Created: 11/17/1980

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Polish party

>ntral Cowoj

nust cooperate with theaeek to ieolate "antiaocialists" within the union and apparently hopes toase to have the union declared illegal.'


?retary Grabski)

.ast Monday that trie party lead-

ership was satisfied with "the Supreme Court's decision conccrningtheunion's statutes. Grabski reportedlyl


toompromise on the issue of how the union should acknowledge the leading role of the party.

indicated that the party considers th* supplement to the union'swhich the union makes its ideologicalbe an Integral part

flMfjfJj HVflitaetmetaVal^o

said that the Prosecutor Genera^wouTa^equesTthe Supreme Court to revise Solidarity's statutes should the' union abuse the right to strike.


monitor statements and interviews of union leaders, "illegal publications, and abuses of th* right to strike. :



The party also hasropaganda.campaign that is to emphasize that thb party will honor_ its

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