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The new government of Prime Minister Jaruselski will face ita first major teat if atudanta follow through on their threats to stage nationwide demonstrations today.

Negotiations were daadiockad on whether the statutes for their new student union should recognize "the leading role" of the party and on the ground rules for student strikes. tudent leader late yesterday claimed the government rejected student concessions in these areas, and refused to sign an agreement. essf)

Government and Solidarity representatives,will meet Thursday toide range The government probably wanted an earlyshow its good faith and to help encourageleadership tomorrow to endorse stronglystrike-moratorium. The union seems likelythe' moratorium on the condition that thecontinues to negotiate and does not arrest

A Solidarity spokesman, interviewed*by adally yesterday, said theainpresent concern union access to the media andregulations restricting strike pay. The new government, asked thatSolidarity swa "respected social partner,"that the "Union may be willing to deferof sossoi; the economic provisions of the

Farmers" in-Rzbszow began talks with the government yesterdays expected, dropped their demand fornion untilew labor law is passed. Afor the farmers expects the talks to endwithin three days. Solidarityleader Walesa Is participating in the negotiations. (meT

Soviat Endorsement

Jaruzelski has received strong endorsements from the Soviet Onion and those Warsaw Pact countries that have expressed greatest alarm over developments in Poland.

Economic Situation

Poland's inability to supply its Bast Buropean neighbors with coal and raw materials, combined with diversions of needed agricultural and consumer goods to the Polish market, continues to adversely affect the region's level of economic activity. East Germanhave been shut down becauseack of raw material supplies. Bast German industries, cut off from Poland's bituminous coal suppliaa, are being forced to convert to use of domestically produced lignite. And, Czechoslovakia's consumer goods shortages have been heightened by shipments of food and goods to Poland.

Solidarity Delegation To Visit Sweden

A high-ranking delegation from Solidarity will confer with the Swedish central trade union leaders in Stockholmebruary. Discussions will center on Western trade union aid, which the Swedish unions have beento Poland since laat fall. The Poles also want to study Swedish union operations, probably in the hope of gaining insights from the Swedish system of worker participation in industrial management and the unions' education-propaganda programs.

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