Created: 2/18/1981

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The government hae increased efforts to convince its Uxroav-Paot allies that it is bringing events under oontrol, 0M&

Party leader Kania traveled to East Germanyand, according to the Polish news agency, outlined recent party initiatives to "ensure bringing the country out of the difficult crisis." In Warsaw, Prime Minister Jaruzelski net with ambassadors from the Warsaw Pact countries. emme)

The Polish lobbying effort indicates that Kania wants to be well prepared to field any criticism heduring the Soviet party congress that begins next Monday. Although party leaders usually confer-ilateral basis at the congress, the Soviets also mighteeting of party leaders from Warsaw Pact countries to discuss events in Poland. eeting, which would be similar to the one in early December, could be held in secret. fMMr

The apparent settlement yesterday of the student strike in Lodz may help strengthen Kania's argument that Warsaw is beginning to turn tha tide. The Minister of Higher Education said that the atudents accepted the government's position on the disputed issues, and late yesterday the Minister made good on hla promise tothe students' independent union, flfe


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