Created: 3/11/1981

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Tha Soviets, Poles, and East Cermana yesterday announced plane toaamxnd staff exercise,n Poland, BaetGerminy, CaeahoBlcvakia, and the USSR during tha last half of March. MM)

The three announcements all attempted to play down the scope of the exercise. By callingommand staff exercise, the Soviets apparently have avoided- -thessue of notification under the Helsinki Accord, which requires that only major maneuvers0 or more troops be announced. We believe that field training involving considerably0 troops will be included in the exercise. tasmemam*

Ifnvolves field training0 or more troops, it will be the first time they have held an exercise of this size without announcing it. Even though the Accord allows announcements of major maneuvers on short notice, the Soviets have in the past given at least three weeks'time suggested by the Accord. They also have voluntarily announced exercises that were only staff exercises or that involved fewer troops. mm

Domestic Political Developments

The government thus far seems to be taking in stride the one-hour warning strike yesterday in Lodz. PrimeJaruzelski'a meeting with Sciioxrlty leader Walesa yesterday subsequently waa turnedummit meeting of union leaders and top government officials. AbbbV

The local Solidarity chapter continues toritten pledge allowing union activityospital operated by the Ministry of Interior. The head of the


slice in Lodz earlier claimed that he lacked the author-ty to signocument. Reports from Warsaw later in the day suggest that Walasa resolved thia issue with central government officials. mm

NID s:1

Last night, according to Warsaw radio, th*reached an agreement on returning tn fhoir jobs five workers who previously had bean dismissed. At th* same tte*. Solidarity of Lodz canceled ita plans for protest actions and strikes. Ssae>

Meanwhile, dissident leader Kuron's failureto the police ln Warsaw yesterdayilemma. If it takes additionalhia, lt riaka Increasing tension withthe other hand, if it allows Kuron's action tomay lose respect and find it more difficult to

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