Created: 3/12/1981

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Solidarity's national leadership and tht central authorities tn Warsaw appear to beoncerted effort to establishlinks and good will in order to prevent disputes from developing into major confrontations. MJMf

^ part of hia efforts to defuse the tension in Lodz, Solidarity leader Walesa seems particularly Intent on showing that the Warsaw authorities areositive approach. Walesa expressed "optimism- after talkinq with Deputy Prime Minister Rakowski on Monday and said his teXks with Prime Minister Jaruzelski had "worked wonders."

vand-Jaruzelski agreed on Tuesday tooint Solidarity-police coomiaaion to investigate charges ofarassment of union members, ^his actionn line with other efforts in recent weeks, including the creationarliamentary commiasion to review implementation of laat fall's Gdansk accords and Jaruzelski'a designation of Mieczyslaw Rakowaki as the -regime's permanent .contact with Solidarity. 4afa

Both side*,believe they need to establish these ties, particularly to. resolve problems between local government and unionofficials. eame

Current tenaions in Radom willajor test for the new union-police oommlaaioR. The local Solidarity chaptertrike alert yesterday demanding an end to oppression" jjjfcunion members, dismissal of officials responsible fc*rf""Jprisals against worWrs during the disturbancesnd release of political prisoners. The locar Solidarity organization haseeting for today to discuss future strikes. Barnes

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