Created: 2/19/1981

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HoBGov continues to express eupport for the strategy advocated by Prim Minister Joruseleki, but at the same time it has maintained its attacks on Solidarity, the dissidents, and Western "interference.1

Pravda noted on Monday that the Polishprogram Cor normalizing the situation outlined by Jaruselski last week is being recaived "with Interest and hope" by "broad strata" of the Polish working olass. Following the lead of the Polish press, Pravda claimed that the government was receiving telegrams from all over Poland approving its new program. Vov

The Soviet media, meanwhile, continue to accuse Solidaritytrying "to perpetuate tension" byfierce political struggle." The Soviets also are repeating more frequently the charge that the West,the us and West Germany, are assisting Solidarity in this effort.

Moscow ie devoting special attention to theorganization kor, which it claims dominatesleadership. rominent Soviet magazine charged yesterday that kor's leader, Jacek Kuron, has extensive ties with "anti-Communist" organizations in the West,Trotskyite" center in me Netherlands. ASS dispatch from Warsaw yesterday accused Kuron and his son of instigating the current strikes on Poland's campuses. aBjm*)

This media commentary reflects the Soviets' desire that the Polish party not relax ita efforts to combat opposition despite the current lull in Industrial strikes and the plans for astrike moratorium. Byto focus on KOR, tha Kremlin appears to beto the Polish leaders its candidate for the first target of any crackdown.

Approved for

Strike activity

The students in Lodz yesterday ended their_ after signing an agreement with the regime.

the strikers called on students thrcugHbut "Poland, whcThave held or threatened sympathy strikes, to return to olass. Although the students won their demands for greater university autonomyarger student role in setting policy within the universities, both sidesillingness to compromise.

Radio Warsaw this morning reported that an agreement was reached with one group of farmers in southeastbut added that It would not become effectiveimilar accord was signedecond group. of these disputes would bring to an end all major strikes taking place or threatened in the country. mjm,

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