that the strength of the union movement lies at the regional level and that union leaders in the field know best the problems they face. I

Soviet Statement

the first public reference to Polandenior Soviet official since the Supreme Court's decision onovember, Leonid Zamyatin, Chief of the centralittee's International Information Department, reiterated on Sunday past Soviet and East European criticism of alleqed foreign interference in Polish affairs, fl-b'

Although he did not refer specifically to thestration of Solidarity, the tenor of Zamyatin's remarks reflected Moscow's intensifying concern about the union's growing power. Re warned that "hostile -elements" bothithin Poland were instigating the formation of "certain structural units" and were "structurally and legally" promoting opposition to the current socialist system.

The head of the Polish Central Committee'sof Press, Radio, and Television was in Moscowend of last week to consult with officials of theCentral Committee's Propaganda Department. of the new trade unionselaxationin Poland were almostajor topicthe

Aid by Western Unions to Solidarity

Fragmentary reports continue to indicate that Solidarity is receiving aid from unions in the West. Although the size or importance of the aid cannot be determined, it gives some substance to Soviet claims of' Western "interference."

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Inember of thc_ =ajor Confederation of Trade Unions recently informed

i' the confederation planned toprovTdt? Solidarity with several thousand dollars, which the Poles hoped to use to pay for printing equipment. Thealso haselojation to Poland and has arranged meetings between leaders of Solidarity and tho International Ccnfaderatlon of Free Trado Unions. BMm-

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