Created: 2/14/1981

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government and Solidarity yeettnegotiate. 4Jgf0

The government and Solidarity yesterday continued to thaw

Premier Rakowski, chief governmenton the new government-union commission, haaa meeting today with Solidarity leaderreports claim the talks will focus onnion and that representatives of Ruralmay be present. *

^rine Minister Jaruzelski yesterdayewstoew, more open style ofent. equest fromalso released two Solidarity officials who had been detained by police in Radom. fM}%

Meanwhile, Solidarity's national leadershiphas decided to take firmer control over its organizational structure. The National Commissionat its session on Thursday to draft an "actionandman committee that will make unspecified "complex, unpopular decisions." aHMM*

The union leadership said it is ready to negotiate immediately with the government but plana to give aresponse to Jaruzelski1 fc proposed strike moratorium wseuir lt meats next Wednesday. Solidarity said it would not conduct strikes in support of farmera, but It would support them through propaganda lobbying efforts. fBBh>

Military Activity




In Bast Germany, tha madia ara giving major coverage to previously unannounced joint maneuvers that tha East Germans claim took place on Thursday in tha southern part of the country near tbe Polish border. The reports draw attention to an exercise toontoon bridgeiver and claim that Bast German reserves were mobilized to join with Soviet troopa. Soviet and Bast Garman unitsconducting similar but separate operations in other areas of East Germany, but there is no confirmation of tho East German reports, eases*

Tha official statement that the war games demonstrated the readiness of the troopa "to follow to defend the achievements of socialism" is aimed at Poland. This new threat will underscore the possibility of Warsaw Pact intervention should Solidarity resist any new measures by the Jaruzelski government.


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