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Tha Solidarity chapter in tha eastern city of Radom hatumber of demands that the government probably ooneiders nonnegotiable, and the increasingly tense situation could lead to strikes next week. fffEft

The chapter in Radon hai demanded th* dismissal of local officials who suppressed workers during disturbanceshe transfer of police building* to th* local health service, and the dropping of legal procedures against dissidents. Accession to these demands would affect the morale and authority of the security services and probably would provoke demand* from throughout the country that the police be called to account for their past behavior. 4bbb>

Solidarity leader Walesa realises that strlk* activity canroublesome momentum, but he can-not disassociate himself from the grievances aired in Radom. Although h* is likely to become involved ln the negotiations, his prasanc* nayp moderate the demands of tha workers in Radom whoetermined to have their demands at least partially met. fn**

Campaign Against Dissidents

The police yest*rday detained prominent dissident Adam Michnik for three hours and told him to reportarsaw police station threeeek. Michnik eluded the policek with th* aidorker guard.

In addition, the media hav* laid out the evidence against the dissidents held since last September who were recently charged with plotting to overthrow the socialist system. fff*>

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Tin. govainmnt'a tougher stance hastrong reaction from several regional Solidarity chapters, which have threatened strikes if harassment continues. In the past, Walesa and Solidarity's entire national leadership have pledged to atrika if dissidents such as Michnik and Jacak Kuron were arrested, ffsaj

the morearapaign against dissidents was adopted aftertalka with Soviet leaders earlier this partythat certain dlasident laadera muat bethrough legal means and that this willby the "truly representative" trade aameBBefemamm the leadershipcivilian security authoritiea are ready in any"deal quickly and_affectively" with possible


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