Created: 2/17/1981

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eastoland: Relatione Unclear

Bast Germany haa approved the change of government in Poland but continues to limit severely contacts uith Poles. 4aemsr*

The leadership ie trying to reconcile ita acutecontagion fron Poland with its obligation torelations with an ally and to_help it "rollinfluences."

leaders apparently concluded that the danger of East German youth being "poisoned" by exposure to thein Poland outweighed any advantages of the youth exchange program and halted it. tfsje*

Labor-ehort East Germany also is having difficulties balancing its need for Polish workers with the fear of being "contaminated" by Solidarity's ideas. Bast German party officials are reacting forcefully to an attempt by some Polish workers to follow tha instructions of their union headquarters in Warsaw and workhour week. Although an overall policy seems lacking, one of the largest industrial complexes plans to discharge most of the Polish work force by this summer. esmBBBBBBBBBBBBsae


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